42 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger (Evidence-Based)

How to Look Younger


People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to stay young.

They invest in cosmetic procedures, commercial beauty products, costly beauty rituals, and more all – just to look young and fresh.

It is important to remember, however, that looking young isn’t just about taking care of yourself externally.

You have to be careful about what goes inside your body because all of that contributes to your physical well-being.

Avoid consuming or doing harmful things, such as eating junk food or smoking, and be sure you include some healthy food in your regular diet.

Not only do they help keep your mind and body fit but they also combat the aging effects of sunlight, stress, dust, and pollutants that you likely encounter on a frequent basis.


Green Tea can Help You Look Younger


Foods that Help Look Younger


Green Tea


Think of green tea as an elixir — a wonderful potion that’ll do your body a world of good, including keeping you looking youthful.

Like anything, though, too much of it may cause constipation and liver problems, or you may face side effects of excess caffeine.

The research strongly supports that in the right amount it can prevent oxidative damage inside your body by neutralizing free radicals.

It has revitalizing effects on your skin, and its photo protective polyphenols counteract sun damage (1, 2, 3).


Tomatoes can Help You Look Younger




Tomatoes are easy to incorporate into regular meals and dishes.

If you’re not doing so already, you definitely should.

Tomatoes have lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents the breakdown of the skin-firming agent in your skin called collagen (4, 5, 6).

Your skin will remain supple and elastic with proper consumption of tomatoes.

The carotenoids they contain also ward off the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sunlight on your skin (7, 8, 9, 10)


Dark Chocolate can Help You Look Younger


Dark Chocolate


Who doesn’t love chocolate? You can enjoy chocolate without worrying about calories and adverse effects on your skin.

High-flavanol dark chocolate has catechins that protect your body from the harmful ultraviolet rays and inflammation (11, 12).

In time, eating dark chocolate can help dermal circulation keep years off your skin (13, 14).

Cocoa will allow you to ward off those pesky wrinkles and dark spots. It’s a win-win!


Kale can Help You Look Younger




Cruciferous vegetables are those super-veggies full of phytochemicals and nutrition that will do wonders for your skin and hair (15).

Kale, in particular, has high amounts of iron and vitamin K.

Vitamin K helps you prevent shadows under the eyes that can make you look fatigued and aged, while iron helps you avoid the skin pallor that highlights imperfections and epidermal blood vessels (16).

Eat kale cooked rather than raw to avoid inhibiting your iodine intake.


Pomegranate can Help You Look Younger




This juicy red fruit is certainly full of flavor, but it is also packed with antioxidants! (18)

Pomegranate should be a part of your diet for its flavors and benefits.

It is a rich source of vitamin C which can help you fight skin dryness as well as fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles (20).

It has a compound called anthocyanin that reduces collagen breakdown and keeps your skin exuberant.

Additionally, its ellagic acid helps reduce inflammation (21).


Walnuts can Help You Look Younger




Is tour hair turning prematurely gray?

The studies indicate that this may happen because of subpar levels of copper in your diet (22).

What’s a wonderful source of copper? Well, walnuts, of course.

They will help you maintain the rich color of your strands and avoid making you look older than you would like.

What is more, its omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E help keep your hair strong and shiny (24, 25 ).

You should never underestimate how much your hair affects your appearance, and walnuts are a great way to keep it healthy and young.

Eat a quarter of a cup every day, and your hair will start thanking you.


Avocado can Help You Look Younger




You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of avocado time and again.

Even when it comes to keeping looking young, avocado can come to the rescue.

This delicious, creamy fruit comes with a compound called glutathione, which counteracts aging and detoxifies your body, ensuring that harmful compounds don’t make you appear older.

Glutathione is also a powerful antioxidant (26).

Furthermore, avocados have vitamin B complex, vitamin E, oleic acid, and potassium (27).

They are a great addition to your diet and will keep your skin moisturized and soft (28, 29, 30).


Spices can Help You Look Younger




We all use spices in our meals to reduce blandness and make our food more interesting but spices aren’t just there to make your taste buds happy.

They come with a range of health benefits, including ones that will help you look younger.

The studies link cinnamon to increased production of collagen, which helps your skin remain taut and elastic (31).

To top it off, if consistent high blood pressure has caused the skin damage because of advanced glycation end products, cinnamon can help you combat it (32).

The gingerol in ginger is useful in protecting yourself from the UV-related damage, such as spots and inflammation, and the capsaicin in chili peppers can limit aging effects in skin cells (33, 34).


Pineapple can Help You Look Younger




On a pizza, in a salad, or as a juice pineapples are tangy and yummy.

Not only that, they are topped with nutrition that can transform your skin’s age.

Pineapples contain bromelain enzymes which support collagen synthesis and prevent acne that can deteriorate your skin.

This is further enhanced because of its high vitamin C content which also does wonders for hyperpigmentation, a condition in which patches of skin darken compared to surrounding areas (36).

Pineapples are also full of alpha-hydroxy acids known for their benefits for the skin.

The research upon its effects on the skin damaged by environmental factors demonstrates that they can slow the aging process by protecting it from age spots, freckles, and discoloration.

Also, it has been shown that the benefit goes more than the skin deep, with positive transformation occurring at all dermal levels (3738).


Quinoa can Help You Look Younger




Quinoa is a nutritious grain that offers a range of health benefits.

For menopausal women with thinning hair, lysine helps by maintaining hair shape and volume (39).

The riboflavin in quinoa helps counteract the impaired skin collagen maturity, giving it more resilience, and builds up a connective tissue to prevent wrinkling and development of the fine lines (40, 41).

Quinoa is also rich in vitamin B12 that can fight against hyper- or hypopigmentation, as well as iron, which can avoid making your skin look pale.

These nutrients, as well as an alpha-lipoic acid in quinoa, can help you lose weight and look younger (42, 44, 45).


Coconut Oil can Help You Look Younger


Coconut Oil


Don’t shy away from coconut oil just because it is a saturated fat.

It is an excellent oil to cook with and has that unique taste that can elevate your dishes.

It is made up of three healthy medium-chain fatty acids that will improve your appearance.

The studies indicate that eating these fats keeps you fuller helping you restrict your caloric intake and avoid a paunch (46, 47, 48).

It is useful in preventing the skin disorders and inflammation while moisturizing your skin to keep it supple (49).

It also directly slows down the aging process by lowering oxidative stress and relieving stress on your liver (50).


Brocolli can Help You Look Younger




Broccoli has always been popular because of its health benefits.

It is a storehouse of vitamins A, C, and E, which protect against harsh UV rays, inflammation, and aging processes, such as the development of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Additionally, it helps in neocollagenesis, the creation of new collagen within the skin so that it remains firm and elastic (51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 ).

Its sulforaphane content with antioxidant qualities very effectively targets the extrinsic skin aging caused by free radicals as well as photoaging (57).

Similarly, its fiber content will improve blood flow and purify blood so that your skin feels glowing and rejuvenated.


Chia can Help You Look Younger


Chia Seeds


A staple in Mayan and Aztec diets, chia seeds have been used since ancient times.

Chia seeds have 60 percent of omega-3 fatty acids in their lipid profiles, more so than any other plant-based source.

It is particularly high in alpha-linoleic acid.

These fatty acids have a range of benefits including regulating hormonal flow in the blood which affects the skin (59, 60, 61).

The studies have shown that chia seeds can help reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood glucose and help effectively with weight loss (62, 63).

They also contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can battle against the sun damage and inflammation while warding off signs of aging (64).


oats can Help You Look Younger




Oats are a nutritional powerhouse and a great way to start the day!

They are low in fat and provide optimal health benefits that can preserve your youthful appearance.

Oats are excellent for moisturizing your skin.

They effectively combat the dry, flaky, and irritated skin, thereby also preventing the wrinkles and lines that result from the dry skin.

Similarly, they have antioxidants that fight against the damaging effects of free radicals and have an anti-inflammatory benefit (65).

The saponins in oats, known to clear pores of dirt and oil and reduce pore size, also fight against oxidative damage, and the research on mice has shown positive anti-aging results (66).


Mushrooms can Help You Look Younger




Mushrooms are fast becoming a favorite all around the world.

They’re delicious, easy to cook with, come in a variety of shapes and flavors and are amazing for your health.

They can help prevent uneven skin tone, unsightly skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles (67).

Mushrooms also contain anti-tumor polysaccharides, supporting normal and healthy tissue growth that will keep you internally and externally healthy (68).

Some varieties of mushroom, such as Tremella, help build hyaluronic acid in the body, which is a molecule that hydrates the skin and counteracts tissue laxity seen in aging skin (69, 70, 71).

Kojic acid helps lighten and brighten the skin and also prevents hyperpigmentation (72).


Watermelon can Help You Look Younger




This light and watery fruit is the perfect answer to a hot summer day and to signs of aging as well.

With 93 percent water content and loads of vitamins, it can be just what you need to keep looking and feeling youthful.

Antioxidants, such as lycopene, vitamin A, and vitamin C, help fight the free radicals that can decompose the natural vitality of the epidermis, warding off signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and spots (74, 75, 76, 77, 78).

Vitamin A also helps prevent acne, which can mar your complexion and hinder your appearance (79).

Meanwhile, carotene in watermelon is excellent for dealing with oxidative stress (80).

Eating watermelons is a great way to remain hydrated and looking young!


Artichoke can Help You Look Younger




Artichokes can be found in many cuisines around the world.

They have a low-calorie content, which means they are an excellent food to include in your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

It has a lot of vitamin C which can treat hyperpigmentation and photoaging and can aid collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity (81, 82).

The antioxidant micronutrients in artichokes improve skin texture and nourish cells, fighting fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes so that you can look fresh and youthful (83).

In menopausal women, the research indicates that artichokes can help eliminate dryness, sagging, thinness, and lack of vigor in the skin.


Sprouts can Help You Look Younger




Sprouts are germinated seeds of legumes and grains.

They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can combat a number of skin problems, such as photoaging, inflammation, immune dysfunction, imbalance of the epidermal homeostasis, and other skin disorders.

Exposure to harsh sunlight, in particular, can have a distinctly adverse effect on the skin, and sprouts are excellent anti-aging ingredients in that regard (84, 85).

Its iron and zinc help stave off gray hairs and make your hair strong and voluminous (86).

The study on Japanese women has shown that sprouts can improve skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles (87).


Fatty Fish can Help You Look Younger


Fatty Fish


Fatty fish are the kinds of fish that have oil in their tissues, such as salmon, trout, mackerel, anchovies, tuna, herring, and pilchard.

They are the source of the nutrients we usually don’t get from our normal diets.

To look young, your cells and organs have to be young and free of disease.

Fatty fish protect you from such diseases as cardiovascular conditions, ulcerative colitis, and inflammation (88, 89, 90).

Fatty fish are also one of the very few sources of food-based vitamin D, needed for strong, youthful bones as well as sleep quality, without which you can feel fatigued and old (91, 92, 93).

Their omega-3 acids help fight visual impairment, brain deterioration, and the sun damage (94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99).

Astaxanthin in salmon also helps maintain skin moisture and elasticity (100).


Apples can Help You Look Younger




Who doesn’t love apples? They are available year-round and great to eat as they are, juiced, or in a dish, and we’ve all heard that old adage: an apple a day. 

Apples are very high in fiber and low in energy density, which can help weight loss so that you are fit and young (101, 102, 103).

Apples can drastically reduce cholesterol and chances of heart disease, as the studies have consistently demonstrated (104, 105).

Apples have catechins, chlorogenic acid, and quercetin, which are antioxidants that prevent inflammation, fatigue, high blood sugar, and skin damage while improving brain and muscle function (106, 107, 108, 109).


Blueberries can Help You Look Younger




Blueberries are sweet and great to use in desserts.

They are not very high in calories and contain lots of nutrients.

They are especially renowned in the health-savvy community because they are said to contain an impressively high antioxidant capacity which is greater than any other fruit or vegetable (110, 111, 112).

Blueberries counteract the DNA damage caused by oxidative stress which is partly responsible for aging.

The studies in which participants consumed blueberries regularly in some form — juiced, powdered, or fresh — found that oxidative DNA damage was reduced by a significant degree (113, 114, 115, 116).

Blueberries also inhibit cognitive aging.

Your mind stays sharp and ready to deal with the challenges of daily life (117, 118).

The studies on aging human participants indicate that brain function and alertness are also improved substantially (119).


Sweet Potatoes can Help You Look Younger


Sweet Potato


Sweet potatoes are full of carotenoids.

Their orange-yellow color comes directly from the beta-carotenes they contain which protect against oxidative damage and the sun damage that cause premature skin aging (121, 122).

They are a rich source of vitamin A which is important for eye health (123, 124).

They are also abundant in antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins that reduce inflammation, make the skin firmer, and prevent spots and wrinkles (125, 126, 127).

Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation and the effects of photoaging while vitamin E fights against oxidative stress (128, 129).


Bananas can Help You Look Younger




Bananas are one of the most popular and commonly consumed fruits in the world and with good reason.

They are delicious and wholesome. As you grow older, your body may start to lose its vigor.

Bananas contain a fiber called pectin which gives the flesh its structural form and helps you look strong and healthy (130).

Combined with starch, pectin also helps keep your stomach full for longer periods of time so that you are not eating excessively (131, 132, 133, 134).

Its antioxidants, catechins, and dopamine help fight off degenerative diseases and improve heart health which is linked to better blood flow that can make you look and feel years younger (135, 136).


Olive Oil can Help You Look Younger


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This rich, fruity oil is extremely versatile.

Whether you want to use it for marinades, dressings, or shallow frying, olive oil comes in handy, and the best part is that it’s renowned for being one of the healthiest oils.

It effectively targets hyperglycemia and metabolic syndrome, ensuring a healthy body weight with minimal pesky fat and prevention of age-related diseases (137).

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect while its monosaturated fats increase skin firmness, prevent wrinkling, and protect against the sun damage (138, 139, 140).

Its three major antioxidants — vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols — are great for restoring skin smoothness and anti-aging, mainly by reducing oxidative stress.

Similarly, hydroxytyrosol, which is a rare compound found in olive oil, reverses damage by free radicals (141, 142, 143).


grapefruit can Help You Look Younger




Grapefruit is very effective in maintaining healthy skin and hair, as it is loaded with vitamins A and C, along with amino acids and antioxidants.

Vitamin C helps your dermal cells battle against free radicals and keep your skin’s elasticity high while preventing aging effects (144, 145, 146).

Antioxidants protect your skin from environmental pollutants, such as dust, UV rays, and smoke.

They also counteract oxidative stress which can cause atypical pigmentation, wrinkling, and skin aging (147).

The beta-carotene in grapefruit helps keep your eyes strong and able, thus keeping old age at bay (148).


Beans and Lentils can Help You Look Younger


Beans and Lentils


Part of the legume family, beans and lentils are very cheap, easy to obtain, and simple to work with.

They are a staple in diets across the globe because they are favorable to our taste buds and body.

Beans can help you lose fat around your belly and maintain a healthy overall body weight because their high protein and fiber content will keep you away from unhealthy snacking, and their low-calorie count will keep fat from building in your body  (149, 150, 151, 152).

Legumes help keep your heart healthy while reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure, and inflammation (153, 154, 155).


Coffee can Help You Look Younger




Coffee is only ever growing in demand and popularity, having become a part of most people’s everyday routine.

While excessive amounts can have adverse effects on health, regulated consumption of coffee is rather beneficial.

An obvious effect is that owing to caffeine it increases energy levels so that you feel less tired and more alert (156, 157).

Several studies have indicated that coffee also improves general cognitive functions, including memory, reaction times, and vigilance (158, 159, 160).

Furthermore, coffee increases your metabolic rate, helping you burn off fat faster.

The research has shown that coffee drinkers can boost their metabolism by 11% and burn 29% fat at the greatest (161, 162, 163).

Coffee also has many antioxidants; in fact, it may have more than a number of fruits and vegetables do (164, 165).

In two major studies, drinking coffee was linked with longevity.

Consumption over a period of 18–24 years showed a mean of 23% lower risk of death in normal humans and a whopping 30% in type 2 diabetics (166, 167).


Shellfish can Help You Look Younger




Shellfish come in two types: mollusks (such as clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops) and crustaceans (such as crab, lobster, and shrimp).

These types of seafood may not be cheap or easily accessible everywhere, but they’re often worth the effort.

Most shellfish contain a powerful anti-aging antioxidant known as astaxanthin, a part of the carotenoids family.

It soothes inflammation, the underlying cause of wrinkling and cellular damage.

It improves skin elasticity, keeps you looking youthful and also keeps your brain capacity and cognition sharp (168, 169, 170).


Cheese can Help You Look Younger




Cheese is one of those delights that everyone loves.

On pizzas or bread or crackers or anywhere really cheese is a great supplement.

It is also full of nutrition, the kind that can make you look and feel younger.

Consumed in moderation, it can bring several positive changes.

Cheese can help prevent osteoporosis, particularly in menopausal women, by improving bone density (171).

It can also protect you against heart disease and hypertension (172, 173, 174).


Almonds can Help You Look Younger




Almonds are nutty, delicious edible seeds that are a storehouse of nutrients.

They contain antioxidants that greatly reduce oxidative stress and consequent damage, such as skin aging and degenerative diseases, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune-system decline, brain dysfunction, and cataracts (175, 176, 177, 178).

Since most of the antioxidant content is concentrated in the brown skin layer of almonds, make sure you buy them without the outer layer removed.

Including almonds in your diet may also help reverse metabolic syndrome (179).

Almonds also help you keep away body fat by increasing satiety and slightly improving your metabolic rate (180, 181).


Bells Peppers can Help You Look Younger


Bell Pepper


Bell pepper, also known as capsicum, is a vegetable that is eaten cooked, raw, dried, or powdered (paprika).

It comes in various colors, such as red, green, yellow, or orange, and can enhance dishes with its unique flavor.

Its lutein and zeaxanthin content improves eye health by reducing oxidative damage to the retina, preventing macular degeneration (182, 183, 184).

Bell peppers are also chock-full of antioxidants which can help you avoid the sun damage and wrinkling (185).

They are rich in both iron and vitamin C which can help you avoid looking pale (186, 187).


Yogurt can Help You Look Younger




Dairy products have their own merits regarding health and anti-aging.

Yogurt, a protein-rich snack or cooking ingredient, has many.

Probiotic yogurt is linked to the digestive health which is important because you need a healthy colon and overall digestive system to remain young and healthy (188, 189, 190, 191).

It also improves bone density, without which you may experience fatigue (192).

Yogurt is also known to lower blood pressure (193).

High blood pressure can affect your sleep and lead to sagging skin, hair loss, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity, and adult acne.

Make certain the yogurt you consume has no added sugar, or your efforts may not be effective.


Flax Seeds can Help You Look Younger




Flaxseeds are tiny oilseed that originated in the Middle East.

They are very fibrous and contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

They also have a high copper content, a deficiency of which can lead to premature graying of hair (194) and phosphorus content which is needed for the bone health and the tissue maintenance (195).

Lignans in flaxseed improve glycemic control, lowers cholesterol, and controls insulin levels, making you more fit inside and out (196, 197).

Its alpha-linolenic acids protect skin from UV damage and repair the sun damage that’s already happened (198, 199).

The results of the controlled studies on groups of women show that intake of flaxseed or flaxseed oil modulates skin condition if consumed daily over a length of time by hydrating it and keeping it smooth (200, 201).


Soy Beans can Help You Look Younger




Soy is a member of the legume family and one of the best sources of plant-based protein.

The research has shown that soy protein is very effective in preventing osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Bone health, as you age, is very important, as good bone health allows you to remain fit and active and young (202, 203, 204).

Isoflavones in soy also alleviate other symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes (206, 207).

Its copper content prevents premature graying of hair that can make you look old (208).

Soy is also shown to have antioxidative properties that can actively fight photoaging (209).


Kiwi can Help You Look Younger




Kiwifruit, or Chinese gooseberry, is a primary source of vitamin C.

It is also rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, making it a very effective weapon against the toxins and impurities inside the body.

Vitamin C and other antioxidants fight against the sun damage and the adverse effects of oxidative stress on the skin (210, 211, 212).

Kiwifruit contains alpha-hydroxy acids that counteract photoaging effects, such as uneven pigmentation (213, 214).


Red Wine can Help You Look Younger


Red Wine


Ah, red wine — the perfect potion for relaxation.

The next time you feel guilty about ending the day with a glass or two of vino don’t even think about it.

The studies strongly suggest that red wine will help rather than hurt your case (although, of course, you have to be careful to limit your intake to a healthy amount).

Proanthocyanidins found in red wine have potent antioxidant capabilities and can reduce the oxidative damage in the skin and the rest of the body (215, 216).

The animal research has shown that proanthocyanidins can also lighten and brighten the skin, making it look fresh and rejuvenated (217).

Drinking one to three glasses every day can also help ward off dementia and similar degenerative diseases in the long run as well as cardiovascular diseases (218, 219, 220, 221, 222).


Carrots can Help You Look Younger




Carrots are frost-tolerant root vegetables, lovely to eat raw as a crunchy snack or cooked as a fall or winter dish.

As you age, your blood cholesterol might increase.

The studies link carrots to the reduction in cholesterol levels to help you maintain heart health (223).

They can also increase satiety, aiding you in reducing your calorie consumption and losing weight (224).

Furthermore, the carotenoids (such as beta-carotene) they contain improve eye vitality and protect against free radicals and radiation from the sunlight, both of which can age your skin (225, 226, 227, 228, 229).

The vitamin C and potassium content in carrots help keep skin moisturized and protects it from the damage due to UV radiation (230).


Cashew Nuts can Help You Look Younger


Cashew Nuts


Cashews are small kidney-shaped nuts packed with essential minerals, energy, vitamins, and antioxidants.

If you like Indian cuisine, you may have often come across this crunchy nut.

You can munch on these as a snack or use them as a component or enhancer in a dish.

Myths have been floating around that they contribute to weight gain, but if consumed in moderation, they can actually help you lose weight.

Their L-arginine amino acid detoxifies the blood and improves its flow, enhancing your metabolism; the cashews themselves increase satiety to keep you from unhealthy binging (231, 232233).

Eating such nuts as cashews is a key element of the Mediterranean diet, known for being heart healthy and preventing metabolic syndrome (234, 235).

Cashews have fatty acids that prevent the drying and dryness-induced aging of the skin and copper, which supports melanin production and collagen synthesis.

The fats and other trace minerals in cashews also support healthy brain function (236).

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E and selenium, reduce oxidative stress and are great for keeping your skin and hair strong and youthful (237, 238).


Acai Berries can Help You Look Younger


Acai Berries


Acai berries are known to be packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

Acai berries have been shown to be one of the most powerful foods in terms of slowing down the process of free radical damage (240).

They have been used for thousands of years to treat hyperpigmentation and other signs of skin degradation (241).

Antioxidants in acai berries help the body repair damage faster and better so that oxidative damage, such as sagging, wrinkling, fine lines, and spots, won’t be visible and age you.

Because of their anti-inflammation quality, acai berries can also prevent brain degeneration, keeping your mental faculties sharp (242).


Eggs can Help You Look Younger




Eggs are immensely popular all around the world.

They are commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes (or eaten cooked on their own) and are quite readily available anytime and everywhere.

They are jam-packed with protein and other nutrients.

Eggs contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which act as anti-inflammatory agents and improve eye health, keeping it keen and away from such conditions as macular degeneration and glaucoma (243, 244).

These two carotenoids are excellent protectors of the skin, too.

They guard it against UV damage that can cause you to look old because of the oxidative damage to the DNA the radiation induces.

Lutein also allows you to be more physically active, giving you the youthful energy you want (245).

Eggs are a rich source of choline which you require for a healthy liver, heart, and brain (246, 247).


Spinach can Help You Look Younger




Leafy greens have always been known for their health benefits.

From the classroom to popular media — remember Popeye? — spinach is recommended for its many advantages.

A storehouse of antioxidants, such as lutein, kaempferol, quercetin, and zeaxanthin, it gives your body the power to battle against oxidative stress.

Lutein and zeaxanthin improve eye health, while quercetin inhibits inflammation, and kaempferol prevents chronic diseases (248, 249, 250, 251).

Based on the studies on both animals and humans, spinach has also been shown to reduce oxidative stress, helping your skin appear young and vibrant (252, 253, 254).


Water can Help You Look Younger




Then we have water, which might just be the most important thing you’ll need in your diet.

Of course, it is essential for survival, but it is also much more than that.

Water gives your skin the hydration it needs to be soft and smooth and supple.

Without it, dryness, clogged pores, and aging effects, such as wrinkling and blemishes, can occur.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, making you both look and feel older and more tired than normal (255).

Not only that, dehydration even in mild forms can heavily impair judgment and cognitive function (256, 257, 258, 259).

If you’re not at your sharpest mentally, you won’t be able to feel or function as a young person would.

Water is great for boosting your metabolism and can also provide satiety so that you don’t eat foods with high caloric count (260, 261, 262, 263).




Taking care of your appearance can have many benefits for you — in both your professional and social life.

It may have proved a laborious task, what with exposure to pollutants and stress having become a part of daily life for most people, but the fight against aging doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

With the list of foods above, you can effectively battle against visible aging.

With very few exceptions, these foods aren’t exotic or expensive and are quite readily accessible in the market.

Make a determined effort to include these in your everyday life, and your looks will prove to you that you made the right decision.

As you enjoy these treats, you’ll look younger, gain the nutritional benefits, and always have something to munch on.

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