My name is Helen Brown. I was born and raised in New York City. I was the younger daughter of a beloved math teacher and chiropractor, who was widely known in his birthplace of Queens. Anyone who remembers the neighborhood as it was in the eighties, also knows there were not many opportunities to take advantage of a healthy lifestyle. Soda drinks, hot dogs and sitting in front of the TV, were an indispensable part of our growing up. However, we were more than happy at the time.

As the years pass by, we realize that we must give more from ourselves and devote time to our body and health, by giving it all the attention it deserves. It goes beyond our personal needs and desires. It is the call and the duty to provide the community with our best. I am now a 43-year-old happy woman who has many years of hard work and love behind her. My obsession, besides my beautiful family, is the power of nature in the hands of man, turned into effective therapy.

A healthy lifestyle was always a huge incentive for me, even at the time when I decided to  attend medical school. I soon met my gorgeous husband, got married and had a beautiful son named Mark. When I was 25 and Mark was only 3, my husband got a business offer in Europe that we could not refuse. He accepted the job, so we soon moved to London.

London was something that was completely different. It felt good from the very beginning.  However, soon after our arrival, our son, Mark, began to suffer from various allergies and eczema. Determined to find a solution, I became interested in a variety of homeopathic treatments, acupuncture and healthy nutrition. Cooking and introducing healthy foods changed our lives. Mark felt much better, while I became fascinated by the fact of how we neglected, over the years, the only important thing – a balance with nature.

The next step was quite logical. I decided to choose the best U.K. training program for natural therapy. The CNM education system provided the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the areas of homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy or herbal medicine. The professional courses had highly-competent lecturers and the best possible training program. I started with short courses and eventually decided to gain more experience in the field of homeopathy. After this three-year course, I earned a degree that was recognized throughout Europe, and beyond. Most importantly, this education gave me the necessary professional knowledge and skills to change the lives of many people.

At the time when my husband and I were expecting our twin girls, I was  confident of my decision to choose natural treatments for my profession and the domain that I  wanted to develop. Fortunately, I had the support of my family. It was not easy. However, in a few years, I managed to become the proud recipient of prestigious CNM degrees in the fields of naturopathic nutrition, herbal medicine, homeotherapy and acupuncture.

I am now the mother of three smart and healthy children, a beloved wife and a successful businesswoman. My work comes from the heart when I cook and write. It is the same as when I advise or help people in my practice. Naturopathy is a science that goes beyond the limits of alternative medicine, nutrition, exercise, or healthy habits. It is the core of the science of health.  It involves the use of all the Earth’s resources for healing and growing energy. For that reason, I I am very proud. I am not only proud of my title that is well-known beyond my London office, as well as my long, successful practice. I believe that I have succeeded in bringing people closer to the power of nature and healing treatments, with the help of entirely safe and reliable methods.