15 Easy Ways to Start Exercising Again

Kicking the habit is one of the things you have to do with great effort.

However, restarting the exercise habit may be even more challenging.

There come the times when you lose interest in exercising.

You miss a few exercise routines and all of a sudden your motivation is gone.

You want to get back into the swing of things, you know the reasons for getting off the track, but you do not know where to start from.

Family commitments, physical injuries, lack of time or motivation are just some of the potential obstacles to your getting back on track.

What you have to do is give yourself a mental kick and rebuild your health and fitness routine, which will ultimately get you back into the habit.

Here are 15 easy ways to guide you towards getting you back on the healthy track again.


Start Small


You have probably been inactive for a long time.

You used to be immobile, sit a lot and eat tons of junk food.

You want to change your lifestyle, yet you do not know where to begin.

To begin with, sitting was your preoccupation, which causes weakness in your posterior chain.

Your primary goal is weight loss, but you should also pay attention to keeping your spine erect.

The exercises that improve posture, develop core strength and activate muscles are the perfect way to “reactivate” yourself.

The reasons are that they can be done at home and do not require a lot of time.

Moreover, they are also a sort of medium between the phase when you were completely inactive and the phase where you are ready to perform exercises that require great effort.

Begin with the exercises like squats, lunges, bridges, TRX hamstring curls, stability ball mobility, and core work.

These will help you activate the body areas that were inactive for too long.




Start Off Exercising Progressively


You have not worked out for a certain period of time, yet you feel rested and full of energy.

You put too much pressure on your body, which increases the risk of injury.

Your goal was reaching the feeling of sore muscles proving your exercise was intense.

But if you hobble and barely walk, that means your workout routine was just too much for you.

Your body needs adaptation, especially when it comes to physical pressure.

So, progressive workout routines where the pressure you put into your exercises is increasing is the key thing to start exercising again.

Moreover, integrating flexibility exercises into your routines will help you increase blood circulation throughout your entire body.

This way, your muscles will be ready for the full range of motion, and you will also improve your joint mobility.




Get a Partner


Having someone by your side while exercising is a fine way of getting back on the exercise track.

A workout partner takes many benefits along.

You will feel more motivated to work out because it is not the same to cancel your plans and someone else’s.

Your mutual exercise routines can also be fun.

One day, you might teach your workout buddy a new workout exercise, and the other day he might teach you instead.

Also, whenever you exercise with someone, you will try to give your best.

Even if you do not feel like working out, the intensity is always going to be greater than when you are alone.

The truth is you do not want to be the weak one who cannot push the limits.




Take a Walk


It goes without saying that walking has various positive effects on our body.

Apart from the physical ones (lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, energizes you), the mental improvements that walking causes are paramount for rebuilding the exercise routine.

Namely, walking reduces stress, improves self-esteem and cheers you up.

As a result of these three, you will feel the need to boost these major feelings of satisfaction.

This you will do by trying to make that exercise regular and frequent.




Create a Short-term Challenge


The greatest problem about keeping the habit is the realization of set goals.

If you do not set goals for yourself, you will not have the motivation of overcoming setbacks.

If we make something a challenge, our mind interprets it as a must.

These workout routines (it is often one-month challenges) will help you keep track of your progress.

You will experience the motivational boost by making progress.

Since these challenges are created for the home environment, you will not need machines, dumbbells whatsoever.

Plus, there are innumerable challenges of this sort on the internet, which are mostly free and available for everyone.

Now it is your turn to start off!


Remember How Good It Makes You Feel


There were the times when you could not wait to do a workout routine.

Even though you remember how enjoyable your routines were, you had forgotten how awesome you felt at the moment of your post-workout.

Often we focus on the effort we put in working out than on the effect it causes.

Besides the muscle soreness, there is no aspect of a workout routine you will have regrets about.

This great feeling will affect your mind and body like a drug, with you never wanting to stop it.




Eat Healthy


Being at the bottom of the workout pyramid, nutrition is a precondition for a successful workout routine.

A body needs healthy food in order to make the most of the benefits of exercise.

There is a saying, “Working out is the fun part. Dieting is the hard one”.

This is very accurate because working out requires one-hour dedication.

On the other hand, taking care of what you eat demands that you keep an eye on what you eat 24/7 with no exceptions.

So, if you manage to keep motivated to eat healthy, rebuilding your exercise habit will be child’s play for you.


Do It for Yourself


Staying fit and healthy is your personal choice, so make it one.

The only goal of many people going to the gym is to look great.

This goal is superficial and has no basis.

If you dedicate your time for the “looking good” cause, you will never be satisfied with it.

The results will not come as fast as expected, and you will soon lose the enthusiasm you had.

If you, however, exercise to push yourself, revitalize your body and mind, and have fun, you will not be losing motivation when results are slow.

Try to focus on your personal development by developing an exercise routine, and the results are inevitable. In accordance to this, the need to impress others will drop.




Have Fun While Exercising


It is a common belief that exercising is a strenuous repetition of the body movements when one is deprived of any creativity.

Well, it is not as long as you do not make it so.

If you used to run on a regular basis, and you feel it has become tiring and boring for you, it is high time you changed it.

Or you were the guy who used to lift weights at the local gym over and over again, but it seems you no longer find pleasure in it.

For example, yoga is a great way of modifying and readjusting your workout plan.

It cleanses both your mind and body, yet it is a versatile physical practice.

Nevertheless, some people are deprived of exercise variations due to various reasons.

If you are among them, there is also a solution for your problem.

It is the attitude with which you engage in a workout routine.

If you begin your new workout routine with a negative attitude, you are sentenced to a poor routine.

What you have to do is remind yourself exercising can be fun.

Affirmations are also relevant in the fitness world.


Reward Yourself


Regular exercise itself is a big step forward.

Consistent performance of any kind is an accomplishment, even if your actual task seems small and insignificant.

But you want to stay on that track for a while.

By getting out of your room and starting off with working out, you have got out of your comfort zone.

Though you have been doing that for a while, and it seems you have made room for a new habit, your mind needs an acknowledgment of a successfully created workout routine.

And you should reward yourself at that point of time.

What your way of rewarding will be is completely up to you.

If you are a foodie type of a guy, have an unhealthy meal such as a burger or whatever you prefer eating.

Likewise, if you fancy sitting around doing nothing, have a rest day.




Join a Sports Team


Like getting a workout buddy, joining a sports team is another easy way to get you going on exercising once again.

When you become part of a team, not only are you responsible for yourself, but for the team, as well.

So, whenever you take part in teams’ games, you will make sure you give your best.

In addition, playing along with other players is a fun way to get your workouts done.

Intramural sports teams have training sessions on a regular basis, providing you with a few weekly workouts.

What’s more, sports team also improves self-esteem, where you will handle life circumstances with more confidence.

Likewise, being a part of a sports community will help you deal with losing as well as winning.

Sometimes, your expectations will not meet your performance when exercising.

And your team will help you learn that things are not going to go your way, or the team’s way, all the time.


Make a Workout Diary


Launching a workout diary into your exercise life will boost your motivation for a few reasons.

First of all, your diary should help you organize your day schedule and workout schedule.

In terms of day schedule, keeping your diary up-to-date will reduce chances for a distraction to a minimum.

It will help you organize your day by allowing you to choose the most convenient time for exercising.

So, if you know you get caught up at work in the evenings, by scheduling your workout in the mornings you will not have to rush through your exercises and feel stressed.

On the contrary, how many times have you found yourself walking into the gym having no idea what you wanted to do?

Have you thought about making a clear plan at home?

Or did you skip out some exercises that felt tiresome that day?

If only you had had a workout diary, it is likely that this would not happen.

The mental struggle that you usually engage in when not knowing what to focus on is eliminated when you have a clear and distinctive plan.

Also, by each passing workout session, you will follow your results, and give your best shot to make further progress.

With plans come goals, as well.

Whether the goals are short-term, or the long-term ones, you can track and measure them with an exercise diary.



Create a Ritual, Build a Habit


Many people struggle with starting exercising again because it is no longer their habit.

When a particular period of the day comes, they do not consider exercising as part of their day routine (even though they used to).

The time period when they used to exercise was replaced with some other habit.

And when we keep repeating something over and over again, it becomes a habit.

Needless to say, habits are behaviors, and if you can repeat something over and over again, you can also start it over and over again.

Building new habits is a process of getting started repeatedly, time after time.

But one may wonder, “Where do I start from?

What are the small steps in the process of building a strong new habit?” The answer is rituals.

Ritual routines are the small steps that make your mind switch to an “automatic” mode, where you start a workout mindless.

There are many rituals related to exercising and fitness in general.

So, for example, every night before you go to sleep, prepare your gym bag for your next workout routine.

Next day, your mind will receive cues that will automatically motivate you to grab your bag and head out.




Listen to Music


Rarely do we find a person who does not enjoy listening to music.

The studies have shown that music eases the physical pain while exercising.

Working out with music is a sort of distraction making you less conscious about the exertion and exhaustion.

Subsequently, the music noise will turn down the muscle pain noise, and your focus will not be on the pain you are going through, but your favorite track.

Not only will you forget about discomfort, but you will also improve your performance and do more repetitions of each activity.

Music also urges you to move.

Music has the ability to get you into the zone of doing stuff.

The body reacts positively to your favorite music tunes, boosting your energy and motivation.


Don’t Just Think Gym


Gyms and fitness clubs have become the most popular places for the purpose of physical exercise.

The inevitability of the gym is one of the first thoughts that crosses the minds of people who want to start exercise again.

People usually feel reluctant about going to the local gym for two reasons.

First of all, the fact that you have to spend some time from their home to the gym is tedious, especially if the gym is not that “local.”

Secondly, many people prefer working out on their own, and if you are part of this group, going back to the gym is not going to be the thing you are looking forward to.

As a solution, you can mix up your workouts and incorporate other exercises that fit your routine.

Picking up social sports, going for a job or taking a walk are great ways to rebuild your exercise habit, stay fit, healthy, young and beautiful.

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