Top 5 Best Weight/Mass Gainers of 2018 Reviewed

Why Weight Gainers?

Are you a skinny, hormone-addled teenager?

Do you find it difficult to meet your daily caloric value due to a health problem?

If so, there’s no way you’re going to gain serious weight! You really need a booster.

If your body metabolisms are abnormally fast (1), then it’s time you added weight gainers to your diet.

“Hard gainers” find it almost impossible to gain weight, even with a strict training regimen and proper diet plan.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t ever give up.

Weight gainers are a great alternative to helping you achieve your muscle-building goals.

Don’t let your body functions or structure deter you from achieving your goals.

But before you start taking weight gainers, you should have all the necessary information.

Then you can decide what’ll work best for you. Weight gainers are many, and reviews are innumerous.

Sometimes, even the most appealing product (top-rated or bestseller) doesn’t really work.

So it can be very difficult to spot the best weight gainer. That’s why we’ve have prepared this guide for you.

In this article I will explain what you should look at when you are looking to buy a mass gainer, and I will also list my top 5 favorite weight gainers currently available for sale.

Top 5 Best Weight Gainers

NUTRAFX Mass Expander


This product is designed to help you gain lean muscle and weight, but cuts stubborn fat.It is ideal for those looking to lose weight, but also gain muscle mass. It can also be used to help those who are looking to bulk up and put on some weight as well.

You drink the powder in shake form to recover post-workout. This delicious protein powder has a whopping 35 grams of protein, is not lumpy or chalky tasting, and is safely made in the USA in a certified facility.

The more you work out and the more you lift heavy weights, your body needs the proper nutrition to recover and build lean muscle. This protein powder gives you the necessary fuel and nutrients for your muscles to utilize.

It is filled with amino acids that repair your muscles quickly and help you increase stamina during your tough workouts. It also helps you build up a stronger immune system, will make you sleep better at night, and negate the harmful effects of stress on your body.

This is also a great meal replacement for people that cannot have solid foods or for those who have had a challenging time gaining weight and muscle mass. It is filled with the proper nutrients and calorie content to gain weight and muscle.

This product is special because it is specifically formulated to be not just effective, but also taste good. Many protein powders are lumpy, chalky, and almost impossible to drink. However, this protein powder will dissolve quickly in milk or water, leaving you with a smooth and creamy shake. The shake is also made in the USA in a certified facility and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


    • 35 grams of protein and 500 calories per serving.
    • Ultra-filtered cold-processed whey protein.
    • ​Not lumpy or clumpy when mixed with milk or water.
    • Increases endurance and stamina, and promotes better sleep and less stress.


    • Contains sucralose.
    • Contains some artificial ingredients.

True-Mass Weight Gainer


This product is designed for those with above-normal calorie need and heavy training routines. This protein powder will aid in muscle growth and recovery, and help feed your muscles so they can continue to grow and get stronger.

True-Mass is formulated with a 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein to help build muscle. One serving contains 700 calories, 50 grams of protein, and 90 grams of carbs. It also has 6 grams of dietary fiber and medium chain triglycerides. These elements are all essential to help you recover after tough workouts, and gain muscle properly.

The carb blend helps support your body’s necessary need to recover quickly from intense workouts. The shake’s healthy fats give your body quick-burning fuel so your body can burn it well while working out. It is recommended that you mix 4 scoops of the powder in 10 ounces of water, milk, or another beverage of your choice.

Additionally, you can make a smoothie with the powder in a blender to add even more calories and nutritional value. Try adding fruits, nuts, yogurt, and more.

Most other traditional protein powders are primarily made from protein, and only contain a small amount of carbs and fats. One serving of these powders also contains around 200 calories or less, which is not enough for those doing intense daily workouts and high amounts of physical activity.

True-Mass is different because of its 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein – something that most other protein powders and weight gainers do not have. This makes the calorie count much higher by providing more protein, carbs, and healthy fats that athletes need. You can receive a wide range of nutritional value with True-Mass.


    • 6 premium protein sources.
    • 50 grams of protein per serving, with carbs and healthy fats, plus fiber.
    • ​700 calories per serving, and great for post-workout recovery.
    • Rich and creamy shake texture without the chalkiness.
    • Comes in many different flavors.


    • Artificial ingredients and flavors.
    • Contains sucralose.
    • Contains Milk, Egg, Wheat, and Soy (Lecithin) ingredients – which are allergens for some people.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Protein Powder


Just like the above products, this powder is meant to help you gain lean muscle. For those who have a harder time building muscle, this product is designed to use carbs, amino acids, vitamins, and protein to facilitate the process. It is meant to be used as a post-recovery shake, or as a snack in between meals. This shake has 60 grams of protein per serving, 85 grams of carbs per serving, 24 different vitamins and minerals, and 650 high-quality calories per serving.

This product is made from high quality biological proteins, making it very easy for the body to digest and absorb. This allows your muscle to build more quickly and more efficiently since amino acids are supporting the growth process. The protein comes from seven different sources, in the amount of 60 grams per serving.

This shake also uses carbs and lipids to support muscle gain, and to make you gain it even faster than on your own. It gives your body sustained energy so your body doesn’t use its protein for energy and fuel. Combined with carbs is fiber as well. Fiber (4-5 grams per serving) also helps with the building process, and allows your body to stay fuller longer.

Furthermore, you will also find medium-chain triglycerides and other kinds of lipids in the shake. All of these different ingredients play a critical role when you are looking to become healthier and stronger.

Something really different and useful about this product is the fact that it also contains many vitamins and minerals. Many gain powders don’t have vitamins and minerals, which are essential to an effective and efficient growth process. If you do not use these micronutrients during the building process, your body will have a challenging time processing the carbs, proteins, and fats within the shake. Therefore, these added vitamins and minerals are not just good for your body, but they also make your body’s systems more efficient.


    • 7 premium protein sources.
    • ​60 grams of protein per serving, with carbs and healthy fats, plus fiber and 26 different vitamins and minerals – essential for your body’s ability to process these nutrients.
    • 650 calories per serving, and great for post-workout recovery, or in between meals for extra protein.


    • Contains sucralose.
    • ​Contains some artificial ingredients.
    • Some shakes have a slightly higher calorie count.

Naked Mass Protein Powder


Likely one of the cleanest and healthiest mass gainers on the market, Naked Nutrition has “nothing to hide,” just as they advertise. Naked products eliminate all marketing gimmicks and tricks many companies use to sell their products. At Naked, making pure and simple protein powders is what they are all about.

Taking away all of the unnatural and synthetic ingredients makes this option much better for your body and overall health. This company uses pure grass-fed whey protein, pea protein, and organic brown rice protein to provide the purest natural protein. This will allow you to gain muscle healthily and happily!

Naked protein powders are filled with essential amino acids, and have absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or toxic artificial sweeteners and additives, with only simple ingredients. Naked Mass has 50 grams of protein, 252 grams of carbs, 1,250 calories, and 11.5 grams of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). There are also only 5 grams of sugar.

They also have “multi-phase clean protein,” which comes from grass-fed whey protein and casein. This helps provide your body with super-healthy amino acids that help keep the protein synthesis going throughout the entire day.

Naked Mass uses gluten-free organic tapioca maltodextrin for its complex carbs. This is a unique feature for this mass gainer, since most other brands rely on wheat-based maltodextrins. However, what makes this protein powder and mass gainer even more special is the fact it only contains 3 healthy, clean ingredients.

When you look at the ingredients list of other powders and mass gainers, they are filled with a laundry list of toxic ingredients. But with Naked, there are no frills or fuss. It’s made of merely pure ingredients that are fantastic and healthy for your entire body. The three ingredients they use are: Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Whey Protein, and Casein.


    • 50 grams of protein, 252 grams of carbs, 1,250 calories, and 11.5 grams of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).
    • Only 5 grams of sugar.
    • ​Only 3 clean and natural ingredients – grass-fed whey, casein, and organic tapioca maltodextrin.
    • Completely transparent and honest company which makes the highest-quality and purest protein powders.


    • Tasteless and unflavored protein powder – needs to be mixed with something to make it taste better; best used in a smoothie.

Evlution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer


This is a mass gainer protein powder to help you build and gain muscle easier. This product has 50 grams of both fast and slow release protein from five different protein sources. It also has 10 grams of glutamine, and 10 grams of BCAA per serving.

This is perfect for those looking to have help fueling tough workouts. It is great for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who need to recover after workouts as well. This protein is also produced in a NSF and GMP certified manufacturing plant.

This is some of the highest-quality multi-stage and ultra-filtered protein available on the market. It provides all-day and all-night muscle and body fuel to help you throughout the day. There is also no amino spiking after consuming this shake since all of the protein is from complete dairy- and egg-based protein sources.

This product is also gluten-free, which is great for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet. The product also contains all of the following:

  • 50 grams extended-release fast and slow protein.
  • ​10 grams glutamine and glutamine peptides.
  • ​22 grams of naturally-occurring EAAs.
  • ​10 grams BCAA to support muscle growth.
  • 5.2 grams of leucine, to limit muscle breakdown
  • 880 calories (Vanilla Ice Cream) per serving
  • ​860 calories (Chocolate Decadence) per serving
  • Gluten-free

There are a few things that make this protein powder and mass gainer special. This protein powder contains aminogen and lactase, which is a helpful digestive blend to make it easier for your stomach to digest. This product is also 100% gluten-free, has no amino-spiking effects on the body, and has both fast and slow release protein.


    • 50G extended-release protein – fast and slow release.
    • ​10 grams glutamine and glutamine peptides.
    • ​Prolonged 10 grams BCAA to support muscle growth
    • ​Ultra-filtered pure protein sources
    • Effective weight gainer.


    • Artificial ingredients and flavors.
    • ​Contains sucralose.
    • ​Contains corn syrup.

What are Weight Gainers

When weight gainers or mass gainers are mentioned, certain foods come to mind: ice cream, cake, donuts, and cheeseburgers.

All of this food are empty calories, and they’ll only supply 99% of the fats you need gain weight.

So what’re the true weight gainers?

A weight gainer is a dietary supplement that’s very high in calories.

It’s taken to promote the gaining of muscles and weight (5).

These compounds are more energetic than normal foods.

They’re mainly made of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, amino acids, minerals, and other trace elements (such as Creatine).

Weight gainers are usually mixed with milk or water, and they’re taken before or after workouts.

A single serving of a weight gainer supplement may supply 320 to 1000 calories and 16 to 60 g of proteins (depending on its formulation).

If you think you’re too skinny and need to fuel your muscle growth, here are some important reasons to start using a weight gainer.

Benefits of Weight Gainers

Before indulging in weight gainers, you should give some things serious consideration.

The benefits you derive from these supplements is one of the factors to consider without forgetting the carryover benefits they’ll bring to your training.

Here are some benefits of weight gainers.

Help You Meet the Daily Calorie Requirements

If you are looking to build muscles and weight, you need to take high-calories diets.

A good diet plan would promote weight gain if it supplies 2200 to 3200 calories per day.

The number of calories required to maintain a perfect calories balance depends on your level of activity, age, and gender(6).

At times, it can be very hard to meet this caloric demand and grow some muscles.

Weight gain supplements make it easier for you to meet you daily caloric demand.

Weight gainers are mainly made of three major components: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

All of these components are known to supply 100% of the energy in a diet.

Carbohydrates account for 45-65% of energy, protein for 10-35%, and fats for 20-35% (8).

In terms of calories, 1 g of carbohydrates supplies 4 calories, 1 g of protein for 4 calories, and 1 g of fat 9 calories (9).

The market is flooded with weight gainers, which supply over 1000 calories in one shake.

That makes it easier to get past the 3200-calories mark in a day.

Supply Specially Formulated Fat

Weight gainers are packed with a special type of dietary fat, which keeps you leaner and facilitates a faster muscle-building process.

The impact of dietary fats is greater than that of the other macronutrients — because fats contribute a bigger percentage of calories in the weight gainer.

For this reason, you’re highly advised to only take it in the correct form and amount.

And when you gain weight, these dietary fats prevent the loss of lean body mass (10).

Make it Easier to Meet Creatine Needs

One of the elements in weight gainers is Creatine.

Creatine plays a vital role in the recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which transport chemical energy within body cells (11, 12).

ATP is primarily responsible for carrying energy to the brain and muscles.

It provides enough energy for the contraction of muscles, thereby speeding up muscle building.

Weight gainers multitask. When you purchase them, you don’t need to buy Creatine as a separate product.

Provide Varying Caloric Levels

Everyone requires some unique level of calorie needs to gain weight and build muscle effectively.

Weight gainers are made with varying concentration levels of calories.

It’s always good to find a product that matches your caloric needs.

Even as you strive to gain muscles, you should also fight to limit gaining fat mass.

If you take excess calories, you’ll fall short of your second target.

And if you take less, your muscle-building won’t be impressive.

Therefore, it’s very important to find a product that’ll help you hit both targets.

One fascinating thing about weight gainers is that many products are made to suits the needs of different users.

There are products made for daily use, and others to use immediately after workouts.

If you like taking your shake before or after workouts, it’s good to get a product with low-fat, high-carb content.

During this period, the body requires fast-acting carbohydrates to drive the insulin cycle and quickly get amino acids to the muscles.

Offer Faster Recovery

If you’re looking to build muscle, it’s good to know that fast recovery after workouts is of great importance.

Actually, a faster rate of recovery is as important as what you do during the workout.

Weight gainers are packed with L-glutamine, which facilitates speedy recovery after workouts.

Glutamine is an amino acid that’s used to counter certain side effects of a medical treatment (13).

Besides ensuring optimal recovery rates, L-Glutamine also maintains your immunes systems and reduces the risk of diseases.

Other benefits

  • Weight gainers are the best substitute for meals for busy professionals.
  • They help you achieve your goals with ease.
  • ​They’re convenient.
  • Weight gainers increase your hydration level.

How Weight Gainers Work

Weight gainers are made so as to simultaneously help you gain muscles and keep you lean.

To achieve both goals, they boost caloric intake by supplying macronutrients (at the required levels) to the body — without forcing you to eat more.


To gain 1 pound of mass in a week, you need to take 500 calories in a day.

It’s difficult to meet this requirement by only relying on nutritious food.

Weight gainers make it easier for you to achieve this target.

Calories in weight gainers are supplied in the form of a carbohydrate called maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is a complex starch, which is quickly and easily broken into glucose once you consume the weight gainer.

This process results in a spike in the insulin levels, thereby increasing the number of amino acids being transported to the skeletal muscle.

Then you can speed up the process of protein synthesis (as muscle cells bind with glucose), creating a cannonade of reactions that help muscle growth (14, 15).

When insulin levels are high, cortisol levels are low.

So no cortisol can break down muscle protein for energy in this state, which is the anti-catabolic role of insulin.

In addition, during workouts, the body shifts into a catabolic state and raises cortisol levels, which can lead to muscle loss.

When you consume maltodextrin just before a workout, it helps to curb this muscle loss.

Maltodextrin has very high glycemic properties, and it helps you gain weight in the following ways:

  • Catalyzes protein synthesis by helping muscle cells bind with glucose when the body is in a post-workout state (16).
  • Rejuvenates energy sources used up during the workouts.
  • Makes insulin drive amino acids, minerals, glucose, and vitamins into the cells of the muscles (which speeds up recovery and makes it easier to build muscles).
  • ​Prepares your body for the next workout session.
  • For the body to perform optimally, it requires more carbohydrates (glucose) than proteins and fats.
  • ​Glucose is also the preferred source of energy for normal functioning of the brain and muscles.
  • So to fuel your metabolism and gym schedule, it’s essential to consume weight gainers.


Proteins are comprised of amino acids, which are the main building blocks of body muscles.

To effectively build muscles, you should constantly supply the body with sufficient proteins.

Then you’ll maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body, which will promote anabolism.

When the body is in an anabolic state, it effectively builds muscles (17).

If your protein intake is insufficient, the opposite happens.

Your body shifts to a catabolic state and starts breaking down the muscle you gained.

Therefore, the key to effectively gaining muscle is supplying your body with ample protein.

Stimulating Appetite

Some weight gainers contain appetite-stimulating components.

These weight gainers are made of the extracts of echinacea purpurea.

This herb is known to contain 13 isobutylamides.

Though there are contradicting reports about the effects of isobutylamides, some studies have shown that two of these substances induce hunger.

How to Use Weight Gainers

If you’re serious about adding weight and muscle, I’m sure you might be considering a way to add a weight gainer to your diet plan.

Weight gainers are helpful in supplementing your calorie intake, but they don’t fit everyone.

You should consult your doctor for advice on the usage of these supplements.

To get the best results, you must adopt a proper usage plan of the weight gainers.

Wrong or excessive use of these products may cause adverse effects, dragging you into unnecessary side effects.

You should be cautious while adopting the mass gainers into your plan.

To help you get the best out the weight gainer you’re using, here are some tips:

  • Before you buy any mass gainer, consult your fitness expert or trainer. Ask them to recommend a product that suits your needs, based on your body type.
  • Determine your daily caloric requirements, based on what you want to achieve. Then get a satisfying product.
  • To get the best out of weight gainers, create a comprehensive diet plan. And regularly follow the chart.
  • Never take more than the recommended amount.
  • If you’re interested in gaining weight or muscle fast, take your mass gainer with milk. The number of scoops you add will be determined by the level of your metabolism and your caloric requirements.
  • To get the best results, eat properly, and maintain a good balance between your diet and weight gainers.
  • The most appropriate time to take weight gainers is between meals. They’ll supply nutrients without making you feel bloated or full. You can also take them immediately after workouts, so as to maintain the body in an anabolic state and facilitate muscle-building (18).

What to Consider when Buying a Weight Gainer

The weight gainer market is quite developed. More and more products are entering the market.

Also, many people have discovered the benefits that come with these products.

There are many manufacturers, so selecting the right product is becoming more difficult.

To get your hands on the best product, you must do sufficient research.

To help you get more insight into this matter, we’ve highlighted some of the most important factors you should know before buying a weight gainer:

Nature of the Product

Weight gainers are supplied in two forms: shakes or pills.

The best of the two is shakes because they’re more natural.

Pills aren’t preferred because they require a mixture of other substances.


Both shakes and pills have very broad options, in terms of brands and type.

Some brands are better than others because they’re made using quality ingredients.

It’s obvious that better ingredients will translate to better health and fewer side effects.

Therefore, it’s very wise to confirm the ingredients used to make the product as you research them.

You should be in a position to judge how natural the ingredients are, and how much of each ingredient is in the product.

How much protein does the product supply per serving? How many calories?

Carbohydrates? Considering your needs, how much support will the ingredients provide?

Keep in mind that what works for you friend might not work for you. People have different needs.

A good product will supply nutrients that’ll help you achieve your goal — whether it’s gaining muscle, repairing muscle, or supporting training.

Don’t rely on your friends’ recommendations.

Make concrete decisions, based on how the ingredients of the products will help achieve your goals.

Brand Reputation

How long has the manufacturer supplied the weight gainer?

The longer, the better. The product they supplied has withstood the tides of the ever-changing market.

In other words, the manufacturer should be experienced and make good products.

Taste and Flavor

A perfect weight gainer is one that’s easy to consume and tastes good.

Imagine force-feeding yourself every time you hit the gym.

Is that how you want to gain muscle? NOOO!

It should be enjoyable — something that motivates you to hit the gym every day.

Otherwise, you’ll abandon your goal, because you selected a product you don’t like.

Value for the Money

Calculate the cost per serving of the options available on the market.

Don’t just consider the package price because it might be deceptive. Don’t go for the cheapest product.

High-quality weight gainers are expensive, but they usually present good value for the money.

What to Avoid when Buying a Weight Gainer

When buying a weight gainer, it’s good to select a product that most satisfies all your needs.

Weight gainers are highly recommended for hard gainers.

These people require a high-protein diet to gain weight and muscle.

When buying a weight gainer, check the biological value (BV) of its protein component.

The BV is a measurement of how well the body can utilize the protein consumed.

Proteins with a higher BV (such as whey isolate) are readily absorbed by the body.

They’re of higher quality than those with a low BV (such as casein protein).

Therefore, it’s good to avoid products that contain proteins with a low BV.

It’s also good to consider the sugar content of the weight gainer you’re buying.

Products with high sugar content should be avoided because they cause an insulin spike and raise the levels of serotonin.

So they can result in headaches, irritations, and drowsiness.

The insulin spike makes your body convert more calories into fat, which isn’t good for your health or your goal of building muscles.


Since weight gainers provide the promise of quickly building muscles, the lure of weight gainers is almost irresistible.

They help you achieve your target, even in situations that seemed impossible.

There’s nothing wrong with using these supplements, but it’s good to note that weight gainers may not be of benefit to everyone.

They’re associated with potential side effects (such as fat gain and allergic reactions), and they interact differently with medications.

The following are some of the potential side effects of weight gainers.

Unhealthy Weight Gain

Your daily caloric requirement varies, depending on your age and gender.

If you happen to take an excess of the weight gainer, the excess calories are converted into fat.

Therefore, it’s wise to take weight gainers that’ll only supply sufficient calories.

Extra calories in the body are converted to triglycerides.

These lipids accumulate in the arteries, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis (19), strokes, and heart-related problems (20).

Effects of Creatine

Creatine is one on the key components of weight gainers.

This compound should be taken in moderation because it can cause negative side effects.

If you’re taking weight gainers, it’s prudent to drink a lot of water (8 glasses every day) because Creatine causes dehydration.

Another problem associated with Creatine is cramping and gastrointestinal discomforts (21).

It is estimated that 30% of weight-gainer users don’t reap any benefits associated with Creatine.

If no benefit is recorded after 4-6 weeks, consider using products with less Creatine.

If you’re a teenager, don’t use Creatine because you won’t get any benefits (22).

Allergic Reactions

The risk of allergic reactions is small, but there’s a possibility that you might experience some reaction when you take these products.

Some weight gainers may contain common allergens (such as soy and other herbal supplements).

Then you’ll be at risk of experiencing some allergic reactions.

If you feel itchiness, upset stomach, or hives, stop consuming your weight gainer, and seek medical attention immediately.

Other Side Effects Include:

  • Breathing problems
  • Liver damage (if consumed in large quantities)
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea


Now you know everything you need to know about weight gainers.

If you’re already planning to take these supplements, you’re in a position to make an informed decision.

It’s not easy to find the best product on the weight-gainers market.

Acquiring the right information and taking the right advice will save you a lot of time and money.

We believe it all begins with knowledge, which we’ve generously given.

Next, consult your trainer or fitness expert, and make a concrete, educated decision.

With this guide, we’ve uncovered both the positive and negative sides to help you evade misleading infomercials.

These tactics will only lure you into buying a product they’ve sugarcoated.

Then you’ll be frustrated after a week or so of use.

But with the knowledge you’ve acquired from this guide, you’re now qualified to make a wise buy.

All the best as you build your muscles.

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