5 Best Female Urinals of 2018 Reviewed

What are Female Urinals

A female urinal is a device that helps females urinate while standing upright.

There are different versions of this device, but they all function similarly to direct urine away from the body.

Some designs are very basic funnel-like devices, while others are more elaborate for reuse.

The women’s urinal has been popular since the 1990’s and can help women urinate while outdoors with no access to a toilet, or for other medical reasons.

They can also be referred to as a female urination aid, or a stand-to-pee device.

In addition to portable versions, many locations are creating permanent urinal options for women to use.

There are so many different styles available today that anyone can find the right product for their specific need.

In this article we’ve compared 5 best female urinals currently available on the market.

I hope you’ll find this information helpful for your buying decision.

Top 5 Best Female Urinals

Female Urinal by Medical Action Industries


This female urinal is practical, easy to use, and great for long car rides, hikes, or those who cannot get out of bed due to sickness, injury, or surgery.

The measurements are about 3 inches by 4 inches around the opening, and the device is a semi-transparent white, and holds about 1 quart of liquid.

The measurements of the unit are around 13 inches long and about 6 inches high.


    • Made of shatter resistant, lightweight, and molded plastic.
    • ​Great durability, and prevents any leakage from the actual unit.
    • Large holding capacity for people who need to use the unit for an extended period of time.
    • Works while lying down, which is great for at home patients or patients in a hospital setting.


    • The handle is quite small/short and hard to hold on to.
    • ​A big larger and cumbersome to carry around with you if you’re taking it on a long hike, run, etc.
    • Has to be pressed firmly against the body to make sure there is no leaking.

Uriwell Unisex Personal Toilet


This is great for those looking for a discreet urinal that can be used anywhere, for example on the go, at home, or in the car.

This unit is flexible, simple to use, 100% spill proof, odor-free, very compact, convenient, and very easy to clean, which is a big plus since cleaning a female urinal tends to be a bit messy.


    • 30 cc capacity with pre-measured lines.
    • Odor-free design with lid that creates an airtight seal.
    • 100% spill-proof – it has a flip top lid to prevent spills, especially if it is used while out and about and/or in the car.
    • ​Made with non-toxic polypropylene plastic for safe use.
    • It bends to fit your body – it is flexible and fully adjustable and can rest against your body comfortably. Furthermore, the risk for any leakage is low.


    • Plastic is a little thin and flimsy, so it is more prone to rips and tears, especially with heavy use.
    • Does not have enough holding capacity at only 33 cc.
    • ​Some find the unit is too small for their specific needs.
    • ​The unit may get tears in the plastic if expanded too much.

Go Girl


This lavender women’s urinal is Amazon’s number 1 best seller, and we can see why!

It is very easy to use, it’s discreet, sanitary, and allows you to avoid unclean bathrooms.

This unit will fit easily in your purse, car, or even your pocket.

After use you can either dispose of the device or clean and reuse many times.

You simply press the device firmly against your body, and go.


    • Super compact and discreet, making it great for traveling, sports, hiking, and places where there are no available bathrooms.
    • ​Made with super flexible, medical-grade silicone.
    • ​Patented splashguard completely eliminates spills or leaks.
    • Great for everyday use, for camping, etc..


    • Some find that the cup is too short and shallow, making it difficult to use properly, although most women do not have a problem with the design.
    • ​May leak if the unit is tilted too far to the side.
    • ​The material is too flexible for some to use comfortably.
    • Does not hold a lot of liquid, so if you need a device that will accommodate more bathroom trips, you may want to look for something larger.

Uriwell Personal Portable Female Urinal


Uriwell has spent 9 years researching what makes the best personal toilet.

They have tested their product time and time again to make sure their design provides the best quality and is easy to use.

Both men and women can use this urinal, making it very versatile and convenient.

The unit can also be expanded from a holding capacity of 33 cc to about 750 cc, as each coil that expands can hold 33 cc of liquid.

According to the company the product is made of polypropylene, which is a non-toxic plastic.

This material increases elasticity, making the product flexible and easy to bend and shape into your desired position for comfort and ease of use.


    • Made with non-toxic materials for safe use.
    • Unisex adapter included.
    • ​750 cc total holding capacity.
    • Can easily measure for those who must keep incontinence diaries.
    • Tight lid that prevents leaks, spills, and odor.


    • Cannot stand on its own, so may be difficult to travel with.
    • The hinge on the lid can break off with heavy use.
    • The lid may have some leakage if you do not close and tighten it properly.



This is an easily washable, comfortable female urinal perfect for any use, whether in the car, during hiking and camping trips, for patients in the hospital or at home, and much more.

It holds 24 ounces and can withstand temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit is able to stand up on its own, although it is always a good idea to keep in in a safe container just in case it is knocked over by accident.


    • Small and compact
    • Can stand up on its own.
    • ​Very easy to use and simple and quick to clean out to keep sanitary.
    • ​There are no sharp edges or uncomfortable areas.
    • ​Made with highly sturdy plastic so it won’t break, rip, or tear.
    • Uses durable HDPE – high-density polyethylene.
    • Flat on the side with a molded handle.


    • Hard to use while lying down for some individuals.
    • ​Smaller holding capacity than some other units and brands on the market.
    • Can be prone to leaking if not used correctly.

Female Urinals History

While a woman is able to aim her urine while standing without any aid from a device, it is not usual in most Western cultures today.

However, this practice was completely normal in the past, and still is in certain areas.

The design of women’s clothing today makes it more practical to use a female urinal to avoid any accidental urination on clothes.

The first female urinal device was patented in 1922. It was called the “Sanitary Protector,” and was created by Edyth Lacy.

It was disposable and marketed as suitable for use in a public restroom.

The device was made to allow the woman to stand over the public toilet seat and direct the urine into the toilet; the device would then be thrown away.

This was the first very basic design that began the flood of devices available in today’s market.

Another female urinal device received a patent in 1956.

It was said to be efficient in directing urine away from the body, to eliminate the need for a toilet altogether.

After this patent, another half dozen women’s urinals were patented for a similar use during that century.

The Urinelle was patented in 1996. It was developed in France and was the first device to be manufactured for regular use.

Today there are dozens of female urinals on the market for women to use.

There are several stand-to-pee devices that were created for trans women to discreetly pee standing up.

The Snee-Kee was created to resemble a penis and helps trans women stand to pee discreetly.

This device would be very helpful if a trans woman was using a men’s restroom, but a stall was not available to use.

Female urinal options have been mostly marketed toward specific groups of women.

They have been advertised for camping, traveling, long car rides, or any other outdoor activities that would keep one from a bathroom or where the bathrooms may be undesirable to use.

Many portable urinals have come onto the market since 2005.

You can find a women’s urinal in various designs, and made from a variety of materials which can include plastic, rubber, silicone, and paper.

They may be reusable or disposable. There are some medical reasons why a stand-to-pee device would be useful.

In these cases, the woman can get a prescription from her doctor.

NATO has even approved some portable women’s urinals for female military members.

How to Pick Best Urinal

Women’s urinal selections in general, have the advantage of being more hygienic, especially in public places.

They also conserve water and take up less space.

The ease and quickness of use are important for high-traffic businesses like a dance club or stadium where there is a need to get women in and out of the restroom quickly.

Men have always been able to use a urinal in their bathroom.

Women didn’t have this option until it became necessary to give better and quicker bathroom options to women.

The female urinal makes life easier for both women and the business providing the urinals.

Many venues have taken it upon themselves to install female urinals.

Some of these are stand-alone, while others are meant to be supplemented with a portable design.

Some urinals are even considered unisex.

These urinals are designed for women to stand over while urinating with bent knees.

This helps speed up bathroom use, and can even save room in a small bathroom area.

There are even some portable urinal options available that can be sealed in the case that one may not be able to immediately dispose of the contents.

These are often used for medical reasons, but also are helpful on small aircraft or when immediate disposal isn’t an option.

Women’s urinals have become more popular recently, especially where it is difficult to have enough toilet facilities available, such as at outdoor festivals.

To increase the speed of urinal use, a trough style can be installed which many women can use at the same time.

This practice began at Pinkpop 2000 and has now spread to Western Europe and Canada.

Best Female Urinals Brands

There are dozens of female urination devices available online and in stores today.

All of the products feature different styles and accessories that may be better depending on the user.

Some are made of paper and are disposable, while some plastic and silicone forms can be used again and again.

They can be open or closed. Some even come with tubes or storage bags if it is not possible to dispose of the urine right away.

No matter what your specific need, there is probably a female urination device that can meet that need.

Here are some of the more popular brands available to women today:

  • Alia - The Alia was created in Italy. It is a portable urinal device that is made of paperboard and is disposable.
  • Freelax - The Freelax is made in France. It is composed of paperboard that has been coated in plastic. This device is also disposable. The Freelax is an open device with a groove that is used to direct the urine away from the body safely without making a mess. It can be used with one hand and doesn’t even require the user to lower their pants.
  • Freshette - The Freshette is another French urination device. It is a reusable plastic device that comes in two parts. It comes in three separate designs and can protect against the weather, bugs, and poisonous plants, because the user can leave their pants pulled up. It is marketed for the outdoor woman, and even for military women.
  • GottaTinkle - GottaTinkle! was created in the United States. This reusable plastic device comes with disposable collection bags that can store urine if it cannot be disposed of right away.
  • GoGirl - GoGirl is another US product. This stand-to-pee device is made of a flexible silicone and is reusable. GoGirl comes with a discreet storage container to keep the product clean and out of sight. It can be used by any woman who doesn’t have a bathroom available, or just for a woman who wants to avoid the germs in the bathroom.
  • ​Isyloo - Isyloo is a female urination device from Spain, made from a disposable plastic-coated paperboard. Isyloo is completely recyclable and can be stored to fit in even the smallest of handbags.
  • ​Lady J - Lady J is an American product that is made of a reusable plastic. Lady J is marketed to women who enjoy doing outdoor activities and is sold at many outdoor and sports stores, such as Cabela’s or Dick’s, as well as online. It is also marketed to pregnant and disabled women.
  • ​Lady P - Similarly named to Lady J, Lady P is a stand-to-pee device created in the Czech Republic. It is reusable and made of a rigid plastic.
  • Lilium Femme - Lilium Femme is made in Argentina. It is a disposable device made of a plastic-coated paperboard.
  • ​My Little Helper (SaniGirl) - My Little Helper, also known as SaniGirl, is a device specially made for girls aged 4-11. It is, therefore, smaller in size. It is disposable and made from paperboard coated in plastic.
  • ​Paper Pee - Paper Pee is an Indian female urination device. It is disposable and made from a wax-coated paperboard. Paper Pee is completely recyclable and can be easily stored.
  • Pee Pocket - The Pee Pocket is an earth-friendly, biodegradable option created in the United States. It is composed of plastic-coated paperboard.
  • P-Mate - The P-Mate was created in the Netherlands. It is a disposable stand-to-pee device made of paperboard covered in plastic.
  • Pee-Zee - The Pee-Zee was created in Canada. Its rigid plastic can be washed and reused as many times as desired. This funnel-shaped product is great for women who are often away from a physical bathroom. It is discreet and can be used without lowering the pants.
  • ​PeeBuddy - PeeBuddy is a product made in India. It is a disposable option made of a plastic-coated paperboard. PeeBuddy comes in packs of 20 and can be stored in any handbag or purse. Its simple design makes it easy for anyone of any age to use.
  • Pibella - Pibella is made in Switzerland. It is a reusable product made of rigid plastic. Pibella can be used while standing or lying down. It comes with disposable storage bags for bed-ridden users. It is a long funnel that directs urine from the body.
  • ​Pipi Pappe - The German product, Pipi Pappe, is disposable and made of a non-coated paperboard. Pipi Pappe is an open device that uses a groove to direct urine away from the body. It can be folded to fit in any handbag or even the pocket of a pair of jeans.
  • Pissedebout - The Pissedebout is a French product which is disposable and made from paperboard which is coated with a non-plastic material.
  • pStyle - The US product pStyle is different from most on the market. It is reusable and made of a rigid plastic, but instead of a closed funnel shape, it is an open-grooved design.
  • SheWee - The SheWee is made in the UK; it is reusable and is made from rigid plastic. SheWee also has a deluxe version which includes a storage case and a tube to further direct the urine.
  • She-P - She-P was created in the Netherlands. It is reusable and made from silicone rubber or polyurethane. This device is to be glued onto the skin’s surface to be used during an extreme event such as diving.
  • ​Snee-Kee - Snee-Kee is a stand-to-pee device created especially for trans women to use the men’s bathroom. It resembles a penis for discreet restroom use for trans women.
  • ​Urinelle - Urinelle is a French product which is disposable and made of paperboard. It comes in a 7-pack and can be easily stored in any purse or pocket for discretion. Urinelle is considered one of the original female urination devices.
  • Venus (SaniGirl) - Venus is a US product also known as SaniGirl. It is disposable and made of a plastic-coated paperboard. This women’s portable urinal is sold in a ten-pack and is small enough to fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Because of its simple design, it can be used successfully by just about anyone.
  • Whiz Freedom - Whiz Freedom was created in the UK. It is a reusable stand-to-pee device made from flexible plastic. It has a more elaborate funnel design that makes it easy to use for women who don’t want to lower their pants while urinating. The plastic helps liquid easily flow off for easy clean-up.
  • WhizBiz - The WhizBiz is an Australian product made of a reusable, flexible silicone. It is made with a simple funnel design that is simple for anyone to use.


Female urination devices have been around for almost a century.

They can be used in all sort of situations, from a plane ride to a hiking adventure.

They can be disposable or reusable; some even are meant to be attached to the skin.

Some come with storage bags, and some are closed completely and come with a lid for storage when urine cannot be disposed of.

Even pregnant or bed-ridden women can use a female urination device.

Ultimately, women’s portable urinal selections are created to make a woman’s bathroom experience more convenient, no matter where they are.

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