Best Travel Blogs of 2018

One of my favorite hobbies is to travel since traveling is the best way to learn about people, history, and cultures of other countries. It is also a great way to reflect on yourself so that you could work on self-improvement and live a better and a more fulfilling life. This is why I love reading various travel blogs, however, my bookmarks folder is a complete mess. Since there are so many great blogs out there, I decided to create this page where I would list my favorite travel blogs. I hope you’ll find it helpful!


I’ve been bit – a crazy Canadian that’s been bit by the travel bug, Lindsay documents her travels (and mishaps) as she explores her home province of Ontario as well as Canada… and beyond! Follow along as she chases waterfalls, tackles new trails, indulges in the odd glass of wine, beer or cider and does this with some added color in the form of her hair or some crazy tights!


Together to Wherever – focused on long-term travel and living abroad together, Taiss and Rob strive to encourage and inspire others to visit places around the world and stay for long enough to take it all in rather than just being a “drive by tourist.” Their blog provides information and tips on how to prepare to live in other countries, what to expect, what areas to stay in, and tips on where to eat and what to do for fun. A little bit of adventure, a little bit of luxury, and a whole lot of love and wanderlust!


Best of World Travel – a travel blog that was created by a team of travel enthusiasts showing the beauty and importance of traveling the world. They aspire to complete the amazing bucket lists and visit every continent and all countries on the Earth.


Miss Vacation – a travel and photography blog by a full-time worker who maximizes every single long holiday weekends and limited vacation days to explore the world. Miss Vacation (Lisa) is not only a travel addict, she also enjoys the planning part of it to find the best route, value, and time. When she started her blog, she hoped to capture the memories traveling with her husband which led her to photography. She wanted to document their journey in as many details as possible so others can follow her footsteps to go out and see the world!


Tracy’s travels in time – is a travel blog which encapsulates a lifelong love of travel. Having lived and worked on 4 continents – Europe, Africa, North America and Australia Tracy has truly lived her childhood dream of living a life well traveled.

As an ex-history teacher, her love of culture and a need to learn about people and places in depth comes through in her writing.

At present living in Australia check out her recent posts about adjusting to life in this beautiful country.


The Kiwi Travel Writer talks food travel and tips from around the world. A passionate nomad, she has had travel stories published since the late 1990s and has 1000+ eclectic blog posts about cooking classes in India through to the Amish in Florida and having a camera stolen in Mongolia. Sign up to get weekly posts from Heather – or follow on all Social apps.


The Kiwi Travel Writer talks food travel and tips from around the world. A passionate nomad, she has her travel stories been published since the late 1990s and has 1000+ eclectic blog posts about cooking classes in India through to the Amish in Florida and having a camera stolen in Mongolia. Sign up to get weekly posts from Heather – or follow on all Social apps.


The Educational Tourist – is a blog for traveling families. Take the kids where YOU want to go! One stop for all the tips you need to make a trip smooth, educational and fun for the whole family. The Educational Tourist writes travel activity guides for kids, too!


Michele from The Intrepid Guide is a travel and language blogger and author. Originally from Australia, Michele moved to Rome in pursuit of perfecting her Italian. Currently based in London, she lives by the motto “The more we travel, the more we learn.” With her blog, Michele shares her passion for bringing language and travel together through with her destinations guides, language learning tools, travel phrase cheat sheets, and more! Follow her on social media as she shares fascinating and little-known linguistic and cultural facts.

Check out her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, too!


German Backpacker – Patrick from Germany writes about his backpacking adventures around the world. Traveling to the off-the-beaten-path destination, he’s already been to more than 60 countries and has the goal to visit each country in the world.


Travel isn’t all idyllic. It’s a beautiful experience that can help you grow. But it can also be a challenge. ARoamerTherapy is crafted by Amanda Bensted, a solo traveler with a hyperactive mind who is determined to show every side of travel, both good and bad. ARoamerTherapy is a travel blog filled with unfiltered personal travel stories, along with a good dose of tips and advice to help you stay sane and out of hospitals while on the road.


Warning: Only read Australia by Red Nomad OZ if you’re up for an awesome Aussie holiday! Follow Red to every Australian state and territory for inspiration, information and insider tips on the best natural attractions, holiday destinations and unique OZ experiences that’ll take you off the beaten track and make your downunder travels memorable. Red Nomad OZ is Marion Halliday – author, blogger and proud Aussie traveler – with a LOT of Aussie road-trip time under her belt. Check out this blog and start planning your Aussie travels NOW!


Traveltomtom focuses on adventure travel and luxury getaways. Tom wants to inspire people to follow their dreams and showing them that going on the adventure and finding happiness does not have to be expensive. Since 2012, Tom is traveling the world continuously and using his long-term travel expertise to help people exploring the world.


50 Shades Of Age – Kathy Marris commenced the blog as a platform to encourage and inspire women of her age. Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is traveling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it. After reaching that milestone age of 50, with kids leaving the nest and feeling unemployable, Kathy felt a big void in her life. It was with this in mind that she decided to start up 50 Shades Of Age – a website where she could reach out to her sisters and tell them that their lives could be so much more. Kathy’s desire is to be the voice for the new-age 50-something-year-olds to empower and motivate them to travel and see the world!


Culture with Travel – is an online community blog focused on sharing travelers’ stories of deeper immersion in local culture. The team cares about stories about connecting with locals, spontaneous moments, what makes other people unique and look at similarities that connect us all as people.


Jetsetera – the blog that was started as Kimberly’s hobby in 2008, years later has grown and evolved into an online popular Luxury Lifestyle Travel Magazine.


Barcelona Eat Local Culinary Experiences – Andre is an avid traveler and gastro nomad most of his free days, he has been traveling for around 15 years and started writing about the city that captivated his heart: Barcelona, where he actually settled. On his blog, you will find his culinary and cultural discoveries on this fantastic Mediterranean city, from best eats around Sagrada Familia to hidden Bodegas in the old town and unusual sights that only locals know. He has also developed gastro experiences for the curious traveler.


The #EatTravelLiveRepeat blog – follow your Passion and Travel to a new place every 3-4 months and Eat, Travel, Live and REPEAT. That’s Arnav’s mantra to live a life without regrets. This is a blog about his travel escapades, food trail stories, and some budget travel tips for all those who have been bitten by the travel bug. Follow his journey on Instagram and Facebook.


Find Us Lost – is a travel blog by Selena Taylor that focuses on curated guides, unique destinations, and experiences for the modern world traveler. It’s written mostly from Selena’s perspective, while her husband Jacob is the one behind the camera lens. The combination makes their blog a standout for its beautiful visuals and detailed travel itineraries, landing them recent features in Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, and Forbes.


Lindsay Shapka, an avid traveler and the creator of The Anthrotorian — a website dedicated to sharing travel tips, stories about adventures, culture quirks, artists you should know, fascinating bits of history, and more! What’s an “Anthrotorian” you ask? The word Anthrotorian is a combination of the words “anthropology” and “historian” — yes, this is a word that she made up. Basically, an Anthrotorian is Lindsay — or someone like Lindsay (you perhaps!?) — who loves adventure and learning about different countries, cultures, people, and history! You can also follow along with her adventures on Instagram.


Travel With Maria – is a blog of a third-world passport holder who works full time online doing digital marketing and travel research to Upwork clients. Currently, there are 63 countries that her passport can visit visa-free, that’s what she dreams to see. She writes about DIY travel guides mostly Philippine destinations and Southeast Asia trips. She’s crazy about (posh) hotel staycations and having wellness packages. You can also follow her on Instagram.


In Africa and Beyond – is a blog about travel, events, and experiences in South Africa and the rest of the world, focusing mainly on family-friendly places and activities. It was created by Sara Essop, a passionate traveler, who usually travels with her husband and two children. Although she has been to 45 countries thus far, she especially loves showcasing her beautiful country, South Africa. Her hobbies include taking the road less traveled and discovering fascinating places around the world.


Jessica travels regularly with her husband and two young kids, both overseas and around home in Australia. As well as freelance travel writing for various publications, she also runs a family travel blog –Travel with Jess, which aims to provide destination information as well as tips for traveling with kids. Let her show you how and where to have awesome holidays with kids!


If you are looking for a first-hand experience when it comes to traveling, then Kanis Life is the right blog for you! This blog is managed by a girl who decided to live her life the way she wants it, outside the office and decided to follow her passion for traveling. Besides finding out how to travel on a budget and which places to visit in Europe, you’ll also find some useful insights about digital marketing and freelancing.


The average family trip takes 8 hours to plan. MomAboard was started by moms who don’t have that kind of time.
MomAboard’s custom itineraries are built from scratch to suit each family’s needs, budgets, and interests.
And the best part? They are not travel agents, they’re moms, and they’re commission-free. So you can be sure your recommendations are objective, genuine and mom-loved.  To top it off, your custom itinerary includes all the information you would need in a new city – pediatricians, babysitters and emergency contacts. It’s your one-stop shop to travel with confidence.


Freeborn Aiden – It’s an adventure travel & lifestyle blog for people who hate blogs!


Breathing Travel – Carolin has been traveling all around the world for an odd 10 years! Surely, she has some wonderful stories to tell about her long-term travel adventures through Southeast-Asia, Australia and Europe. Her blog is also a valuable source for anyone looking to become a digital nomad as she writes about finding jobs online, productivity hacks, nomad hotspots and coworking spaces. She is also an avid housesitter, loves surfing and photography.


Greg Goodman is an award-winning travel photographer and storyteller. His work has appeared around the world in galleries, publications, trade shows and on his own National Geographic TV show. Above all else, Greg’s passion is inspiring others to explore our beautiful world, to see everyday life through someone else’s eyes, and to reflect on the universal truth that we are all one and connected.


BigTravelNut – focuses on affordable solo travel for the 40+ crowd. Authored by Marie, a Canadian with over 25 years of solo travel experience, it talks about ways to travel cheaply and safely around the world on your own. Other topics include food, alternative accommodation (such as house-sitting), commentary, and personal stories.


Together for over a quarter of a century, Tim and Nat of A Cook Not Mad are culinary storytellers, they share tales of food and culture from their home and travels. Their website is for anyone looking for an entertaining story, travel tips, pretty pictures or a tasty recipe.


Nomadic Notes – is a travel blog by the long-term traveler who has been working and traveling the world since 2003. The blog features travel guides from around the world and digital nomad resources.


The Travelers Way provides information, inspiration, and recommendations for curious travelers. They help you see the world your way, helping you plan your budget and trips to take advantage of the things you love.


Dauntless Jaunter – is a travel website committed to promoting socially-conscious, culturally-aware, educational, and enlightening sort of travel, as well as the importance and lifelong value of such travel. The team believes that traveling to lands, distant or otherwise, can only better a person, particularly when there is a level of immersion into the local people and their cultures, traditions, cuisine, history, and language. Dauntless Jaunter started as a world travel blog, but it strives to offer much more than just travel stories. This site offers you travel destination guides, facts and trivia articles, an impressive tourism glossary, cultural insight, language learning, posts about history and education, a tourism and hospitality industry glossary, and even more!


Her Coffee Diaries – Bethanny is an international student from Indonesia currently finishing her degree in Illinois, USA. She loves traveling and writing so much that she decided to blog about her journey abroad. Bethanny is focused on solo and budget travel. The website is not only about travel, and that’s why it’s named Her Coffee Diaries. The author is not always traveling, but when she’s writing, she’s always having a cup of coffee. Apart from traveling and studying, Bethanny also loves dancing and can dance a few things from Bachata to belly dancing. You can also find Bethanny’s poetry on her Instagram @bethannysudibyo


Chronicles in Wonderland – is a blog about a girl who once lost her memory in a downhill accident and went traveling right after. With a lot of luck and following her intuition, she stumbles across various countries. Travel advice, must-see places, video drone footage, and funny stories will inspire you to step out of the door and start exploring the world yourself.


Lust ‘Till Dawn – is where you can explore, create, and wanderlust together from dusk ’till dawn with Sarah, a New Yorker living in Amsterdam. She loves sharing the best of her experiences from 20+ countries abroad through city guides, foodie exposés, and straight up practical information you won’t find on popular travel sites. From hidden gems to international fashion insight, consider Sarah your trip planning BFF.


A Week at the Beach – is a travel blog about finding your perfect adventure, whether it’s on the beach with your family, at a yoga retreat with your friends, or backpacking solo on a spectacular thru-hike. Travel duo Justin and Annelise help you find a way to make every vacation feel as rejuvenating as A Week at the Beach.


North & South Nomads Jess & Shawn are polar opposites – a vegan Aussie lawyer, and a software developing poutine loving Canadian. They travel the world, making their differences work, and blogging about their food and travel experiences.


The Aussie travel bloggers, Lauren and Jarrad, from The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo love sharing their tips and tricks for affordable yet luxurious couples travel. So, if you are interested, please follow along on their journies.


The Working Mom’s Travels – Francesca is a Chicago-based travel blogger and working mom who aims to show that working parents, like her and her husband, can still enjoy what they fancy in life after having kids. For Francesca, it is travel – with and without her family – music, and premium beverages, including craft beer and bourbon.


My Yatra Diary – is a travel blog from India that explores spiritual destinations detailing helpful information like places to stay, eat and see or to give a virtual tour to the rest. Through her heartfelt writings and beautiful pictures, Arti takes the readers along on her journeys that enrich the soul while also showing them the wondrous beauty of this pious land.


Dish Our Town – is a family of three New Yorkers, writing stories on food and travel, one dish at a time. We have just recently taken a one-year sabbatical to travel SouthEast Asia and Europe and now back home in NYC but still traveling on shorter stints. Follow our food adventures and transport yourself to a far-flung town in the world for dinner tonight through one of our many recipes and stories. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


Carmen Edelson is the Founder and Senior Editor of Carmen’s Luxury Travel. Carmen has been traveling the world for over a decade now. Her travels allow her to pursue the best luxury destinations and experience those first-class tastes from around the world to share with her readers.


Travel Monkey – is probably the most honest blog out there that talks about the perks and downsides of being an expat in a foreign country. Mixed with great tips for budget luxury travel, this is a great resource for millennials like Lena herself (the writer) who are the full-time dreamers in search for their place in this world. Also, check out her own travel guidebooks!


Pumps & Pineapples – is a lifestyle and travel blog committed to traveling luxuriously on a small budget!


Jessica Hill is the face of MissAdventure Travel, a blog about adventure travel and teaching English abroad. After teaching English in Thailand and China, she started a TEFL agency (Teach English: ESL) where she helps others teach English abroad.


Simply Travelled – is a travel blog that encourages people to take a LEAP! An adult gap year, career break, sabbatical – call it what you will. Rob believes that you gain so much from taking an extended break, and wants to pay it forward by offering his top travel tips and advice to everyone interested.


Small World Travels – is a page dedicated to showing that travel can be an experience for both the traveler and the local. Josh is a former tour guide who decided to make travel experiences that gave back to the communities he’s visited. Through his GiveBack GiveAway, he now runs programs that build schools, playgrounds, dormitories, and learning centers in all parts of the globe for deserving underfunded schools and communities. He wants to change travel. For good.


Travel Bliss Now shares inspiration about the most blissful travel experiences around the world. After some difficult times, Cindy decided to make some changes and pursue a happier lifestyle. From riding horses in Iceland, taking safari drives in Africa or sipping champagne in France, she’s seeking travel bliss around the globe. Cindy shares these experiences on her blog to help you find your happy place. You’ll also find her on social media under the handle @travelblissnow.


Cycle Trekkers – Adventures around the world on two bicycles.


There and Back Again Family Travel Blog – Are you tired of being told that your travels are over now that you have kids? THEY ARE TOO! Detailed information to get you traveling with your family without the fluff. – is published by dedicated globetrotter and longtime travel writer Clark Norton, who has visited 120 countries and written for dozens of major magazines, newspapers and guidebook publishers chronicling his worldwide travels. His award-winning travel blog is aimed at baby boomers (primarily in their 50s and 60s) but enjoys an audience that ranges down to Millennials. In his wide-ranging blog, Clark covers top travel destinations, issues, and modes of transport (planes, trains, ships, cars, feet) as well as offering valuable tips and timely commentary of particular interest to boomers.


Once Upon a Saga – Thor is a Danish man on a unique worldwide project. He is paying a visit to every single country in the world in a single unbroken journey completely without flying. He left home in 2013 and blogs about people, culture, little-known facts and his struggles and joys. The blog gives an honest account and aims to inspire, educate and entertain those who would like to tag along. The Friday Blog is released every Friday morning.


Nicole Buzzing – Nicole is a Canadian lifestyle blogger sharing her tips and experiences related to life, travel, and photography. She’s been to Turkey, Taiwan, Central America, San Francisco, and the list continues to grow. Her posts typically revolve around everyday ideas, local Ontario adventures, nature/wildlife photography, relationships, food, product reviews and of course, travel. You can find her on Instagram sharing her aspiring photos and Twitter sharing daily travel- and photography-related content.


Places In Pixel – is a travel-photography blog which is baked inside the camera to give you flavors of the stories from faraway lands, vast stretches of sands, high mountains, and beautiful cities. Although new, its a rapidly growing space which is focused on providing useful travel tips, inspiration, and honest reviews based on the guys’ travel experiences.


Went Adventuring – is more than just a website for travel tips and advice. Caleb and Louisa’s site endeavors to showcase intimate stories from almost ten years of travel and to aid those seeking new world wonders. The guys are introducing a new series called “Lost and Found” which will highlight the countries and places which have recently been opened up to travelers and how people can best traverse these new found places. They will also showcase those places which will soon be closed as a result of political tensions, war or environmental damage and they hope to encapsulate what can be done to lessen the impact.


Travel to Blank – Jazmin (26) and Steven (25) love traveling the world and exploring all the wonderful places to visit. They love traveling anywhere, sometimes they do not even know where – they just jump into a car/bus/plane and go for the adventure. This travel website is all about finding fun and quirky travel destinations and activities for every type of traveler. Steven and Jazmin promote sustainable tourism through creating walking travel guides for each destination when appropriate.


Suzanne Jones, aka The Travelbunny, is a serial traveler constantly on the search for adventure, wildlife, and the next culinary encounter. On her blog, she aims to inspire wanderlust and then provide tips and guides so her readers can make the most of every trip. Iceland is one of Suzanne’s favorite destinations for the drama, waterfalls and epic scenery. When she’s not traveling and blogging at The Travelbunny Suzanne loves trying to recreate favorite dishes from her travels, long coastal walks and photography.


Travelingmitch – is run by Canadian travel blogger, Christopher Mitchell. Chris has traveled to over 75 countries, and his blog is a delicate mixture of personal tales, as well as travel tips and advice. He’s also lived in many countries around the world such as Korea, Norway, and Turkey. The blog was started in 2009 and continues to grow each and every day. You can also find Chris on social media with the handle @travelingmitch


My Peace Love Life – is a blog by Jessica LaPinta, aka China Barbie. She’s a crazy world changing, DIY-ing, globe-trotting, retro-loving, old-fashioned housewife! Her blog’s mission statement is “Love yourself, love others, and have fun. Let this blog help you do all of those!”


Beyond Blighty – is an adventure travel blog covering exciting and unique outdoor experiences across the world. As a divemaster, Ari has a particular focus on scuba, but her love of animals extends to those that are land-based too. Having spent five years backpacking solo through Latin America and Southeast Asia, she’s now based in Bristol and intends to move her travel focus closer to home, with some shorter trips to Europe in the pipeline.


Outside Pursuits provides the world’s best guides on outdoor activities along with reviews of gear based on side-by-side comparisons by outdoor professionals.


At My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel, Donna L. Hull (she’s the writer) and Alan Hull (he’s the photographer) travel the world recording their experiences with words, photos and videos so that boomers will know exactly what to expect on their next trip. Since May 2008, the Montana couple has reported on active travel experiences covering both international and domestic destinations. Their award-winning blog inspires boomers to get up off the couch and go.


Sandy & Vyjay are a travel blogging couple and traveling has been their passion and they love exploring world cultures, seas, mountains, nature, food, art, history, and urban places. They set up Voyager blog as a place to share their stories and experiences of their amazing travel journeys and aim to inspire other travel lovers to see what this amazing world has to offer through their stories, videos, and photos. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Intrepid Escape is an adventure travel blog that encourages people to “Escape their Routine”. There’s a combination of video, photography, fitness, adrenaline and travel guides with a bit of British humor.


Gr8 Travel Tips – Rob is a passionate travel blogger from British Columbia, Canada, who has loved traveling since a very young age. He loves all Forms of travel and enjoys sharing his travel tips, travel inspiration, health & fitness and so much more! His main goal is to inspire the millions of baby boomers around the world to “Don’t Think About What They Say…Go See!


This Life in Trips – is a collection of travel experiences that includes tips, reviews, and stories to inspire and educate others who are looking to find more out of life and more out of travel. Fueled by coffee and craft beer, Shaun is a travel blogger with a passion for experiencing the best the world has to offer. When not sharing his worldly experiences, he can be found in one of Vancouver’s many cafes or craft breweries.


Etsy/Explores – Sheena & Eng Tat are lovers of slow travel who write about off-the-beaten-path experiences and gastrorgasmic food! Educators themselves, they are deeply curious and seek authentic local experiences and quirky adventures. They strongly believe that travel is made more meaningful in a community and would love to connect with anyone who wants to talk about travel!


Travellous World follows the journeys of a Dutch expat in London with local guides, tips, and inspiration. Mini-travels and foreign adventures are also part of the deal. Focusing on local perspectives as well as absolute musts for every traveler – Travellous World has something for everyone to enjoy and would like to welcome you on board!


The travel blog My Faces and Places is aimed at the affluent and luxury market for baby boomers who enjoy heritage, culture, arts & crafts, cruises, cuisine and soft adventure with an educational value for an enriching experience. The blog covers travel destinations with iconic and special features; hotel & restaurant reviews and personal interviews.


Petite Adventures follows the life, times and travels of 30-something petite Canadian freelance writer and graphic designer as she navigates the expat life in Stockholm, Sweden, and explores the world one weekend at a time. Stay up-to-date on all Kate’s petite adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Fairytale Traveler – is a travel, lifestyle and film blog inspired by magical places and the greatest stories of all time told by Christa Thompson and her 9-year-old son. From motherhood to epic adventures, there’s always something fun happening when your life is full of great stories, legends, and lore.


Valery Collins has been traveling the world for over twenty years both as a tour leader and a solo traveler. Since 2014 Valery has been sharing her experiences on her website Experienced Traveller through fascinating destination features and honest reviews. All her articles are illustrated with her own images.


Mary Jo Manzanares, aka MJ, is a traveler, travel writer, podcaster, and publisher. She writes about value luxury travel – the luxury for real people, not celebrities – at Traveling with MJ. She lives in Seattle and has a bag always packed, ready for the next great adventure.


At My Five Acres, Stephen and Jane focus on the intersection between adventure, travel, and yoga. They believe in mindful travel, moving respectfully through our world, and traveling as sustainably as they can. Jane and Stephen are Canadian & British dual citizens and have been traveling together for the past 20 years. Since 2013, they’ve been on the road full-time, cycling, teaching yoga, and creating their award-winning travel blog. If you want to travel more and more mindfully, these guys can help! – Kim-Ling and Guy are two Australians traveling as much as possible around their full-time jobs. In 2015, they dropped everything to live in Spain and began to explore and seek out the most interesting, humorous and fun experiences around the world. From learning authentic cooking recipes, exploring pristine beaches or fighting a sumo in Japan, every day is different at Travel-Ling!
If you are planning on visiting Spain, you can’t go past visiting Costa Brava. With fairy-tale towns, idyllic beaches, and delicious food, Costa Brava is a traveler’s delight, and all within easy reach from Barcelona. If you don’t have the luxury of time to explore it all, here is a 4-day itinerary to see the very best of Costa Brava.


Baltic Traveller – Getaway to the Baltic States and other cool European countries.


ThExTravel – On this website, you will find everything you want to know about traveling, travel hacking, from airlines to hotels, reward points, loyalty programs, frequent flyers, deals, promotions, tricks and current trending offers. All that you need to know to travel the world like a true adventurer. – offers sustainable travel tips, reviews, and stories. They write about green travel and how to do small things to live green so it becomes second nature when traveling. GoGreenTravelGreen hopes to inspire readers to plan that special trip, to volunteer abroad, and to think of ways to really embrace the culture of wherever you visit. Dive into adventure and become part of their green travel community.


Adventures All Around – a travel blog for intelligent and discerning readers with a sense of fun and a love for life, Adventures All Around is all about inspiring and informing, entertaining and educating people who are either planning their next holiday or just after a little escapism at their desk.


ShinyVisa – is an Asia travel blog which provides destinations, hotels, and food reviews. The site is started by Nicole and Derek who are aspiring travelers from Singapore.


Katie is the mastermind behind the travel website The World on my Necklace and is a self-professed crazy cat lady and world traveler. Originally from New Zealand, Katie has been living abroad and traveling the world for over 13 years and shares her experiences on her site.


Passport Collective – was created in 2014 by two Aussies, Laura and Pete Robinson who moved to the UK and wanted to share their adventures with family and friends back home. Their stories became more popular outside of their friendship circles, so they decided to create a blog that not only provided travel tips and advice but gave a look into the realities of travel, expat life and encouraged others to take the plunge and live out their travel dreams. Their unique approach uses a rated ‘adventure level’ system that helps the reader to work out whether the destination or experience they’re writing about is one that is achievable or perhaps aspirational for them and with 39 countries under their belts, there is a large range of experiences at all levels covered.


Bird on Track provides just a click away from all the wonderful pictures from different corners of the planet Earth.Moreover, here you can find some tiny, interesting facts about different places, and some traveling tips for anyone, who wants to know more. It is curious to find out more about the traveling methods, expenses, or just admire the modest shots.


The Department of Wandering – is a travel and lifestyle blog for design-savvy trailblazers looking to take bold, new paths. The blog appeals to travelers looking to avoid the common tourist traps to find the true essence of a place; something that is not commonly discovered between the pages of a guidebook. The Department of Wandering is also a resource for those interested in quitting the 9-5 and making the transition into freelancing or blogging.


Classe Touriste – this blog details hard to reach spots that see few tourists, such as Antartica and North Korea. This blog is run by David De Vleeschauwer, who has amazing photography skills, and Debbie Pappyn, who has a one-a-day photo blog that shows her life on the go.


Everything Zany –  is a photography, lifestyle and dual citizen travel blog of Ryazan Tristram. The blog features various travel stories, guides, visa info, lifestyle stuff and photography with the aim to help the readers to accomplish their goals and serve as an inspiration. Everything Zany’s main goal is to show the best of both worlds (the East and West)!


For more than 9 years, Misadventures with Andi has expertly combined travel, food, French culture, and fun into a lifestyle blog that was named one of USA Today’s Readers’ Choice top ten food and travel blogs for 2014. Andi is a professional marketer by day managing the influencer program for Cisco. Her other passion is Misadventures with Andi. She is a focused brand ambassador, travel and food blogger who loves to play tourist. A true foodie, a lot of her travel focuses on the local food and restaurant scene. Since spending a year on the road living in an RV, she has a new appreciation for the outdoors and the national and state park system.


Saving Wild – Written by Lori Robinson the self-proclaimed Jane Goodall wannabe. Lori is a woman filled with passion and dedication to protecting the animals of the world. Having grown up in a house where the swimming pool was home to “a sea turtle, alligator, and duck” it’s no wonder that her life is now dedicated to animal rights and education.


Vagabond Way – a deliberate way of living allowing the freedom of travel.


The Next Somewhere – is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog powered by Izzy Pulido, a self-proclaimed Bostonian by way of the Philippines. Her curiosity has taken her all over the world, from fairytale Balkan villages to the misty jungles of the Peruvian rainforest. With forty-six countries under her belt, life is proving to be quite the adventure indeed. After being based abroad for the last three years, she’s back at home in Boston, Massachusetts breaking into the world of international education and en route to hitting 50 countries by the end of next year. Through The Next Somewhere blog, she catalogs her adventures through the lens of graphic design.


Lost with Purpose – Alex and Sebastiaan share their experience during the journey around the lesser-known and popular places of our planet. The blog is full of breathtaking pictures and useful tips for travelers.


Karolina and Patryk are digital nomads and passionate travelers. They are exploring the world and making money along the way. On their blog, they are sharing their tips on how to be financially and locationally independent and how to be happy.


From theme parks to European vacations, Family Travel Magazine has something for everyone. The goal is to help make travel more accessible to families — readers can find killer packaged deals at affordable prices. There are downloadable packing lists, the very latest on Disney destinations and of course, founder Jodi Grundig’s tips and tricks for heading off into the sunset with the whole family in tow.


American Travel Blogger – a travel blog covering adventures through the USA and beyond.


Midlife Road Trip believes that travel is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – no matter what your age. Through food, travel, and adventure – they encourage people to experience all the world has to offer on the road, in the air, at sea, and even at home. Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as learning to cook a travel-inspired meal, Midlife Road Trip makes the most of every moment in a fun and entertaining way.


Inditales – is India’s leading travel blog. Since 2004, it has covered 25 Indian states and 18 countries. It takes you on various walks around the cities for heritage trails, for discovering the street food to discover those small nuances that are so unique to every destination. It takes you to the nature trails for spotting birds and waterfalls hidden and shows you places where you can breathe the fresh air. More than anything else, you see India that you may never know.


Always Wanderlust – an alternative travel blog that aims to inspire through amazing photography and entertaining stories around the world. You don’t have to quit your job to make travel a big part of your life. There’s always adventure right around the corner, on and off the beaten path. Check out Always Wanderlust on Instagram.


Follow Easy Planet Travel and the Cornell family as they visit all countries around the world and demonstrate that we can raise and educate our kids to become world-class citizens through travel, as well as creating deeper and stronger family bonds exploring the world together.


What’s Dave Doing – an amazing blog of a person who just can’t stop traveling. Dave has been almost everywhere and he shares his impressions, thoughts, and findings.


Wanderlust – Travel does not have to stop just because you had a baby! In actual fact, it might just be the perfect time to travel. If you are wondering how to travel with a baby and you are after some tips and information on where to travel with a baby; how to travel with a baby or even what sort of challenges to expect, then this guide is for you! Andrzej and Jolene share all of their first-hand knowledge of how to make your baby vacations easy.


The Educational Tourist – Natalie Tanner is a teacher by trade, so her travels always include learning somewhere along the way. Hit up her site for great ideas on making every trip an educational learning experience, pop by her online shop to purchase one of eight e-books she’s written.


Landcruising Adventure – Karin-Marijke and Coen are Dutch citizens who gave up the rat race for a life on the road in 2003. Both grew up in the east of the Netherlands but never met at the time.Both left home at the age of 17. Another 17 years passed, and they met to see the world in a vintage Land Cruiser together.


Two – Amy and Nathan are travel bloggers who also focus on relationships. They believe travel and adventure bring couples closer together.


Off with the – is a fun and exciting blog for normal everyday families looking for extraordinary adventures around the world. The blog includes a mixture of stories from abroad, how-to-guides, helpful travel tips, and destination reviews. With excellent content, high-quality photos, and a fun and colorful layout, Off with the Kids hopes to inspire other families to spend time together exploring, and taking the path less traveled.


Flying the – Stephen and Jess travel all over the world, from Zambia to Fiji, shoot videos and tell about their wonderful journey on their blog.


Nomadic Boys – Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple traveling the world, and doing an impressive job chronicling their journey. NB is both entertaining and informative, with well-written articles concerning all things gay-travel. Their brand is fun but conscious, as they aim to support LBGT communities across the world particularly in parts of the world that are not always gay-friendly.


From Ice to Spice – is run by Icelandic bloggers Ása and Andri. They travel a lot around Iceland, but also around the world, giving a great Icelandic insight into other destinations in the world too. Besides Iceland, they like to travel to less traveled areas.


Solo Traveler – is the largest online resource and community for people who travel alone. Join Janice and Tracey on Solo Traveler and the Solo Travel Society on Facebook.


Travel Notes and Beyond – A collection of travel stories, photos, and personal opinions focusing on less-known travel destinations. The focus of the blog is on the cultural aspects of the places Anda visits.


Manic Nomads – is an adventure travel blog by 2 guys crazy about travel, Nomad Dave & Nomad Roy. Traveling a lot of their time by motorcycle takes them to places off the beaten path around the world. With the goal of inspiring others to experience Planet Earth for themselves, they share interesting stories of their journeys and resources to get anybody packing.


Teacake Travels – the blog is written in a witty and funny manner which makes it impossible to stop reading. Alice not only shares her travel experiences, she inspires and motivates women to have no fear of traveling solo. And, of course, her travel choices are amazing!


Packing My Suitcase – creative and sincere blog by Allane, a Brazilian girl who lives in Germany, is full of vivid posts about different travels and reasonable advice how to take a trip with a dog or during pregnancy.


Family Adventure Project – is filled with incredible ideas for kid-friendly adventures, at home and abroad, it’s kinda crazy how many cool options there are for families. From taking a road trip in Patagonia to a tree-top adventure in Wales, thrill-seekers will find plenty of inspiration here.


If you are awesome, amazing and exciting, then Happy Frog Travels is not for you. The star of our page is the earth, not us. We are here to see, learn, feel and enjoy every little corner of the best planet in the universe, ours! And remember: traveling is a privilege. It demands class, gratitude and the ability to lose oneself in the journey. That easy!


What Doesn’t Suck? – Great brand name and a tone to match, What Doesn’t Suck… Doesn’t suck. Jeff (American) and Anne (French) are expats living in Dubai, and using their home as a launch pad to explore the rest of the world.


Polkadot Passport – Nicola, the author of the blog, is a 23-year-old Aussie photographer with an obsession with adventure. She’s spent the past four years seeking out meaningful travel and unique, bucket-list experiences in over 45 countries.


Delicious Baby – Debbie is an often-traveling mother of three kids and she gives her experience, tips, and recommendations to all the parents who would like to travel with their children. On her blog, you can find city guides and the products which will come in handy while you’re on the road with your little ones.


Rick’s Rome – A great blog on Rome and Italy. In particular, this is an ideal read for expats looking to move to Rome and you will even find a section to search and rent your apartment in the Eternal City!


Backstreet Nomad – Luke is an Australian travel blogger with a penchant for all things off the beaten track. He likes being immersed in nature, other cultures, road trips and sunsets.


Endlessly Exploring – Kelly is so young and she has already been to 25 countries! Her blog is colorful and interesting, full of different tips and articles dedicated to the best traveling places.


Retire Early and Travel – focuses on early retirement, living abroad and travel. Keith and Tina retired early, moved to Cuenca Ecuador and now travel the world bringing you first-hand travel information and destinations. Retire Early and Travel offers a look at beautiful places and unique experience. They also share how they retired early to help you do the same.


Weekend Sherpa – an excellent e-magazine devoted to the traveling in San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, and throughout California that contains lots of interesting routes and trip ideas including dog-friendly ones.


Go the Podcast – is a great travel blog that doubles as an amazing podcast. It’s designed for the curious traveler and covers some of the planet’s most amazing places like Iceland, Cuba, and Madagascar. No other podcast comes close to pulling off a This American Life for traveling. Check them out and Go!


Travelling Buzz – is a travel blog about adventure and affordable travel in Europe. Maria is from Sofia, Bulgaria and she loves hiking, mountains, discovering new places and taking beautiful pictures along the way. Travelling Buzz provides practical info about all kind of activities and destinations in Europe.


Ghoomleyaar – was an idea that stumbled out over a discussion by some travel enthusiasts over a cup of coffee. The guys thought of building a platform where they could share travel stories with the world and give them a better perspective on living life in balance with work and fun. With that, they started this blog and have been gradually adding new dimensions in sharing information to their readers. – Within Yomadic you’ll find a growing compendium of travel secrets, future tourist hot-spots, stories from peoples-uprisings, tales of train journeys through post-Soviet lands, and impossible twenty-eight-nation road-trips in 350-Euro French hatchbacks.


The Snow Chasers – Mick and Jen are focused on snow and active/adventure travel. They hope to inspire people to find the adventure in their lives, no matter where they are!


Contented – is a travel site for fit, free and financial travelers, who are a little left of center. Paula and Gordon are award-winning travel writers, who share their experiences as they travel the world, and encourage their readers to immerse themselves in culture through food, talk, and a good old dose of people watching.


The Explore Blog – is an adventure travel blog based in Los Angeles, California. Cassie and Meelad founded Explore with the mission of inspiring more people to lead active and healthy lifestyles and to promote exploration of the great outdoors.


The Little Green Journal – is a travel & lifestyle blog. Rachel focuses primarily on Florida Travel, and international travel tips along with some fun lifestyle posts. If you love beautiful photography that inspires you to travel, check her out on Instagram. – is the blog of Manas and Anu, a couple who put a pause to their prolific corporate careers to chase their Wanderlust dreams. Alone on their motorbike, they traveled across 18 countries over nearly 4 months. The blog chronicles their moments and reflections down the open road…where they lost their selves and found their souls.


Welcome to Paulina on the Road, a little Travel Scrapbook about slow and eco-friendly traveling! All of Paulina’s (mostly outdoor) adventures are packed in short travel stories in English & Spanish.
Paulina is the happiest when on a hiking trail, cycling path or a sailing boat…Positive side effects of this kind of traveling are mindfulness and time to interact with foreign cultures. That’s why many of her posts focus on the intercultural aspect of traveling.


Travel. Experience. Live. – is an adventure travel blog that focuses on hiking and camping, nature reserves and national parks. Founded by Belgian-born, Virginia-based writer and photographer Bram Reusen, it consists of useful blog posts and lots of inspiring photography. – is a travel blog by Isha and Kunal. Engineers by profession and travelers by heart, here they share their own travel stories, experiences and mouth gasping facts about different places. They want to inspire people to travel through their photographs, infographics, stories, and itineraries. Follow them and get inspired to travel.


Will Fly for – is a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined by JB & Renée, the Traveleaters. They’re passionate about exploring local cuisine when they travel so to them, a heritage stall that’s been serving the same iconic dish for 50 years is every bit an attraction as any landmark or monument. If they were to die tomorrow, JB’s last meal would be sushi and Ren’s would be lamb. What would yours be?


See the World in My Eyes – Historical architecture and cultural adventure around the world through the eyes of a German architect.


Savored – an affordable luxury travel blog focused on finding amazing food and wine experiences around the world. Started in 2014 by expat couple Laura & Nick Lynch, Savored Journeys is their way of sharing with other foodies the great food and wine experiences they’ve enjoyed. They live in London and travel most weekends to countries around Europe and farther afield.


Tily – Based in Melbourne, Australia, follow Natalie Marie as she gives in to wanderlust and takes off exploring both her homeland and far away cities. Always on the search for street art and bucket-list experiences, Tily Travels is a collection of unforgettable adventures as well as reviews, photography, and information to inspire your next journey abroad, whether it be solo travel, or with friends.


Travelocafe – is a wonderful blog dedicated not only to interesting traveling options but also to food experience you can get around the world.


Once in a Lifetime Journey – is a luxury and out of the ordinary travel blog written by Mar, a long-term expat and frequent traveler who has been to 95+ countries and lived in eight. Mar likes to explore the least visited countries in the world to discover stories that have never been told. She frequently flies in premium classes, stays at luxury hotels and resorts and embarks on the best experiences. She can be equally found in destinations that are well off the map. – And North maintains a visually stunning website. Not only are their photos great, but their staff and contributors write amazing content. This popular travel website focus is Upstate New York. So if you’re in the Hudson Valley and you need a place to eat, stay, shop, or visit, then is your site.


Smiling Faces Travel Photos – is a project of Nomadic Samuel where you can find travel stories, photos, videos, and various tips. Also, you can share your own content. – Leah likes the idea of location independence, as in living and working wherever you want. Her travel blog has some great content, like her favorite European Hostels and her guide to Falling in Love with Barcelona. Leah also has valuable advice for readers if they want to become location independent themselves. – This Travel Blog’s photo essays can make you feel like you’ve traveled there yourself. The site’s author makes it a habit of venturing through quaint and charming towns. Her spontaneous attitude towards travel has landed her in some really unique places.


Travel for Wildlife – Hal and Cristina started their blog with a particularly specific goal, they wanted to “promote conservation through responsible wildlife tourism.” Covering topics such as responsible travel, wildlife tour reviews, species spotlights, and lodging reviews, they have clearly fulfilled their original intent. Powerful photography paired with information packed articles make them one of the best. – Sarah at Fit Travels runs a blog that combines her two passions: Fitness and Travel. Her posts include detailed packing lists, travel stories, and fitness tips, so you can keep in shape during your adventures. – The Exploring Kiwis have been to over 50 different countries. This amazing couple from New Zealand, Sarah, and Nathan publish fresh content every week with lots of photos, reviews, and interesting anecdotes. Each post is loaded with valuable advice for travelers. – The essential travel blog for book lovers, Eat This Poem has literary city guides for 100+ cities. This site lists local bookstores, picturesque coffee shops, gorgeous libraries, and other perks for travelers and locals to stumble upon. You can even learn new things about your own city at Eat this Poem.


Spartan Traveler – Detail-oriented and business savvy, Clayton’s Spartan Traveler is a fantastic resource for travelers and digital nomads. As a traveler, he’s transparent about his travel costs and the lessons he’s learned on the road. As an entrepreneur, he blogs about location independence and has a lot of advice for other digital nomads.


Will Travel for Food – Mayssam, the travel and food writer born in Lebanon, is now based in Montreal, where she knows some of the best addresses. The foodie traveler that you are (or want to become) will most likely enjoy the food and travel blog of the woman who “dreams, lives and loves food”.


Imperator Travel – a resource with lots of valuable and useful information for everybody who’s planning a journey. Also, you can find travel and photo-stories, accommodation and transport tips.

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