35 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Table of ContentsWhy Choose Lemon Water?The Simplest RecipeHealth Benefits of Lemon WaterReplaces Unhealthy DrinksHealthy Electrolyte DrinkHelps to Deal with AsthmaImproves Eye Health in DiabeticsLowers Blood SugarHelps Prevent Kidney StonesGood For Your HeartSupports Breast Cancer TreatmentGood Source of AntioxidantsHelps to Soothe a Sore ThroatFights Your Cold or FluHelps Prevent Weight GainFights Cancer CellsCleanses the Digestive SystemPrevents and Treats ScurvyReduces Age-Related Vision LossReduces Incidence of InfectionsMay Help with DepressionSupports Your Immune SystemHelps with Healthy HydrationBoosts Metabolism and Weight LossHelps Decrease High Blood PressureNeutralizes Free RadicalsHelps Repair Cartilage, Bones and TeethKeeps Skin Younger-Looking and SmoothAssists in Wound HealingReduces Uric Acid LevelCan Protect Skin from UV DamagePrevents OvereatingMay … Continue reading 35 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Lemon Water