Helen Nichols grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario. Since her teenage years, she has been interested in sports and healthy balanced living, this interest predestined her future.

After Helen graduated high school, she began her wellness-oriented career as a personal trainer.

During the trainer’s work, she became fascinated by nutrition and that new passion led her to Natural Nutrition Program in The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Have graduated the school with excellent 4.0 GPA, Helen continued her health path working in different naturopathic wellness centers for 6 years.

In 2011, Helen leveled up by receiving Advanced Holistic Nutrition Certificate from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

As Helen has always been a bookworm, she has been perpetually reading the latest nutrition and fitness articles searching for the best sources of information.

But, unfortunately, there is so much unverified and plainly harmful information on nutrition and health topics, that Helen decided to create her own blog where she could express her passion for a healthy living and share her knowledge and experience through comprehensive and detailed science-backed articles.

That’s how Well-being Secrets was born.

Helen is a wife and mother who cares about her family, so she not only uses her interest in healthy practices and methods for enlightenment her readers, she also applies her knowledge to maintain her own health and make the life of her family maximally health-oriented.

Also, Helen is huge animal lover and raises a cute dog named Riley.

She enjoys cooking and is always in search for interesting recipes to bring joy to her family dinners. Her favorite cuisines are Chinese and Mexican.

Helen practices yoga every morning to start a new day concentrated and full of energy and she enjoys playing different games outdoors, including tennis and hockey.