Top 5 Best Vertical Climbers of 2018 Reviewed

Why You Need a Vertical Stair Climber

Nothing beats a fit and healthy body, but how to get one?

Eating healthy and keeping active is the answer.

Eating sensible portions of food is achievable.

Our hectic schedules do however make it hard to find time for effective workout sessions.

You need exercises that enable you to access the body of your dreams in the minimum amount of time.

There are many kinds of exercise equipment available that promise to make your home workout sessions effective.

Some claim to target your abs, while others promise to build your biceps.

There is just not enough space for all of these tools in your home gym.

That is where a vertical stair climber comes into the picture.

5 Best Vertical Climber Machines

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber


Finding the right workout machine can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for effective, versatile, compact equipment that allows you to get a complete body workout. The Maxi climber vertical climber fits the bill as it is nothing less than a calorie-burning furnace.

That’s right. Backed by one of the most recognized brands in fitness equipment, the Maxi Climber machine claims to help you improve muscle tone and burn fat. Most users say that this equipment drastically improved their cardiovascular health.

If you take a closer look at the equipment, you will find that it works almost every muscle in your body, including the biceps, core, gluteal area, and triceps. If you want to work the entire body quickly, there are plenty of useful features in this Maxi Climber vertical machine that help you do just that.

Yes, the machine includes a timer, and you can adjust the height of the machine and isometric hand grips to make your workouts more intense. Interestingly, the Maxi Climber calls itself an all-in-one fat-burning workout. The manufacturer says that it is possible to burn up to twenty calories for every minute you spend actively exercising on this Maxi Climber.

Notable Features:

Perhaps the best feature of this Maxi Climber is that it operates very quietly so you can exercise while others around you enjoy peaceful silence. Many users say that the machine is so quiet that they can watch TV while working out. Not to mention, watching television or listening to your favorite music tracks can keep you motivated, and the machine helps you keep track of the time.

The most striking feature of this vertical climber is that it is primarily made from durable cold-rolled steel, and features an ergonomic design along with isometric hand grips. The personal workout timer helps you keep track of your active workout minutes. Thanks to the compact folding design, you can easily put the equipment away when you are done with your workout.


    • 5 adjustable height settings
    • ​Lightweight and Compact, and takes up very less space
    • ​Operates very quietly
    • ​Isometric design makes even the most intense workouts comfortable
    • ​Quick and easy workout
    • You can exercise and tone almost all the muscles in your main muscle groups, including the quads, core, and gluteal area
    • ​In addition to improving your muscle strength, Maxi Climber also improves your cardiovascular health
    • Easy assembly and storage. Yes, you do not require professional help in assembling the machine.
    • ​Affordable in comparison to other full-body fitness machines on the market


    • This machine can only support 240 pounds
    • The results you get are based solely on your own body weight.

Merax Vertical Climber


The Merax Vertical Climber is another top competitor. Made with high quality black steel, this fitness equipment is convenient and durable. This vertical climber features an adjustable height so workouts can be customized for any body type.

Because the equipment can support weight in the range of 220 to 330 pounds, it is an excellent choice for people with different body types. The exciting vertical climber design saves space, and you can easily fold the machine and store it when not in use.

The best thing about the vertical climber by Merax is that it can give you a more intense complete body workout than any other climbing machine. If you have used a vertical climber before and feel that you want something that can deliver a harder, more intense workout, this Merax Vertical Climber is the right machine for you.

The Merax Climber gives you the chance to work out your core, leg muscles, biceps, and triceps, at the same time. Not to mention, you will get an amazing cardio workout as well. Most Merax users say that the workout on this vertical climber is better than what they get on an elliptical or treadmill.

The durable steel frame used for Merax construction has the ability to adjust to different heights easily. So whether you are short, light, heavy, or tall, you will find that using the Merax Climber is quite comfortable.

What customers really love about the Merax Vertical Climber is that the handles are ergonomic and have non-stick grips. This means you can avoid feeling sweaty, especially if you are in the mood for some intense exercise. You can use the Merax Climber to do a classic HIIT or cardio workout depending on your personal preference.


    • Sturdy construction
    • ​Great weight capacity
    • ​Custom fit
    • ​Great value for money
    • Settings for more advanced exercises


    • Lacks versatility
    • ​Does not include workout CD
    • No monitor or display

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper


This Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is one of the most affordable stepper machines available. If you are trying to lose excess fat or tone muscle, all you have to do is adjust the resistance to match your fitness needs.

To start exercising, you can hop on the climbing stepper and start pushing the foot paddles up and down. Remember that this equipment is slightly different from vertical climbers because it does not feature moving arms to work out the upper body.

Similarly the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is also different from a regular stair climber because it does not feature an advanced monitor, and you are not required to plug the machine into a power outlet.

The pedals on the Sunny Stepper have an adjustable resistance so an intense workout is much easier. You can hold the handles provided to remain balanced. As you get used to the equipment, you can use small weights in your hands to get a complete upper body workout as well.

The Sunny Folding Stepper has two hydraulic pistons that control the resistance. These pistons are attached to the pedals, and you can twist the dial to set the resistance to the desired level. Most users feel that the resistance is perfect. In fact, adjustable resistance is one of the most useful features of this machine.

The Sunny Folding Stepper also offers a large variable step height. Simply put, there is a difference of at least 15” between the lowest and highest step. The equipment has no fancy handles, and there is a very basic monitor.

The monitor you find on this fitness machine can record total time, step count of current session, total step count, and calories. The good thing about this monitor is that you can see it clearly.

The Sunny Folding Stepper is constructed with durable plastic, and is supported by a heavy duty steel frame. The stationary handles are strong, and there are no wobbling or weak points. You will also love the fact that the Sunny Stepper provides a quiet workout, and you can simply fold the machine after the workout. The maximum weight capacity of the equipment is 220 lbs.


    • 12 levels of adjustable resistance
    • ​Easy assembly and storage
    • ​Durable construction
    • ​Affordable
    • ​Effective warranty
    • Large step height
    • ​Smooth operation


    • No upper body exercise
    • ​Low weight capacity
    • Basic monitor
    • Hydraulic resistance can have issues

OrangeA Vertical Climber


OrangeA Complete Body Workout Vertical Climber has a simple design and an incredible 440 lbs. weight capacity. If you are looking for fitness equipment that can easily help you burn calories and fat and, at the same time, tone your muscles, look no further than this amazing vertical climber.

The good thing about this vertical climber is that it has a neat folding design, and doesn’t take up much space in your home. The complete body workout is not a burden on your knees and joints, and you will be targeting all major muscle groups in your body including abs, gluteal area, biceps, triceps, and even shoulders.

OrangeA Vertical Climber includes a nice LCD display that shows the total number of calories burned, total exercise time, and stepper count. This climbing stepper gives you the ideal combination of low impact cardio workouts that can tone your arms, core, buttocks, and leg muscles. Because the machine also offers a natural simulation of climbing movement, it can help you tone and strengthen the muscles in your arms.

Remember that the output of the machine and the results you get depend greatly on the overall intensity of the workout. This means if you engage all muscle groups, you will be in full control of your exercise session and achieve the maximum benefits.

Most customers love the fact that the machine is quiet and you can conveniently perform other tasks such as watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite music tracks.

If you go slower and lighter on the machine, you can work on your lower body. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a total body workout, you need to push the machine harder. It is not surprising that the number of calories you can burn will depend on your body weight and how difficult it is to exercise.

Interestingly the machine is quite solid and you will feel safe even during intense climbing. Happy customers say that the unit stays stable even during the most intense workouts. You will receive the easy-to-assemble vertical climber, a tool kit, and a user guide when you order this product.


    • Easy to set up
    • ​Excellent weight capacity
    • ​Runs smoothly
    • ​Durable
    • Does not consume much space


    • It can take time before you get used to the machine.

Ancheer Vertical Climber


The Ancheer Fitness Vertical Climber is ideal for use at the gym, your home and even your office. This climber machine comes with a built-in exercise bike. And thanks to the innovative design, this vertical climber can make you feel healthy in no time.

The vertical climber is made of high quality alloy steel which is lightweight and sturdy. The LCD screen will track your progress as you imitate mountaineering movements. The exercise bike you find with the equipment is an excellent choice for warming up your muscles. The climber handles are covered with thick sponge, and the alloy steel is coated with health friendly, anti-rust paint.

Even though the climber has an additional bike, it is still very easy to assemble, and you can finish setting it up in about 15 minutes. Ancheer made sure this vertical climber is durable, and this is one of the reasons: It is made from high-quality alloy steel.

Nothing will go wrong with the climber or the exercise bike even after years of use. That’s right. You can enjoy high-quality and pretty intense complete body workouts for years. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that using the vertical climber can be a little intense. This means you should never hop on the machine without warming up. If you are looking to build leg muscles, this Ancheer vertical climber has everything you need for an intense workout.


    • Vertical climber with built-in bike function
    • Comfortable foam handles
    • ​Easy to use
    • ​Anti-rust paint
    • Adjustable height
    • ​Maximum weight capacity 350 lbs.
    • Ergonomic design
    • ​Ideal for all body types
    • ​LCD display
    • Easy to store
    • Great for body toning, burning fat, and building muscle


    • While the Ancheer vertical climber receives positive reviews, the only drawback is that the exercise bike does not have resistance.

What is a Vertical Stair Climber

Running up and down the stairs can burn calories and trim your body, but who has the right stairs and time to get the desired results?

A vertical stair climber is a versatile piece of equipment that can tone your muscles and burn stubborn fat simply and without spending hours in the gym.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a mountain and rock climbing in the comfort of your own home, buy a vertical stair climber.

It is a lean and mean machine that engages all of your body for effective and efficient calorie burning and weight loss.

Convenient foot pedals for your feet and hand grips to activate your arms allow you to mimic the motion of climbing a steep rock without wreaking havoc on your knees.

Benefits of a Vertical Stair Climber

A vertical stair climber is probably one of the most underrated kinds of exercise equipment out there.

Here is a look at some of the reasons you need to get your hands on one of these super-effective fat burning machines now:

Maximum Calorie Burning

If you are looking for highly impactful short periods of exercise, you cannot do better than a vertical stair climber.

It gets your entire body moving, forcing it to use up your stored calories fast and helping you get back in the shape of your dreams.

Spending the same amount of time on a vertical stair climber can burn more calories than running, jogging, or cycling!

Versatile Equipment

You do not need to invest in many different machines and exercise tools for your home gym.

It won’t occupy much space, is easy to install, and works well with other machines to trim your waist and tone your muscles.

No Muscle Left Behind

A vertical stair climber is probably the best exercise tool to get your glutes, thighs, hips, and calves into shape.

However, it is not just your lower body that gets a thorough workout; your abs, chest, and biceps and triceps see progress as well.

Changing your grip on the handles can target different muscles of your upper body, giving you a toned body from head to toe.

Unbeatable Cardio

A vertical stair climber pumps up your muscles, raises your heart rate, makes you sweat, and gives you an unmatchable cardiovascular workout.

It can spare you the time and effort you waste on less-effective aerobic exercises to get a leaner physique.

A Low Impact Workout

Spending hours a week on running can destroy your knees and adversely affect your back.

With its low-stress exercise, a vertical stair climber helps you maximize your calorie burning without damaging your knees and other joints.

A vertical stair climber makes an easy and effective workout possible!

Super Simple

Exercising with a vertical stair climber is not rocket science.

Just place your hands and feet in the right place, start moving them up and down, and see the results in days.

A vertical stair climber enhances the natural range of motion of your arms and legs for a convenient and low-impact exercise routine.

How Vertical Stair Climbers Work

Vertical stair climbers work like magic, but how do they do it?

They engage your entire body in burning calories and toning your muscles.

They raise your heart rate, make you sweat, and help you get rid of the love handles you hate so much.

Most health and fitness experts recommend at least 90 minutes of solid cardio a week.

There is no better way to get that than with a vertical stair climber.

A stair climber not only helps you burn calories but strength train as well.

Let us look at the many ways a vertical stair climber can reshape your body and fill you with energy.

The Full Range of Motion

Vertical climbers do for your body what physically climbing a mountain does.

You have to employ a full range of motion during the push and pull movements on a climber.

This comprehensive movement of your body engages your arms, shoulders, hips, torso, and legs.

The more of your body that gets in on the action, the more you burn calories.

Fluid Workout

The low-impact exercise mechanism of a vertical stair climber works both your upper and lower body in one smooth and fluid motion.

The fluidity does not mean that the workout is ineffective.

A good vertical stair climber, in fact, engages your entire body to burn more calories than other exercise equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and steppers.

Lower Body Training

The up-and-down movement of your lower body against gravity allows you to access the maximum benefit of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

As you press down with your left foot, the hamstrings on your left leg contract to extend your hips while the right leg’s hamstrings contract to flex your knees.

The largest leg muscles, the Gluteus Maximus, as well as your calves and quadriceps, get a thorough workout as well.

Rock Hard Abs

The extension and flexion required to exercise on your vertical stair climber workout your rectus abdominis muscle in the front as well as the external and internal obliques on your side.

Your torso gets strong, you enjoy better posture as your backbone is supported, and you see better-defined abs in the mirror.

How to Use a Vertical Stair Climber

If you use your vertical stair climber the right way, you can see amazing results in a relatively short time.

A short yet dynamic workout session on a vertical stair climber can burn more fat than any other exercise you can think of.

Climbing at 1mph on a stair climber offers the same result as running at 6mph on a treadmill for the same time.

Target Your Problem Area

There are many ways you can use a vertical stair climber to get you the specific results you want.

You can use your stationary handrails to focus your energy on your glutes, thighs, calves, and shins.

Similarly, you can place your feet on the stationary base plate and only move your arms up and down to focus on upper body strength.

Upper Body Strength

Gripping the handrails or handles of your vertical climber with your palms facing towards you, you engage your deltoids as well as your biceps.

A simple change of grip to your palms facing away from you will strength train your triceps instead.

Sprint Training

If you are looking for intense cardiovascular workout sessions, you can effectively use your vertical stair climber for sprint training.

You can increase your stroke length as well as your speed to get your heart rate up and then rest for a few seconds by decreasing your stroke length until your breathing and heart rate come back to normal.

Repeat the cycle as many times as your body can tolerate.

What to Look for in a Vertical Stair Climber

Thinking about buying a vertical stair climber?

The choices are many but you can only bring one home!

Every exercise equipment-manufacturing company has one out.

You need to choose the one that works well for your exercise needs.

When buying, keep the following considerations in mind:

Does it Fit?

A vertical stair climber is a perfect at-home workout solution.

It works for all the big muscle groups and offers comprehensive aerobic and anaerobic exercise solutions.

It may render other machines unnecessary, opening up more space in your workout corner.

That said, you do need to have a place dedicated for your new gadget before you go shopping.

Luckily, most vertical stair climbers do not need much room.

When buying, keep a close eye on the dimensions.

The equipment should aid calorie burning for a person your height without filling up the entire room.

Look for one that is foldable to allow easy storage.

Is it Adjustable?

A machine that allows you to adjust its height can be great to maximize your workout results.

You can change your stride length and the reach of your arms to vary the intensity of your workout.

A vertical stair climber that fits your body like a glove can ensure you don’t strain or pull any of your muscles while reaching for the handgrips.

Do Not Overlook Ergonomics

Before buying, hop on the machine and give it a go.

The stair climber should offer fluid motion of your limbs without putting too much stress or pressure on your joints and your back.

Foam handgrips can help you avoid an annoying friction burn.

Look for a vertical climber with stationary handlebars and foot holders to allow easy mounting and dismounting.

How Much Weight Can it Support?

The vertical stair climber you choose must be able to support your weight without damaging itself or your body.

A sturdy climber with a body made of flexible and tensile steel and plastic is usually capable of handling the weight of most people.

Extras Can Be Great

Look for a vertical stair climber that adds value to your exercise sessions by offering extras like a built-in stat timer to display the exact amount of time you have been working out.

An LCD displaying the number of calories burnt as well as your total step count can incentivize you to push yourself harder.

Added ropes and pulleys can give you a greater range of exercise options.

What to Avoid in Vertical Stair Climbers

Does a vertical stair climber have your heart racing? Not so fast!

Whenever you are considering buying a new exercise tool, you need to take your time.

After all, it is your body we are talking about.

Here is a look at a few things your vertical stair climber can do without:

Looks Don’t Matter

There are many vertical stair climbers in the market that try to entice exercise fanatics with their attractive colors and unique shape.

What makes a vertical stair climber stand out among other exercise machines is its simplicity.

A clean and simple design is usually the one that is most ergonomic and effective.

Is it Short on Substance?

Some sensible extra features can add value to a vertical stair climber.

However, too many cool features or gadgets can do more harm than good.

You need to be focused on the job at hand – calorie burning.

A machine with too many bells and whistles is likely to distract and stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

Can You Assemble it?

A vertical climber that is hard to assemble is better avoided.

Look for a machine that is mostly pre-assembled and is easy to set up in your home gym.


Vertical stair climbers are simple machines that offer vigorous yet convenient exercise options.

For safe and effective results, the following precautions are necessary:

Do Not Get Ahead of Yourself

A vertical stair climber can change your life.

The results it offers are downright exciting.

However, just as with any other exercise machine, you need to give your body some time to adjust to the machine and your new exercise routine.

Doing too much early on can be counterproductive, resulting in fatigue and injury.

Keep an Eye on Your Posture

A well-structured vertical stair climber tones your muscles and burns calories without straining your joints and muscles.

However, posture is something you have to work on yourself.

Make sure your back and neck are straight and your feet are firmly placed on the foot holders or paddles.


It is hard to find an exercise machine that tones your abs, burns calories and improves your strength and stamina better than a vertical stair climber.

If you get yourself an ergonomic stair climber and gradually increase your exercise time, you can expect to lose the extra weight effectively, and keep it off.

A quality vertical climber encourages maximum fat burning through simple fluid motion.

A few minutes a day of this exercise is sure to increase your metabolism and get you in the mood to tackle your daily challenges.

If you want to access the benefits of climbing a mountain from the comfort of your home, give a vertical stair climber a go!

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