It is imperative that the information presented on our website is both easy to understand, clear, and direct, as well as appropriate for our intended audience. There are two types of content on our website:

  • content that is licensed by outside sources
  • and information created by our staff.


Review and Approval Process for Health Content

Our review process for editorial health content is in place to ensure that all content published to the website meets legal and brand requirements as well as our structural guidelines for clarity and ease of understanding for all intended audience members. Please keep in mind that all state and federal regulations may apply to published content.

In order to be considered for publication, original content must meet one or more of these guidelines:

Relevant Content

This can include health issues that are currently in the news, or hot topics that influence healthcare choices and general health.

Health Trends

Issues that are currently matters of awareness regarding public health, or health issues currently in the news.


Content Must Be Evidence Based

Content topics should be based on the best available clinical evidence used to make decisions regarding the care of patients.


Clinical/Scientific Significance

Content should be relevant to significant medical findings that have been published in peer-review medical journals.

All content will be both verified and noted on the website, and dated accordingly. We reserve the right to employ clinical staff to review all health content annually.

Our employees responsible for editing and approving health content meet a minimum of two of these criteria:

  • College graduates
  • Possess 3-5 years of clinical experience
  • and have served at manager level or higher.


These candidates represent the areas of Provider Communications, Marketing, Privacy, Compliance, Legal, Health Care Affairs, Corporate Communication, and other relevant fields of expertise.

It is common for us to consider unsolicited content. If an unaffiliated author wishes to publish content on our website, the materials will be required to go through the editorial review process outlined above.


Service Provider Licensure, Credentials, and Qualifications

Our professional and clinical employees are held to the highest standards. Professional licensure and credentials of all new employees are thoroughly checked, and are routinely reviewed for the length of their employment. Credentials of a clinician will always be made known to the public in author’s bio section.


Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics policy is carefully monitored through our Compliance Program and all employees are required to follow this code. We support the values of integrity, honest, and impartiality in all of our operations. We are committed to observe and obey all laws within our industry, and seek to serve our customers, members, providers, and partners with honesty. When partnering with other companies, we carefully review their processes to be sure their Code of Ethics will align with ours. We are supporters of the principles of the Health on the Net Foundation.


Conflict of Interest

Through our Conflict of Interest Policy, Corporate Compliance Program, and editorial review process, we are dedicated to providing only unbiased and quality content on our website. It is mandatory that all employees follow these policies and programs, and review guidelines, and we also require content authors to certify they are entirely unaware of any conflict of interest between authors or contributors that could a) influence content, or b) affect stated opinions. When partnering with other companies and vendors, we carefully review their guidelines and editorial process to verify there are no current conflicts of interest, and there are procedures and policies set up within their framework to avoid conflicts of interest.


Advertising and Promotions

Any financial ties with linked sites will be clearly described on our web site; and any future advertisements placed on our website will always be recognizable and separable from our health content by design and content style.