Top 5 Best Yoga DVDs of 2018 Reviewed

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a fashionable type of exercise that has been around a long time.

I have been teaching yoga for quite a long time, and I hope this experience allows me to explain yoga in an understandable way.

My guide will tackle everything you want to know about yoga DVDs.

I understand the market is flooded by Yoga DVDs, and it’s pretty hard to pinpoint the best.

For this reason, it’s good to understand all the basic aspects of yoga.

Without this knowledge, you are likely to settle for poor-quality yoga DVDs.

Doing yoga classes at home is a growing trend that is showing no signs of decreasing.

More and more people are preferring to take classes with the guidance of a virtual instructor.

Some succeed, while other fails. One reason people fail is due to poor selection of DVD.

In this article I will explain how you should pick the best possible yoga DVD that fits your needs and I will list my all time 5 favorite yoga DVDs.

There are many aspects you need to consider, and all will be discussed in this guide. Keep reading!

Top 5 Best Yoga DVDs

Yoga for Beginners


What is Yoga for Beginners?

Are you a newbie? This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to yoga.

The Yoga for Beginners DVD is compiled to help you experience and explore a number of yoga benefits.

It encompasses eight yoga routines that help increase flexibility, build strength, and improve vitality and health, as well as transform your look.

The exercises exhibited in the DVD are led by Barbara Benagh, a renowned yoga instructor.

Barbara will lead you through the uniquely-tailored workouts which range from 10-60 minutes.

She is tremendously experienced and has been teaching yoga for more than 35 years.

In addition to this content, Barbara teaches yoga in the United States and internationally.

The DVD is among the best.

It is filmed on the Half-Moon Bay (Antigua), one of the most tranquil and beautiful ocean fronts in the world.

For this reason, the sessions in the DVD exhibit a great deal of tranquility.

How does It Work?

This DVD has sessions with different lengths.

It’s designed to cater to the needs of everyone including, busy career people.

There are shorter sessions (20 minutes) which are perfect for busy people.

And there are other longer sessions (up to 90 minutes) designed for those who have enough time in their schedule.

The DVD includes a message from the Dalai Lama on how to overcome mental stress.

This will teach you how to achieve maximum physical well-being and mental happiness.

It adds to the yoga benefits derived from the DVD.

What Makes it Unique?

Barbara has joined forces with Bodywisdomedia, one of the best companies in the production of quality DVDs.

In this project, she has managed to compile a more interactive DVD, rather than the traditional one-size-fits-all.

The DVD offers an incredible choice that gives you the freedom to customize the yoga poses to suit your needs.

It gives each and every person the versatility to adapt their practice.

It gives you the flexibility to ease shoulder tension on one day and allows you to shift to an invigorating morning practice the next.

This allows you to address perfectly your individual needs at home.

The DVD offers incredibly comprehensive yoga sequences.

All the sessions take into account the limited time constraints you may have.

They are designed to be long or short enough to take care of the total body/mind connection.


    • Have eight different workouts
    • Filmed on the most tranquil beaches
    • Excellent amount of invaluable content


    • The yoga sequences are extremely slow

Gentle Yoga


What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle Yoga is a great yoga DVD. It features seven yoga practices designed for mid-life (40’s to 70’s).

It includes PM relaxation, AM energy, relief from desk work, improving balance, core strength, etc.

The DVD is compiled by Jane Adams and has a total of 192 minutes of run time.

Jane is a renowned yoga personality, and all her videos move at a relaxing pace.

In particular, the Gentle Yoga DVD contains moves which are gentle enough for mid-life beginners.

All the segments in the DVD are divided into categories that give you the freedom to choose an option that suits your needs.

It’s filmed in the gorgeous setting of Glacier National Park.

This helps in conveying an incredible feeling of calm all through the sequence.

If you are a mid-lifer looking for a product to help you build flexibility and strength, this is the best DVD.

Each pose is incredibly easy to follow and counters the effects of aging by concentrating on posture, balance, and flexibility.

How does It Work?

The Gentle Yoga DVD has three sequences that are designed to suit the specific time of day.

There is an 18-minute sequence for morning practice.

This sequence includes easy standing movements, perfect for awakening and energizing the entire body.

And there is a mid-day sequence which takes 19 minutes.

The sequence is the perfect relief from office (desk and computer) work.

Lastly, there is the relaxing evening practice.

All the three sequences are well-structured to create a relaxed mind and body.

In addition, they increase body balance, the grace of movement, and posture.

What Makes it Special?

Jane Adams is a true yoga expert.

This compilation exhibits her prowess; her DVD will catch your attention with its three targeted practices designed to address specific needs for mid-lifers.

The first is a 22-minute practice aimed at improving body balance.

The second is the 34-minute practice that helps in building flexibility and core strength.

Finally, there is the 23-minute practice that delivers hip flexibility and standing poses for your legs.

Also included is a 34-minute practice that relaxes the whole body.

This is an incredibly gentle, but highly effective, practice taken while lying on the back.

Moreover, there is an 8-minute guided relaxation session.

This DVD gives you the freedom to learn over 100 yoga practices in seven routines.

All these poses flow seamlessly at an easy-to-follow pace.


    • Seven yoga sequences
    • ​Has over 100 poses
    • ​Clear demonstration and direction
    • Filmed in beautiful Glacier National Park


    • A little too gentle

Yoga Boxed Set


What is Yoga for Beginners (boxed set)?

Yoga for Beginners is the perfect, deluxe 3-DVD set for beginners.

It presents the best way to explore and experience a number of yoga benefits.

This is the best product for stress relief and AM to PM yoga for beginners.

In addition, it contains all the essential yoga poses for people with less flexibility.

It has over 40 yoga routines which focus on numerous mental and physical aspects of yoga.

Whether it’s reducing stress, improving flexibility, or building strength, look no further.

This is the perfect DVD to cater to all your needs.

It’s presented as a unique single collection that contains valuable information to help you experience the invigorating, healing, and joyful aspects of yoga.

It’s an amazing library that motivates and inspires equally. It’s a product that you will enjoy for years to come.

How does It Work?

We experience excessive stress in our day-to-day activities which hinders us from achieving well-being, good health, and happiness.

This DVD provides an effective way of approaching mental, physical, and emotional stress, via the ancient science of yoga.

In addition, the product features customized AM routines to wake up your body and mind in a more energetic, balanced, yet serene way.

Moreover, the PM practices included in the DVD help in letting go the physical and mental stress of your daily life.

All this is aimed at delivering a more relaxing and deep sleep.

If you lack flexibility, don’t worry.

This DVD has highly effective and proven routines which help increase strength and flexibility and develop a serene and calm mind.

It emphasizes proper form via flowing, slower-paced routines.

The DVD is great for both beginners and intermediate students.

What Makes it Unique?

The boxed set is truly special, as it includes a set of three DVDs.

Never before have we seen a single collection of DVDs that delivers so much informative content.

This one is truly unique and begins with some words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama.

He uses an incredibly simple and effective approach to meditation.

The disc has routines divided as follows:

Disc #1: Yoga for stress relief

Disc #2: Yoga for beginners

Disc #3: Essential for people who lack flexibility


    • More than 40 routines
    • ​The poses can be adjusted for people lacking flexibility
    • ​Versatile routines (15 to 60 minutes)
    • ​Filmed at beautiful Half Moon Bay, Antigua
    • Includes a message from the Dalai Lama on meditation


    • Not ideal for experienced practitioners

Biggest Loser Yoga DVD


What is the Biggest Loser DVD?

The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD is a great product that is made of five segments.

The workout yoga poses promise pound-shedding results that can be attained in 6 to 8 weeks.

Bob Harper is the lead instructor in this 55-minute regimen.

The whole film offers 3 separate yoga workouts that are sandwiched between a warm-up and cool-down sessions (5 minutes).

Besides, the DVD features a menu option that gives you the freedom to customize the workouts in any quantity and order.

How does It Work?

This DVD has five segments that are designed to address different needs.

1. Warm up (five minutes)

This segment features a series of gentle stretches aimed at increasing blood flow and flexibility.

For beginners, this is an incredible way of starting your yoga exercise.

It is a little more dynamic and is aimed at elevating your heart rate.

The stretches perfectly prepare you for the second sequence.

2. Yoga level one

This is a 20-minute exercise aimed at elongating your body and activating the core.

It involves Bob’s calorie-burning, essential yoga poses.

This set of Vinyasa Yoga poses will get you acquainted with the isometrics.

The section includes pure yoga tactics like a plank, warrior, triangle, and chair poses, and spinal adjustments.

The segment focuses on putting you into the right position and learning to hold it.

3. Yoga level 2 (15 minutes)

This higher-level practice takes you to the next chakra.

It involves fat-blasting moves that define and sculpt your muscles.

The level utilizes Pilates balance tactics to work the abs.

The moves are slightly different from the norm but are a nice improvement to the level 2 set.

4. Yoga level 3 (10 minutes)

This is a dynamic sequence that involves flowing poses.

It challenges your stamina and strength to help you shed more weight.

It combines dumbbells with the traditional yoga moves to deliver an unusual strength workout.

5. Yoga cool-down

This is a normal stretching segment.

It features calming, slow stretches that are combined with meditative cool-down poses.

What Makes it Special?

Although the DVD contains a rigorous workout that challenges even experienced yogis, the instructions are delivered in an exciting way.

The entire film sounds encouraging and friendly enough to keep you going.

There is a frequent reminder of the advantage of breathing.

This helps everyone, including beginners, to optimize the benefits delivered by each pose.


    • Offer a great balance of strengthening, flexibility, and core exercises.
    • ​Clear instructions and guidelines
    • ​Nice workout modification
    • Exciting and helpful


    • There some odd instructions

Namaste Yoga


What is Namaste Yoga?

Namaste Yoga is not your usual exercise DVD.

It’s an incredible compilation that helps to inspire your soul, calm your mind, and strengthen your body.

The DVD features Kate Potter, a master yoga teacher.

She will guide you through the 13 yoga classes filmed in the natural beauty of Pacific Northwest.

Namaste Yoga is a premier instructional film that will keep you active at home.

It has stunning visuals, authentic yoga sequences, and soothing music.

The whole series has 6 episodes in its first season, and 13 episodes in the second.

If you are looking for a DVD to inspire your soul and strengthen your body, buy Namaste Yoga.

This is the best yoga DVD for traditional techniques.

How does It Work?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, this DVD is ideal for you.

It features 13 sequences of which each sequence is 22 minutes long.

The content includes various traditional, standard, and other effective yoga techniques.

You will learn exercises including warrior III, crane arm balance, revolved triangle pose, etc.

All the moves are aimed at improving your lifestyle and delivering a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Moreover, they strengthen your body, and at the same time, relax your mind.

The DVD delivers yoga sessions that are appropriate for different people.

If you are a busy career person you might find it difficult to set aside 90 minutes for yoga.

But with the Namaste Yoga DVD, you just need to set aside 22 minutes per session.

The DVD delivers shorter sessions for the days when your schedule gets tight.

However, when you have enough time, you can combine the sessions and customize your practice to fit your schedule.

What Makes it Special?

The Namaste Yoga DVD is filmed in the Pacific Northwest.

This delivers tranquility and helps you calm your mind from daily stress.

The DVD is a compilation of an exceptional journey that includes Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga techniques.

It rejuvenates the soul and delivers peace of mind.

In addition, the DVD is ideal for yogis at different levels, from beginners to experienced.

With a total of 2 discs, the Namaste Yoga DVD gives you an incredible value for your money.


    • Helps gains strength, flexibility, and better posture
    • ​Improves mental clarity and relieves stress
    • ​Boosts self-awareness
    • ​Reduces negative thinking
    • ​Tones your muscles
    • Aids weight loss


    • Can be difficult to study

What is Yoga?

There is a lot of information related to Yoga, its origin, and how to do it.

However, what Yoga is all about seems to be the dominant topic.

Yoga is slowly taking over the world, becoming the most popular workout regime. People looking to lose weight, or gain strength or flexibility, turn to Yoga for assistance.

But before you begin learning the techniques, do you really know what yoga is?

Yoga is a straightforward process that reverses the ordinary outward flow of consciousness and energy.

Generally, Yoga is an exciting, ancient system of principles, practices, and philosophies that originated from the Vedic tradition of the Himalayas and India.

This system has been around for more than 2500 years, and it celebrates every facet of the multi-dimensional nature of human beings.

Yoga means the union of the ego self with the infinite spirit and divine self.

When doing this exercise, the mind, body, and breath unite to deliver incredible results.

The various techniques leverage this experience to deliver a spectacular integration of internal peacefulness, being, and clarity of mind.

This leads to the cultivation of happiness and health. It delivers a sense of higher consciousness and self-awareness.

Yoga cultivates well-being (emotional and physical) and health, via the different techniques.

There are many Yoga techniques which include: Breath awareness, posture and movement, self-inquiry and meditation, and concentration and relaxation.

By practicing the step-by-step Yoga techniques, accepting nothing on blind faith is what yoga calls for.

This helps you to understand your oneness with the magnificent intelligence, joy, and power which are essential to your being.

Benefits of Yoga

When you practice yoga regularly, you remain healthy.

Actually, yoga is described as a system of mental and physical practices that are vital in the connection of the spirit, mind, and body.

It provides incredible emotional balance, mental clarity, and overall wellness.

Many people understand yoga to be limited to asanas, or yoga poses.

For this reason, they perceive its benefits to be limited to the body.

What many fail to fathom is the immense benefits offered by yoga to unite your breath, mind, and body.

When your body systems are in harmony your journey through life becomes happier, calmer, and more fulfilling.

Generally, the benefits can be categorized into physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Physical Benefits

When you follow the proper instructions given by a qualified Yoga teacher, your body receives immense physical benefits.

All the body systems including Muscular, circulatory, skin, skeletal, digestive, nervous, reproductive, and endocrine are enhanced.

Besides, you gain the following physical benefits.

Greater Flexibility

Increased flexibility is one of the well-known physical benefits of Yoga practice.

It keeps your muscles and joints limber, which is essential to decreasing pain and avoiding injury throughout the body.

Yoga gives you a greater flexibility that helps in the improvement of body alignment and better posture.

Improved Muscle Tone and Strength

Yoga practices, or asanas, flex and strengthen your muscles.

When you adopt a mix of strength building and relaxing poses, you reap the maximum benefits.

This practice leads to an increase in muscle tone, in addition to strengthening key internal systems, including the nervous, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Better Balance

Yoga poses make use of various movements and muscles that promote balance.

When your body is in balance, you get increased coordination and stability.

This helps in reducing the risk of injury to your body.

When the internal systems are in equilibrium, it means you can achieve greater health.

Increased Energy

By bringing your body to a balanced state, you release tight muscles and reduce stress.

These benefits will not only bring better sleep, but also increased energy, and reduce fatigue throughout the day.

Some yoga practice activates the energy centers, thereby allowing your life force to flow freely throughout the body, increasing your overall vitality.

Increased Bone Density

Yoga doesn’t involve the use of weights.

This practice instead utilizes your body weight to increase strength.

Because of the nature of the practice, yoga is highly effective in improving bone density.

Besides, when you reduce stress, cortisol (the stress hormone which erodes calcium in the bones) is reduced.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Regular Yoga practice decreases blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart ailments.

Some practices, like asanas, are incredible at strengthening the heart muscle.

This helps the heart to pump blood with greater efficiency, and with increased amounts of oxygen.

​Other physical benefits

  • Improved respiratory health
  • Strengthened immune system

Emotional Benefits

The non-competitive nature of yoga practice encourages self-acceptance and positive thought.

One, you will learn that yoga provides the space for you to accept the present moment to enable yourself to flourish.

Two, when you hold those yoga poses successfully, it boosts your self-esteem and brings a delightful inner stillness.

Mental Benefits

Increases Concentration and Focus

Practicing Yoga asanas requires a lot of physical concentration.

You need to focus on your breath and move through a number of poses.

This brings an awareness of the breath and the body, resulting in increased concentration, which impacts your day to day life positively.

Calms and Brings Clarity to Your Mind

Yoga sequences teach you to concentrate on the breath and bring awareness to the present moment.

This helps you to eliminate thoughts about your past and future.

By releasing nagging thoughts, you develop calmness and clarity of mind.

Over time, yoga decreases daily life stress.

Reduces Anxiety

When you indulge in a repetitive meditative practice, you rewire the natural pathways in the brain.

This helps you to decrease your fear and anxiety.

Types of Yoga

The array of yoga options can be scary to newbies.

The options are many, and before you Google yoga classes in your area, you must grasp the basics.

So, how do you tell the difference between the many options? The following guide details all the types of yoga.


This is a truly challenging yet orderly type of yoga.

This approach consists of a series of 6 established and strenuous yoga poses.

The yoga poses are specifically sequenced to allow you to breathe and flow through each practice to build enough internal heat.

Ashtangis are known for their rapid moves flowing from one pose to another with each inhale and exhale.

The idea is to perform the same poses in a predetermined order.

Ashtanga’s strict guidelines and routines are appreciated by perfectionists.


Hatha is a generic term referring to any yoga option that focuses on physical posture.

This applies to pretty much every physical yoga practice you can find across the globe.

Hatha is one of the 6 original yoga practices. It is all about the yoga basics, and its classes are usually slower.

You are required to hold every pose for a number of breaths.

Generally, Hatha is a full-body practice.


Bikram yoga poses are done in a sauna-like room, and you should prepare to sweat.

The temperatures are cranked up to approximately 105 degrees, and the humidity is maintained at about 40 percent.

Bikram encompasses a stipulated series of up to 26 poses featuring 2 breathing exercises.

In most cases, Bikram studios practice a similar 90-minute sequence.

The vigorous exercise, coupled with the high temperatures, make the experience strenuous.


This is a yoga practice that was founded by B.K.C Iyengar.

This option is precise and detailed.

It is a purist yoga that involves the use of straps, blocks, incline boards, and harnesses to get you in the perfect position.

Each yoga posture is held for a specific duration, and within specific motions that are effective and safe.

This is the best yoga option to help you geek out about your anatomy, form, and movement.


Kundalini is not a typical yoga class; it involves invigorating poses and constant movement.

All this is to ensure fluidity that helps in releasing serpent energy in the body.

The yoga classes are truly mentally and physically challenging, involving intense breath work and repetitive exercises.

This is done to breakthrough internal barriers to release your untapped energy.

The end result is an increased awareness.

If you are looking for an effective spiritual practice, Kundalini is the best.

This is more than a normal workout, and it emphasizes the internal aspects.


This is a mellow and slow-moving class that involves longer holds.

It gives your body the chance to utilize the parasympathetic nervous system for deeper relaxation.

Restorative yoga uses a number of props including bolsters, yoga blocks, and blankets to support your body during each pose.


Vinyasa is a dynamic yoga practice that links breath and movement in a dance-like style.

You will not be required to hold each pose a long time.

If you are an intense exerciser, you will truly enjoy Vinyasa because of its faster pace.

Its continuous movement is also perfect for endurance athletes and runners.

Hot Yoga

Just like Bikram, hot yoga is practiced in a room at a higher temperature.

However, hot yoga teachers are not limited to the 26 poses utilized in the Bikram sequence.

This is best suited for hardcore sweat lovers.

Yin Yoga

This is a yoga practice for those looking to balance and calm the mind and the body.

This is the opposite of fast-moving yoga practices.

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice that is designed to impact your deeper fascia and connective tissues.

It restores their elasticity and length.

How to Use Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs have guidelines and precautions, but they are not comprehensive.

When followed carefully they increase benefits to the body and mind.

This is how you should use the DVD at home.

Watch the Video

This the first very important step. Watch the entire video before you begin the exercise.

Carefully study all the cautions and guidelines presented in the whole session.

Make sure you understand what the instructor is demonstrating.

Consult Your Doctor

The advice contained in Yoga DVDs cannot be substituted for medical advice.

Before rolling out your mat, consult your doctor.

Inform them of any medical condition or injury that may be worsened by the yoga exercise.

Your doctor should be in a position to tell whether the breathing exercise or any other yoga practice is safe for you.

Listen to the Body

The fact that the exercises are doable as shown on the DVD doesn’t mean you will easily sail through.

Listen to your body, if you want to reap optimal benefits.

The basic principle is to be aware of how your body responds to the practices as described.

Don’t Compete

The DVD is produced by an expert. For this reason, any competitive attitude will ruin your experience.

Avoid pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Twisting or stretching further than required will end up causing injuries.

What to Look for in Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs are an incredible tool that helps people to stay healthy and active.

Whether you want to use one to improve your psychological health or for weight loss, quality is paramount.

The DVD you buy must provide information that is in line with your goal.

Here are some things to look for when buying Yoga DVDs.


Considering the diversity of yoga DVDs, shopping for one is an arduous task. Is the DVD made for weight loss?

Is it for relaxation? Or is it made to improve flexibility?

If you are interested in yoga for relaxation, buying a weight loss DVD will be of no benefit.


The director of the DVD you want to buy is like your instructor.

He/she is the person supervising the workouts.

In order to get a DVD with enjoyable content, confirm the cast before spending your money.

Is the director reputable?

Remember, the market has many low-grade products. It’s up to you to select one that will help you achieve your goals.

Research the actors, directors, and the rest of the cast of the DVD to avoid buying an ineffective product.


Yoga DVDs are made to be unique.

Some are made for beginners, and others for experienced practitioners; and others are made to help people with specific problems like arthritis and low flexibility.

For this reason, it’s highly advisable to ascertain the purpose your DVD is specifically made for.

If you are a beginner at Yoga, DVDs meant for the experienced will deliver complicated yoga poses that will end up frustrating you.


If you want an interesting DVD that will keep you entertained, buy one with a relaxing or tranquil setting.

Relaxing landscapes and ocean views work best.


It’s true people use yoga DVDs to live healthily and lose weight.

However, nothing warrants exorbitant expenditures on yoga DVDs.

A good yoga DVD should be affordable and deliver information that will help you reach your goals.

What to Avoid in Yoga DVDs

Don’t Buy Spontaneously

Never buy a Yoga DVD without researching thoroughly.

Consider all the right buying tips and do some research before settling on a product.

Above all do not be enticed by infomercials.


Although yoga poses bring many benefits, caution must be taken not to cause injury.

Taking the correct precautions when practicing yoga will help you reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

The following are the precautions to remember when taking yogic exercise.

Practice Each Type of Yoga in the Right Way

This is vital because yoga is all about maintaining specific rhythms of movement and breath.

Doing the exercise in the wrong way may result in injury and there will be fewer positive changes in your mind and body.

Always take professional guidance before indulging in any yoga practice.

Gather information and knowledge from good sources.

For Beginners, Do not Practice Yoga Alone

It’s highly advisable to contract the services of an experienced yoga teacher or join a local class.

Practicing in the presence of a professional will help you to understand the basics, as well as the dos and don’ts, of yoga poses.

Yoga for Patients

Although some yoga practices help to decrease blood sugar and treat blood pressure, asthma, and other health concerns consult your doctor or another expert before starting yogic exercise.

Do not substitute yoga for medicine.

In addition, if you have serious health problems like heart issues or other organic diseases, avoid potentially dangerous yoga poses.

Strenuous Yogic Exercises

Only practice yogic exercise as recommended by your teacher or expert.

If you are a beginner, middle-aged, or old, avoid strenuous exercises.

Yoga Room

Always practice yoga in a peaceful room.

When done in a quiet room, it’s very effective in delivering positive effects to your mind, soul, and body.

In addition, ensure the room is well-ventilated.

Take Yoga Class on Empty Stomach

Yoga is highly effective when practiced on an empty stomach.

Avoid Inconsistency

Yoga only delivers effective results if it’s practiced regularly.

Adopt a routine you can maintain, which will deliver a positive impact to the body, mind, and soul.


Yoga is a great exercise that gives you the freedom to enjoy life.

It also helps to relieve the stress you encounter daily.

Taking yoga classes is one of the best ways to calm the mind and rejuvenate your soul.

For many people joining a local yoga class is not an option, since they have demanding careers.

However, this should never be a reason to miss yoga practice.

By getting a quality yoga DVD, you will be able to take your class from the comfort of your home.

Our guide has given you the best ways to shop for a quality DVD, one that is tailor-made for your needs.

Follow the directions and understand the precautions, and you will enjoy yoga at home.

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