Well-BeingSecrets.com is always looking for quality contributors who are passionate about health and would love to share their expertise with the world.

If you are one of those people, here are our guidelines:

  1. Your topic should be informational, well-researched and written in engaging style. When you brainstorm for topics, please keep in mind that our main demographic is women between 18-35 years old. Pitching topics that are very interesting to our audience will considerably improve your chances of publishing.
  2. You will need to backup your claims with links to actual research journals. Sites that rank highly in Google are not considered research journals.
  3. Your article should be at least 5,000 words and structured in a user-friendly style. (Please see articles on this site to get some ideas what it means)
  4. If you are affiliated with some sites (either yours or your client’s), you need to disclose it up front. I am OK with you linking to those sites, as long the pages you link to are of very high-quality and good for user experience. Pages that promote those businesses and/or promote products on Amazon are not considered high-quality and all links to such pages will be removed. If you don’t disclose this upfront, some of those links might get removed before publishing, since WBS reserves the right to change your article so it is in line with our editorial standards.

If you are OK with above-mentioned conditions,  please email your list of topics to info(at)well-beingsecrets.com with a headline “Guest Blogging Idea for WBS”.

Please make sure you use this headline, since due to increased amount of guest blogging spam, I delete other requests without even reading them.


Helen Nichols