15 Natural Ways to Control Depression

Natural is the way to go for a lot of things, especially when it comes to trying to figure out how to get rid of depression.

These days it has become quite an issue with 11% of Americans over the age of 12 suffering from it and taking antidepressants.

For these people, it is hard to get out of bed and they feel a lot of sadness for no reason.

Having depression can be a very difficult thing to have to deal with.


Go Outdoors


You have to be outside as often as possible.

Staying home will make you feel depressed since nothing really changes (flipping TV channels doesn’t count).

Instead of spending the whole day inside, go for a walk, sit in a park, go to a store…

Seeing other people going through their daily routine will make you feel better.


Remember Happy Days


If you can remember some good times that you have had in the past, it will be easier to get into a better mood.

It can help with your serotonin levels.

Try hard to think of positive things when you feel depression coming on.

It would be a good thing that you can do everyday.


Move Things Around


Sometimes moving your furniture around can really make things better.

Make sure you are opening your curtains each morning too.

Letting in all of that light will be much better for you.

You could also repaint your room a new and brighter color.

That can also help your mood.


Try New Routines


Doing the same thing over and over again might be part of why you are struggling.

Try changing things up a little bit.

You can change your mornings, evenings or even the whole day around.

Just figure out how to make life look a little different and you could really help avoid feeling as sad and depressed.


Exercise Daily


You need to keep moving.

If you do, you will not only help yourself physically but also mentally.

Once you exercise you start producing endorphins.

That is good because they can get you in a better mood.

You can plan to take a daily walk or bike ride.

Just make sure you are out and doing something each and every day.


Be Thankful for What You Have


Saying thanks and understanding all of your blessings can also help.

It might be hard to do so; you might want to start a journal where you write down what you are thankful for each day.

Focus on the good instead of the bad. That will keep away some of the bad thoughts you are having.


Spend Time with Friends and Family


Spending time with the people who love and care about you is a really good idea.

Go out and socialize.

Depression can make you want to stay away from people.

Try to fight against that feeling and make plans with others.

You can also get support from these same people during your hardest times.

Talking to them can really help with all of your symptoms and keep depression away.

You might even want to have one or two people who you can always call when you need to talk with someone.


Sleep Healthy


The less sleep you get the more likely you will feel depressed.

It is important that you go to bed at a good time and wake up at a good time.

You don’t want to sleep at weird hours, or only for a few hours at a time.

Don’t have distractions around when you are trying to sleep so you don’t skip the nap.

That will just turn around and make things worse in the end.


Know When the Depression Starts and the Cycle it Takes


Knowing when you will get depressed will go a long way in helping you keep it far away.

The cycle is usually stress, physical symptoms, behavior and then thoughts and feelings.

Figure out how your cycle works and then do something about it when you start to feel it starting again.


Try Something New


You should try and do something fun and new every day.

You could sign up for some type of class, read a new book, hang out with friends, volunteer somewhere or go to some type of fair.

Just figure out what is going on in your neighborhood and start putting it on the calendar.

You will be glad you did.

Anything that is new can help break that cycle.


Think about Your Future


Don’t focus on just today.

Focus on the future and think about everything that is going on.

Don’t think one bad day means a bad future, it doesn’t.

Try to think about what you are dreaming about and what your future will be like.

Get excited about all of it.


Try Something Fun


Go ahead and make lots of time for fun in your life.

If you have a busy job try to take time for yourself and fun when you can.

It will be worth it and it will make you feel much better.


Follow a Healthy Diet


You want to eat well.

Change your diet if you eat more junk food than you should.

Stay away from salty and sugary foods.

Eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Eat small amounts of chocolate because it has been shown that it can help people feel better.

Also eat fish, walnuts and other nutrient rich foods.

It can really help you feel better when you are feeling down.


Set New Goals


You need something you can work towards to.

Come up with some good goals and work towards them.

By having something to focus on each day you will be less likely to fall into depression.

You might just have the goal of cleaning the house or going on a walk down the street.

Just pick things to focus on.


Don’t Use Drugs and Alcohol


Stay far away from drinking and drugs.

You do not need that in your life and it will make things worse.

People tend to abuse these to fight depression but it is not a good way to do so.

If you have a very serious problem, talk to your doctor and get professional help.

If you have more of a mild case, try these methods to see if they can help.

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