31 Evidence-Based Benefits of Asparagus

Table of ContentsWhat is AsparagusHistoryHow Asparagus GrowsInteresting FactsNutritional FactsHealth Benefits of AsparagusProvides Bone HealthAnti-Inflammatory BenefitsIncreases Urine ProductionGood for Digestive TractAsparagus and PregnancyDestroys CarcinogensPromotes Weight LossFights DepressionHeart HealthBlood-Sugar RegulationSkin HealthKidney Stone PreventionMenstrual HealthBoosts FertilityDeals with HangoversEye HealthAsparagus and RheumatismControls Blood PressureTreats TuberculosisBrain HealthTreats EpilepsyIncreases Cell GrowthLowers Blood CholesterolElevates  Energy LevelsBlood Vessels HealthFights Internal BleedingPrevents Hearing LossImproves MoodSupports Immune SystemMuscle HealthProtects Thyroid GlandHow to Buy and Store AsparagusHow to Choose AsparagusHow to Store AsparagusHow to Clean AsparagusHow to Incorporate More Asparagus Into Your DietSimple RecipesPrecautionsConclusion What is Asparagus Succulent and tender, asparagus has been a renowned delicacy since ancient times. The plant has fine, … Continue reading 31 Evidence-Based Benefits of Asparagus