For more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of writing articles for many renowned, online magazines. My only professional goal and my personal desire, was always to provide a piece of useful advice on the most popular topic, which is – How do you reach a healthy weight loss? What is the proper nutrition? Are we doing enough for ourselves to stay fit and happy? Who could help us in making the right decisions?

My name is Luther Egan, a fitness instructor and healthy nutrition consultant from Toronto, Canada. For the last fifteen years, I have done my work every day, with both love and attention. I only hope that I managed to help as many people as I could, during a  challenging journey of weight loss.

As a child, I went through a difficult journey myself. I faced some very extreme weights for my age. When I was a teenager, I experienced a significant physical and mental struggle. It is never easy to fight battles like this one on your own, but I had a mission. The focus of my interest became the literature about healthy food, nutrition and diets. I collected many books and read papers and magazines. It clearly became my obsession and love. In a short period, I manage to acquire a vast knowledge about the subject I realized that it was the right time to become a professional. My greatest love, as a child, were sports like football and soccer. However, I never could actually play them, due to my weight. Therefore, it wasn’t hard for me to find inspiration and to start on a very demanding exercise schedule. I created my own training program.

Determination, hard work, and discipline are the attributes that everyone needs, if they want to succeed. It led me to where I am today. In my early twenties, I experienced a real transformation and lost all of the extra pounds. Finally, with a strong commitment, I became a healthy, good looking young man in great physical shape.

Guided by my own experience and with strong motivation to help others, I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). After studying very hard for two years, I received my degree with excellent 4.0 GPA. With a diploma from a renowned school, excellent knowledge and experience, as well as an outstanding passion for teamwork, I became a very popular personal trainer and healthy nutrition consultant. My specialized training programs, diets, and tips have become highly valued in fitness circles. Many more followers were joining my training program and achieving incredible weight loss results.

In parallel with my career as an instructor and advisor, I started write  articles for several popular online publications in the field of healthy living and nutrition. I am proud to say that my work can be found in the Huffington Post, and the best science-based medicine online magazines. With love and great honor, I hope to succeed by sharing my professional expertise and experience in my writing. I have always had a desire to share my enthusiasm with readers and to have the opportunity to send a positive message and to support those who need it. This is because it is very difficult being a young person who struggles with weight issues. Even the smallest step forward, makes each of these people a hero. Our role is to be there and to support their fight.