16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays

Table of ContentsWhat is Far Infrared Heat?HistoryTypes of Far Infrared DevicesFar Infrared MatsFar Infrared LampsFar Infrared SaunasHealth Benefits of Far Infrared RadiationFIR Detoxifies Your BodyFar Infrared Therapy Promotes Blood CirculationFIR Reduces Blood Pressure LevelsFar Infrared Therapy¬†Prevents SunburnsFar Infrared Thermal Therapy and Electromagnetic FieldsFIR Treats Arteriovenous FistulaFIR May Help Chronic FatigueFIR Reduces Pain and StiffnessFIR Lowers Side Effects of DiabetesFIR Improves Quality of Life and Overall Well-BeingFIR Relieves Back Pain SymptomsFIR Treats Some Forms of CancerFIR Improves Motor FunctionsFIR Treats Allergic RhinitisFIR Stimulates Effortless Weight LossFIR Boosts Your Immune SystemPrecautionsFar Infrared Therapy: Does it Work?Conclusion What is Far Infrared Heat? ¬† … Continue reading 16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays