Biomat and Cancer

Cancer and Thermotherapy


Biomat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as a viable treatment for cancer.

At 46 degrees Celsius cancer cells are weakened or killed.

Therefore, to help your body get rid of tumors, you should warm your body via thermotherapy.

According to thorough research, high body temperatures induced by Infrared therapy can inhibit cancer cells growth and in some cases cause a necrosis or cell death to the cancer cells.

Infrared therapy is used in conjunction with traditional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.

This is so because the poor supply of oxygen and blood in some types of tumor cells will make them resistant to radiation and chemotherapy.

Thermotherapy has proved to help increase blood flow and improve the oxygen supply to the tumor, thereby making the cancer cells more responsive to the more traditional cancer treatments.


Thermotherapy and Fever


Cancer is still one of the deadliest conditions and a leading killer in our society.

The traditional means of cancer treatment are intrusive, often lethal themselves.

At the very least, this is a very exhausting and painful road that every cancer patient goes down.

Infrared waves in Biomat penetrate your skin past the inner layers of skin of depths of approximately 3/4 to 1/5”.

The deeper the penetration of heat into the skin, the better the results – an improved function of the cell structure releasing toxins.

As chemo chemicals build up in the system, this accelerated warming and releasing of water toxins helps in a quicker reduction of chemo and other chemicals in your body.

Warming up the body to these temperatures induces a false fever.

As a result, the fever then boosts your immune system and your white blood count, thus enabling the body to combat cancer with much more efficiency.


Negative Ion Therapy and Cancer


Negative Ions can only sustain in a clean oxygen environment.

An ion is a particle that is composed of electrical energy. An atom is the smallest unit of matter and 1cm³ of clean air contains 250~300 ions.

There must be a balance between positive and negative ions in order for cells to function properly.

Effective nutrition absorption and waste excretion functions suffer if there is a lack of negative ions within cells.

For this reason, people suffering from a lack of ions have an increased risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cancer.

As the negative ions increase, the alkaline level in the blood stream increases as well to support your body’s waste clearance system.

The relationship between body temperature and our immune system is of great importance.

If your body temperature is around 36°C, your body will have sufficient amounts of immune functions.

However, if your body temperature is around 35°C, your immune functions will decline.

This is the optimal temperature for cancer cells to be active.

A 1°C drop in your body temperature will lead to your immune functions decline by 40% and a low body temperature will create an environment where numerous diseases can be active in your body.

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