16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Table of ContentsWhat is Chia Seeds?Nutrition FactsHealth Benefits of Chia SeedsStimulate Weight LossPacked With FiberRegulate Blood Sugar Levels and Prevent DiabetesFight ConstipationDense Food Nutrition-WiseMaintain Cardiovascular HealthBoost Your EnergyPre- and Post-Workout EnhancementPacked With ProteinGreat Mood BoosterRich In AntioxidantsWell-Provided For Omega-3Good For BonesHelp Your TeethGrown OrganicallyEasy to Incorporate Into Your DietConclusion If you are in your forties and you are reading this article, you may be familiar with the word “chia”. This word was used in the Chia pets commercials launched in the late 70s. Even though chia seeds might not be widely acclaimed, some celebrities such as  Taylor Swift or Gwyneth Paltrow have publicly … Continue reading 16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Chia Seeds