Life is an extraordinary set of events and opportunities. Sometimes, they take people into a world of magical nature, unprepared and insufficiently aware of its power. My name is Amalia, ​​and for 52 years, I’ve been living in the beautiful Montreal, that I’m hopelessly in love with. Here is my family, a successful career, streets, roofs, parks – my everything. For the last three years, with so much love and dedication, I am the licensed author of theses and articles on essential oils and aromatherapy.

As a child who grew up in a city, I often went to the city gardens and spent time in nature trying to understand that perfect balance. My mom was cultivating spices and herbs. Our house was full of fragrance, but also books about botanic, medicinal herbs and alternative therapies. So, it is not quite unusual that my passion, even from my adolescence, was the holistic medicine and the miraculous healing power of herbs.

However, my primary career is in fact – a professor of French. Teaching and working with children have always made me happy, for real. My first interest in holistic medicine and aromatherapy techniques occurs in the late ’90s, the same period when I had to face the difficulty of becoming a mother.

The first knowledge in this domain quickly began an intellectual challenge and awakened greater ambition in me. As always, when doing something with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, it does not take much time to find yourself surrounded by people of similar thoughts and interests. I’ve learned so much from them. They helped me at critical times and remained my best friends forever.

The entry into the aromatherapy world took place in parallel with the painful fertility treatment. I have always been a person who believes in science, the expertise of specialists and medicine. Nevertheless, a woman’s intuition or simply my six sense told me that I should rely more on my alternative than conventional medicine. And indeed, in 2000, after several years of unsuccessful treatment, my husband and I succeeded to bring our beautiful girl Angelica to the world.

The next years of my life were dedicated to raising my daughter and my professor’s career. Essential oils were my hobby. In 2012, I started suffering from massive migraines and insomnia. I couldn’t concentrate. Always was tired. So many times, I missed my job. In the end, I stopped laughing, but the worst – I couldn’t stay strong for my family. It was the right time to call on the old expert eventually, nature. Walking this path, I have learned a lot about the significance of physical, together with nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual. I’ve learned about a lifestyle that contributes to our conditions. To be healthy or to be ill.  As a fighter, I can freely say, it has returned the will into my body, gave it strength and brought me back to my feet.

In 2015, one Facebook group for Holistic Medicine recommended the Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies. I decided to apply for a very intensive course – The Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner Graduate Program. This fantastic program has finally shaped my knowledge and gave it a professional framework. With a new certificate, I finally felt competent to offer my experience to others and help people.