5 Best Scar Removal Creams and Treatments of 2018 Reviewed

Why Scar Creams

It’s hard to face the world when you know you have scars and blemishes on your face.

Most people believe that they have to live with these marks as a permanent part of their skin or spend a great deal of money to have them surgically removed.

While it may not be possible to completely remove some deep, old scars without resorting to extreme, expensive, or painful measures, there are more cost effective products that can give you great results at home.

You really can reduce the look of scars with the help of innovative creams that help the skin to heal.

To help you choose the best product for your skin, we’ve chosen the 5 most effective scar removal creams.

These products have been rigorously tested and have only the highest quality ingredients, and have shown the most impressive benefits for scar reduction.

Art Naturals Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Cream – contains the most organic and naturally derived ingredients, most budget friendly cream reviewed.

Body Merry Fading Stretch Marks and Scar Cream – high quantity of organic ingredients, includes organic cocoa butter which some users may find has a disagreeable scent.

Beauty Facial Extreme Stretch Marks and Scar Repair Cream – can help heal scar tissue on the surface of the skin as well as the deeper layers, not recommended for scarring on the face.

Selevax Intensive Scar Cream – can begin to show results on even very old scars in as little as 3 weeks, however is less budget friendly than other products.

InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream – includes the most cutting edge ingredients such as Epidermal Growth Factor, Astaxanthin, and Gotu Kola, is the least budget friendly cream reviewed.

5 Most Effective Scar Removal Creams

Selevax Intensive Scar Cream by Senvie

Selevax Intensive Scar Cream by Senvie

Loaded with potent antioxidants like Vitamin E which is known for its skin healing benefits, this scar removal cream improves microcirculation to the skin allowing nutrients to reach tough scar tissue and repair it from the inside out.

The added ingredients of glycerin and dimethicone lock in moisture and added softness.

A key component to the way Selevax helps skin to heal is the Vitamin C it contains.

Vitamin C is excellent for fading dark spots and normalizing skin tone.

Shea Butter has been known for its ability to heal and soften skin and works synergistically with Rosehip Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil to absorb completely without having a heavy feel or oily look.

These powerful ingredients can allow you to see results in just 3 weeks depending on the depth and age of your scars.

Since skin normally renews about every 27 days, you’ll be able to see how much younger and smoother your skin can look in a very short time.

While this cream will help skin tone immediately, healing scars does take more time, so be patient and religious with your applications.

Fresh scars from blemishes can be diminished much more quickly, in only a week or two, but older scars will take a little more time.

This rich, thick cream is absorbed quickly and leaves skin looking bright. It also has no added scent, and those who wear makeup will be able to apply without issue.


    • Effective for both fresh and older scars
    • Unscented
    • Contains fatty acids and antioxidants


    • May take longer to see results on older scar tissue
    • Less budget friendly

Beauty Facial Extreme Stretch Mark and Scar Repair Cream

Beauty Facial Extreme Stretch Mark and Scar Repair Cream

If you’ve got stretch marks AND scars, this is the product for you.

Both men and women can see benefits when using this cream to improve your skin.

This cream addresses your skin issues in two ways.

Firstly, it works on the surface to even out hyperpigmentation and discolored areas.

Secondly, the nutrients and healing compounds go to work on the deeper layers of skin to produce more collagen and elastin, two of the major factors in keeping skin plump, elastic, and youthful.

Since it works both on the immediate visual concerns and the deeper layers that need healing, many people have reported excellent results with the use of this cream.

The main ingredient is allantoin. Allantoin is considered a strong keratolytic agent.

This means that it encourages older and dead skin cells to be recycled efficiently, and promotes the growth of new skin cells, which are healthier.

This leads to smoother, softer skin in a shorter period of time.

Also, it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to encourage stretch marks to heal and appear less damaged the more you use it.

This cream also contains lactic acid and glycerin, which help skin to remain soft and lock in moisture even during the winter months.

While this cream can deliver visible results quickly, it’s only designed to be used on the body, not on the face.

When applying it to scars and stretch marks, use circular, massaging motions. It can be used once or twice per day, and has a light, mild scent.


    • Contains Allantoin
    • ​Is effective for both women and men
    • Addresses scar healing on the surface and in the deeper skin tissues


    • Not for use on the face
    • Lightly scented

Art Naturals Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Cream

Art Naturals Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Cream

If you’re looking for a product that’s as close to nature as possible, Art Naturals is for you.

This cream takes advantage of the natural healing powers of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Aloe for a smooth cream that works with your body’s regenerative process.

This cream takes advantage of the natural healing powers of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Aloe for a smooth cream that works with your body’s regenerative process.

This stretch mark and scar cream avoids the use of parabens, which can cause irritation to some users and may not be one of the most environmentally friendly ingredients to see.

It’s infused instead with vitamin E and B5, as well as tocopherol, green tea extract, and aloe vera to aid in skin healing and prevent further damage.

This cream may not completely remove scars and stretch marks, though users have seen an impressive, and often dramatic reduction in their appearance with consistent use.

Additionally, this cream is extremely nourishing and hydrating for all skin types and can be used on the body as well as the face.

It’s a very thick consistency, so you get a more dense and nourishing product for a lower price, making this a great value for the budget conscious.

It isn’t greasy and absorbs well into the skin, and since it’s so rich with healing nutrients only needs to be used once per day.


    • Natural and organic ingredients
    • ​Is soothing to skin
    • ​Smooth and well absorbed
    • Budget friendly


    • Consistency is quite thick
    • Can potentially cause breakouts in some users

Body Merry Fading Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

Body Merry Fading Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

Another company that is working with natural and organic ingredients, Body Merry has created a hydrating cream that helps keep scars from forming.

It not only helps your existing scars, but if your skin is currently healing from an injury, this cream can help it to heal without blemishes.

Shea butter and Cocoa butter are two of the main ingredients, so it’s no surprise that this cream makes skin softer and more hydrated.

With a powerful boost of vitamins C and E, along with a cell stimulating algae extract, this very thick cream nourishes and rejuvenates the skin to look smoother and younger.

This cream also contains biocompatible Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oil to help it be absorbed more fully.

These oils also help to prevent it from clogging pores, so your skin can remain clear.

Since it has a heavier consistency, it might be a good idea to apply it before bed as an overnight treatment.

The cocoa butter in this formula tends to have a stronger scent, faintly sweet and reminiscent of chocolate.

It does fade quickly, though, so you won’t have the scent following you all day.

Since it’s such a nourishing and moisturizing cream, its uses are not limited to healing scars and stretch marks, though it does this remarkably well.

It can also be used on a dry or cracked skin to facilitate faster healing.


    • Can effectively reduce new scar formation
    • ​Useful on dry, cracked, irritated skin
    • Provides deep moisture


    • Cocoa scent can be too strong for some users
    • Heavier texture

InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream

InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream

Sometimes with high quality comes a higher price tag.

The InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream is in this category, as it is the priciest item in this list.

It’s expensive for a reason, though: this gel can help heal scars in any area of your skin with the help of Epidermal Growth Factor.

EGF promotes the growth of healthier skin cells to replace the old and damaged cells.

This trigger is extremely helpful when trying to heal scars and stretch marks.

This gel also includes Astaxanthin and Fucoxanthin, which are powerful antioxidants and aid cells in healing and regenerating on a DNA level.

This cream has a lighter texture when applied, and has no scent.

It also has a slightly darker color, so don’t be surprised when it’s tan instead of pure white.

The easy to use pump dispenser helps you to use only as much product as you need, so there is less waste and no fear of over-application.

The texture may be light, but it’s heavy on nutrients.

Since the EGF and antioxidants are so dense and effective, users have reported scar healing in just two weeks.

Complete healing may take longer, but seeing improvement in such a short time can be the encouragement you need to stay consistent.


    • Treats scars with cutting edge ingredients
    • Easy to use dispenser bottle
    • Safe for application on any part of the body


    • Can be expensive
    • Color of cream is tan, not white

What are Scars, and How do they Form

This is the way the body repairs and replaces tissue that has been damaged. Scar tissue is typically a little different from skin that has been uninjured.

It can be darker or lighter, have a pinkish or brownish tint, or have small bumps and other irregularities.

It’s also usually thicker and denser than undamaged skin. Over time, some of this irregularity can fade, but in many cases, there is a permanent mark left behind.

The formation of scars is dependent on several factors. You don’t expect to see a scar to form when you get a papercut or a scratch from a kitten.

These are shallower injuries that heal faster and more cleanly.

Instead, scars are usually created from deeper or more serious wounds such as cuts from kitchen knives, surgeries, burns, and other injuries that take longer to heal.

Causes of scars can also include:

  • Abrasions to skin
  • Persistent inflammation and acne
  • Infection in the skin and deeper tissues

The reason scars tend to have a different texture is that they are made of more dense, fibrous tissue.

These tissues are actually physically different from normal skin.

As a wound heals, the skin that closes the wound has to have more collagen and fibrin to bind together and protect the internal tissues through the healing process.

In a sense, this new scar is tougher than regular skin because it’s denser and has more cross-connections under the surface.

Over time, some of this excess thickness will soften as the healing continues over the years.

It’s much like a bone break in this sense, as the initial injury is stabilized, then slowly becomes more like the surrounding tissue.

There is little predictability in the final appearance of scars, as they can have deeper color or be paler, some can be raised or indented, and sometimes they cause continued sensations such as pain, tightness, or itchiness.

Many factors can impact the appearance of scars. Some of them include:

  • Location of injury on the body
  • Cause of injury, such as abrasion, cut, or burn
  • Age of the person
  • Availability of nutrients through diet, supplements, and skin treatments
  • ​Natural skin type
  • ​Ethnic background
  • Gender and hormone balance

Another factor that can impact scar formation is the condition of the scab that forms over a fresh wound, including those from acne and blemishes.

If a scab is left alone to seal the wound and allow healing deeper in the skin, less of a scar will form.

If the scab is disturbed or removed and the wound is reopened, especially multiple times, there is a greater chance of more prominent scarring.

Your best bet is to leave the scabs alone, and allow them to fall off naturally when they are ready.

What are the Types of Scars

While each scar is different, there are four major types of scars that can happen.

Atrophic (Depressed) Scars

This is a type of scar that appears as a dent or crater in the skin.

These small pits often form when someone suffers from acne or in cases of chicken pox.

These are also the types of scars often seen in those with rosacea.

These are the most common types of scars we see today.

These scars form because the connective tissue, subdermal muscles, and fats in the skin become permanently damaged or destroyed.

While the skin will heal, it can’t fill in the gaps in the deeper layers that were lost during the injury.

In this category, there are a few types that are common. These are:

  • Boxcar scars – These types of scars can be deep into the skin, and have steep, well-defined edges. This type of scar is usually irregular in shape, though can resemble what it would look like if you pressed a pencil eraser into the skin and it left an indentation. Ice pick scars – These types of scars appear as deep, open pockets in the skin, though they are narrow. Though they are healed and closed, they can reach deep into the layers of skin giving them a look of being a large, open pore.
  • Rolling scars – These scars have a rippling type of appearance, and can have many depressions or indentations. They may have a rougher texture, and appear to be somewhat wavy. These scars are from damage to the connective tissues just under the skin.

Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars

Both of these scar types have many similarities, but there are noticeable differences as well.

Keloid scars are raised, often reddish bumps of tissue that protrude from the skin.

These scars are difficult to resolve, and they rarely heal on their own.

This tissue overgrowth is characterized by growing beyond the original wound, and it grows in a sideways direction.

Research suggests that the abnormal growth of cells called fibroblasts are responsible for the excess collagen brought into these scars, though the mechanism isn’t clear.

Those with naturally more pigmented skin are more prone to keloid formation.

Surgery is not recommended, since the healing process may trigger further keloid growth.

Hypertrophic scars, on the other hand, remain within the limits of the original injury.

They are smaller and can fade with time. They are still raised and have a reddish color, though they do not protrude like keloids.

These kinds of scars usually form on tissue that has a greater amount of tension placed on it.

It’s common to see these types of scars after surgery or other deep, long cuts. These also respond better to various treatments as opposed to keloid scars.

Contracture Scars

Contracture scars are seen after an area of skin has been burned.

They are named so because they cause the skin, connective tissue, and muscles beneath the skin to contract and pull together.

This can lead to sometimes severely impeded range of motion, and a skin appearance that is very tight and that may distort facial features.

This type of scarring does not improve with time, and can even get worse if not addressed.

Sometimes surgical skin grafting is used to relieve excess tightness from contracture scars.

Those who begin forming scars of this type after extensive burns are advised to use those areas of the body with as much motion as possible as often as they can to prevent contractures from forming.

Contracture scars that don’t cover an extensive area of skin can be helped with creams, though the larger ones may need to be addressed by a physician.

Scarring from Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the underlying tissues, either fat or muscle, grow faster than normal skin growth can compensate for.

They can occur on any part of the body, and have a whitish, striped appearance.

When they are newly formed, they can be more pink or red.

Most women who become pregnant experience stretch marks to some extent, as do those who carry a greater amount of body fat.

You may be surprised to learn that body builders also experience stretch marks when they grow too much muscle too quickly.

Losing weight quickly can make stretch marks more visible, and give them a deflated, saggy appearance.

Both genders are prone to this type of scarring, and they are especially common during puberty, when a teen experiences more rapid body growth.

Both genetics and hormone shifts can have a major impact on the development of stretch marks.

While they do not cause pain or have any medical complications, those with stretch marks are often extremely self-conscious about their appearance and can cause aesthetic concerns leading to anxiety and distress.

Maintaining skin elasticity can help to reduce the formation and severity of stretch marks, though once they are formed, they are more challenging to heal.

How to Choose the Best Scar Removal Cream

Scar creams are an affordable and easy to use way to address scars that have already formed.

They are also less invasive that going in for laser therapy or surgery.

Many scar creams on the market today have little to no effect, so check your ingredients.

When choosing your products, use the following criteria to make sure you’re getting a quality product that will help you.

Healing scars isn’t an overnight process. If what the product is advertising seems too good to be true, skip it.

Cream that works with your skin’s natural cell turnover rate is best.

Look for one that stimulates collagen production, since this will improve the health of the new skin being formed.

If you have any itching or pain associated with your scars, make sure that your cream addresses these issues.

You don’t need to buy separate products. Look for ingredients that are natural and organic, as these will be the most biocompatible and will provide the most long-term benefit.

Choosing a product that is infused with skin healing vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids will help speed scar fading and new skin growth.


While scars may form quickly after an injury, they don’t disappear overnight. Since they are thicker and denser than the rest of your skin, they are slower to respond to topical treatments.

The best scar removal creams are a good step towards healing and fading scars.

Remember to follow the specified instructions for the frequency of use and the method the manufacturer suggests for the best results.

We know that scars can feel unsightly when you look at them, and you may be embarrassed by their appearance.

We want to relieve you of these feelings, and so we’ve included only the best products for your review. Out of all the products chosen, Selevax Intensive Scar Cream is our top choice.

The impressive, high quality ingredients will be great for your skin and for reducing your scars.

Since it works on both older and fresh scar tissue, it’s a great match for every kind of skin. It’s also encouraging that you can see results in just three weeks.

This is in harmony with the rate at which you produce new skin, and it’s fast enough that you can watch it working and be excited with your results without getting discouraged by the process.

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