12 Science-Backed Benefits of Gemstone Mats Therapy

The use of gemstone heat therapy mats continues to grow in popularity for health management.

People are turning to their power to facilitate better wellness for a wide variety of reasons.

These mats are beneficial for anyone suffering from chronic pains, illnesses, or simply seeking to improve their overall wellness.

There is a lot of appeal to these mats because they utilize entirely natural, complex therapies.

Since they are natural, there is no worry of side effects, and that is an enormous plus for people that suffer from chronic illnesses that require multiple medications just to manage.

Each stone used in gemstone therapy mats has a storied past rooted in health and wellness.

Amethyst can be seen as far back as the ancient Greeks who coveted the gemstone for its abilities to ward off intoxication and maintain a balanced mind.

Egyptians used to carve amethyst into amulets to protect themselves from harm, and the early Christians used them for healing wounds, fevers, and fatigue.

Jade can be seen all throughout Chinese medicine for healing and protection. Jade is thought to bring peace and calmness to those that covet its benefits.

Since jade is so durable, it was believed that it was linked to immortality.

Spanish conquistadors called jade “La Piedra de los Rinones” or the Kidney stone because they believed it dissolved pain related to kidneys and other organs.

Jade is also believed to facilitate healing of the eyes and nervous system.

Natural black tourmaline is known as a revitalizing stone.

It is electrical in natural, and when heated, helps to recharge the body.

Using tourmaline helps increase vitality, counteracting symptoms of fatigue and anxiety.

The use of tourmaline for medicinal purposes dates back to the 1400s, and continues to this very day

As you can see these stones have many practical uses on their own; however, they are now brought together in one device that melds their benefits together.

Choosing the correct gemstone heat therapy mat can be difficult.

Almost all companies stick to using amethyst and a heating system to provide the user with far infrared rays and negative ions.

These two therapies provide substantial measured health benefits.

This is the standard of what you should expect from a mat.

However, other companies such as HealthyLine integrate the process with even more natural therapies to provide a more advanced and efficient experience for their users.

In this case, the gemstone heat therapy mat offers far infrared rays, negative ions, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and in some instances photon lights.

Understanding what each of these therapies is capable of is an integral part of choosing the correct ones that will meet your criteria.

Once you know what you are getting into, you can adequately assess and make the correct purchasing decision.


Why Gemstone Heat Therapy?

The ultimate goal of using a gemstone heat therapy mat comes down to improving your wellness.

Using one each day accumulates into better results in the long run.

If on any level you want to feel and live healthier, then these mats should interest you.

On a more specific note, when reaching this new level of wellness, the mat provides benefits that tie into an immense spectrum of ailments.

Studies, medical reports, and testimonials assert gemstone heat therapy mats can be used to relieve chronic pain, fatigue, joint pain, troubles sleeping, and much more.

Research shows that those living with fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lyme disease, insomnia, hypertension, and even bronchial asthma can find some form of relief.

There is no exact list of everything that gemstone heat therapy mats improve, but it is clear that it is a one-way ticket to wellness.


Why Gemstones?

The gemstones initiate the entire process.

Without them, these devices wouldn’t be much better than a heating pad purchased from Walmart.

Typically, most companies use amethyst in their mats. Some will use jade.

More advanced products will make use of multiple gemstones at the same time.

The stones you want to look for are amethyst, tourmaline, jade, and obsidian.

Often used in alternative remedies, these gemstones are all well-known for their healing properties.

These stones are tested and verified to be semi-conductors of far infrared rays and negative ions, and so the most authentic devices will use them.

As mentioned before, these are natural therapies that provide incredible, risk-free health benefits.

Adding heat to the equation makes this process take place in full force.

Heated gemstones release FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) and negative ions in abundance.

The hot stones against the skin also activate pressure points and relax the body the same way a hot stone therapy session would at a spa.

This warm pressure is also beneficial because it guides the body into a state that is more receptive to other forms of treatment—this includes but isn’t limited to medication, acupuncture, and massage.

Gemstones are the foundation that makes everything operate smoothly.


Understanding and Using Far Infrared Rays

Your body is not foreign to far infrared rays; in fact, it receives them each day without you even being aware.

The soothing warmth you feel when you step in the sun comes from far infrared rays.

These rays are invisible and completely safe at any dosage.

They do not cause sunburns or skin damage the way ultraviolet rays do.

Far infrared radiation is so beneficial when it comes to promoting healing because it penetrates 4-6 inches below the surface level of the skin—stimulating surrounding muscles and tissue.

People are used to a much different kind of heat therapy.

A heating pad or heated blanket that someone buys from Walmart only provides heat to the surface level of the skin.

This limitation means that the heat can only affect the areas it directly touches.

When FIR gets below the surface level of the skin, it boosts the circulatory system—providing more oxygen to the body and accelerating natural healing processes.

This improved blood flow is the key to unlocking health benefits that decrease pain, stiffness, inflammation, blood pressure, and more.


Joint Pain

In 2008, the journal Clinical Rheumatology conducted a study on the effects of infrared heat in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

In this study, there were measuring the benefits regarding pain, stiffness, and overall wellness.

In total, they selected 18 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and 18 with ankylosing spondylitis.

Each patient was treated for 4 weeks (2 times each week).

Altogether, they underwent 8 IR sessions (30 min at a temperature of 55°C or 131°F). Reported results were as followed:

Pain reduction Stiffness reduction Fatigue reduction
Rheumatoid Arthritis 40% 50% 15%
Ankylosing Spondylitis 60% 60% 24%


More than 88% of the patients reported feeling comfortable or very comfortable as a result of the treatment.

These findings strongly support the idea that far infrared radiation is an efficient way to manage aches and pains throughout the body. (1)


Heart Conditions

In Germany, researchers reported that just one hour of FIR therapy could significantly decrease blood pressure, improve blood viscosity, and increase cardiac output.

These findings are the summary of multiple different studies conducted over the years.

The far infrared heat causes the blood to flow in people whose diseases often keep them sedentary.

In one study, 30 patients at the New York Heart Association with congestive heart failure were treated with far infrared saunas.

The treatment consisted of 10, 15-minute sessions over a two week period.

The authors reported that FIR improved cardiac function and clinical symptoms in those with congestive heart failure.

This was the result of improved vascular endothelial function, which increases the efficiency of the blood vessels.

This statement suggests that regular FIR exposure may be an essential new treatment for the millions of patients coping with poor circulation, high blood pressure, and other serious heart conditions. (2)


Nerve Regeneration

Similarly, a team of doctors in Taiwan found that FIR therapy can have a significant effect on nerve regeneration and motor function improvement.

Patients were treated 5 times per week for 30 minutes a day with far infrared radiation.

8 weeks following surgery, nerve regeneration in the in the placebo groups showed significantly less progress.

This increased speed of nerve regeneration suggests that far infrared may be beneficial in cases of postoperative recovery and preexisting nerve damage. (3)


Back Pain

Many Americans have jobs in which they sit at desks for long durations of time each day, in fact, more than 31 million Americans experience have back pain at any given time.

According the American Chiropractic Association, more than 80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some point in their life.

Luckily, this growing concern can be managed. In a recent study, 50 people were chosen as subjects because they have had back pain for more than six months.

They were given far infrared heat pads and administered treatment at least 45-minutes a day for 4 weeks.

The reported results after the four week period were significant improvements in pain and well-being in 90% of the subjects.

This level of success speaks to the efficacy of FIR for pain management. (4)


Chronic Fatigue

There are more than 200,000 cases of chronic fatigue each year.

Those suffering from it struggle to pick themselves up from it, and struggling only makes it worse.

Recent studies involving far infrared suggest that its radiation could offer these people some relief.

Patients underwent a total of 35 consecutive treatments, once a day.

Each treatment took place in an infrared sauna at 60 degrees Celsius.

It was reported that after 15-25 sessions, each patient experienced improvements in fatigue, pain, sleep disturbances, and low grade fever.

These finding suggest that FIR can be beneficial for those living with chronic fatigue and other illness affecting these areas of wellness. (5)

FIR treatment is non-invasive and effective and can treat a wide array of peripheral nerve diseases and injuries.

Many studies like these continue to appear, and further support the use of far infrared radiation as an effective form of medical treatment.


Negative Ions Matter

Heated gemstones simultaneously release negative ions as well.

Ions are an atom that has gained or lost a charge.

So when we say negative ions, we are talking about an oxygen atom charged with an extra electron.

Another invisible natural therapy, negative ions are tiny in size, but significant in benefits.

These ions are present in natural settings that contain large bodies of water such as lakes and waterfalls.

An over-saturation of negative ions is responsible for the change of smell of the air following a thunderstorm.

The benefits of negative ions primarily focus on the respiratory system and detoxification.

They attract harmful positive ions (which can include airborne viruses) and remove them from the external environment.

Additionally, they can help improve mood levels and generate more serotonin in the brain to facilitate sleep.

In 2006, doctors at Colombia University published a study claiming that negative ions could be the new key to managing seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

SAD is a form of depression that affects over 2 million people in the United States alone— creeping in every winter just in time to make many sluggish and gloomy.

A study of 78 SAD patients indicated exposure to negative ion therapy showed about 50% of patients regaining energy and mood levels.

Additionally, when the therapy acclimates to the each individual’s sleep cycle, the percent of those that experience an improvement climbs to about 80%.

The benefits that negative ions have on those with SAD can be attributed to effects they have on both the biological and mental conditions of the patients. (6)

Another study published in the International Journal of Biometeorology from 1973, tested the effects of negative ions on emotional responsiveness and serotonin levels.

After 14 weeks of treatment, it was reported that those given high concentrated doses of ions were more responsive and showed heightened levels of serotonin.

Both of these findings are beneficial for those living with forms of depression, chronic fatigue, or any other chronic illness that hinders productivity and energy levels. (7)


Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Now that we have discussed the basics of gemstone heat therapy mats, you can see how the use of one would reshape your wellness.

As mentioned before, some companies embed other natural therapies into their mats.

One of these bonus therapies is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF.

HealthyLine, a well-known company in the field, owns a patent for the combination of far infrared technology and PEMF in a gemstone therapy mat.

If you are looking to get the most out of your experience with a gemstone heat therapy mat, PEMF is essential.

The Earth emits a frequency that the human body needs to maintain proper health levels.

As a result of an increase in the prevalence of technology, this frequency faces a lot of interference.

PEMF is a process of applying magnetic fields of a particular frequency to the body.

Ideally you need to use a frequency of 7.8 Hz which is the same frequency as the Earth’s because this is proven to be most beneficial.

This value is the most attuned to the body’s natural biorhythm and promotes the most realistic natural experience.

They make devices that apply PEMF in different waves—pulsed sinusoidal has shown the most significant results.

PEMF functions as a cellular tune-up, enhancing your body’s overall functioning as well as improving blood circulation, reducing chronic pain, promoting bone healing, alleviating inflammation, managing symptoms of depression, and increasing range of motion.

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression; 16 million adults in the US suffer from depression.

A study published in the Cambridge University Press was conducted on patients with treatment resistant depression using PEMF and antidepressants.

65 patients were treated with PEMF either once a day or twice a day.

The goal was to reach remission which they deemed for the purpose of the study to be a 7 on the Hamilton Depression scale.

In a 5 week period, 26.5% reached remission with once a day treatment and 32.3% reached remission with twice a day treatment.

After an 8 week period, patients saw remission up to 75% as a result of using PEMF with their medication.

These higher levels were not determined to be the result of different dosages, but rather n prolonged period of treatment. (8)

Another study was conducted to measure the effects of PEMF on people with treatment-resistant depression.

The study took place over 5 weeks in which a sham group was compared with a group receiving real PEMF therapy.

Each person received treatment through a helmet designed with 7 PEMF coils inside.

The same treatment was administered for the entire 5 week period with no alteration.

Reported results indicated that those receiving PEMF showed significantly higher clinical results, with original progress being seen within the first week of treatment.

62% reported positive effect on the Hamilton Depression scale with a confidence level of 95%. (9)

The benefits of a noninvasive treatment for depression are incalculable.

Many people with depression are turned off of medications offered by doctors because of negative experiences they have had with them.

With no side effects, PEMF could be the best alternative to doctor prescribed antidepressants out there.

In one 1999 study by the Bangladesh Medical Research Council, researchers applied PEMF stimulation to 13 long-term non-union fracture patients.

Within 14 weeks, 11 out of those 13 patients experienced successful bone healing.

In another study, nine nonunion metatarsal bones were treated with PEMF.

All fractures healed in a mean time of 4 months (range 2-8 months).

Those fractures treated with both pulsed electromagnetic fields and a cast healed in a mean time of 3 months (range 2-4 months).

Without PEMF treatment the expected heal time for fractures such as these was 41 weeks. (10)

Cervical osteoarthritis causes a major reduction in the range of motion.

Patients struggle to remain mobile and move around this happens.

Research published in Clinical Rheumatology found that PEMF treatment increased the range of motion and reduced muscle spasms and neck pain in osteoarthritis patients after receiving treatment twice a day for three weeks.

In another study of 34 patients (15 of which were treated with PEMF and the rest with placebo), the PEMF group experienced a reduction in pain and discomfort of about 50% as opposed to only 10% of the placebo group after just a six week treatment period.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 50 million adults have a form of doctor-diagnosed arthritis.

That’s 1 in 5 people over age 18. Arthritis is the nation’s No. 1 cause of disability.

For these people and other with conditions like theirs, PEMF could make a lasting impact on their health and well-being. (11)

In 2011, Dr. Oz referred to PEMF as “a breakthrough that will change medicine forever.”

He isn’t the only major player involved in the PEMF field.

NASA is an advocate for PEMF therapy and has published several studies about it in regards to maintaining the health of their astronauts.

The heat from a gemstone therapy mat will only make the PEMF more efficient, which is why its inclusion makes perfect sense.


Looking Into Photon Light Therapy

The last natural therapy finding its way into gemstone heat therapy mats involves photon lights.

Photon light therapy has a short wavelength, so it doesn’t penetrate deeply.

Photon therapy uses visible red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometers, an efficient frequency that reaches down into connective tissue.

When the body absorbs this light, it forms into nitric oxide. This stimulates synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

This is essential for the metabolism of all cellular regeneration.

Photon light therapy assists directly with the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for generating proteins and collagen.

The new cells destroy old cells, assisting even further with detoxification.

For photon light therapy to be effective, it must have a high frequency and make direct contact with the area that needs restoration.

Photon light therapy is beneficial in all areas of cellular regeneration.

This includes skin restoration in the form of acne damage, burns, and more.

It is also helpful to undergo photon light therapy immediately following an injury or surgery because it aids in faster wound healing.

Photon light therapy is also a well-liked approach to managing signs of depression, and there are many devices out there designed to utilize it for this purpose specifically.

In 2009, a journal called Behavioral and Brain Functions published a study about the benefits of using photon light therapy to treat depression and anxiety.

The study was conducted on 10 patients with major depression, and results were measured using the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) and the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A).

Following two weeks of treatment, HAM-D results showed an average decrease of about 54% and HAM-A results showed an average decrease of about 63%.

Furthermore, after the four week trial the results were 23% and 36% decreases accordingly.

Another study from 2004 published in the Dermatologic Surgery journal, light therapy was measured for its effect on acne vulgaris, a chronic skin condition that occurs when oil and dead skin cells plug hair follicles.

Results showed that 85% of subject reported a reduction of at least 50% of lesions after just two months.

In roughly 20% of these cases, acne eradication reached levels of 90% and after a three month period, complete clearing of the acne ranged around 70-80%.

There was a nonresponsive rate of about 20%.

Photon light can penetrate deeply into your cells and enact a change from the inside out, resulting in a noticeable improvement of complexion.

This study was conducting because of the growing demand for a fast, easy, and side-effect-free novel therapy for skin management.

The results speak to the effectiveness of photon light therapy as that management system, mainstream companies lately releasing light emitting devices of their own for skin repair in recent years further supports these findings.


What It All Means For You

If you are looking for a compact and efficient way to facilitate better wellness, then a gemstone heat therapy mat is something you should be wholeheartedly considering.

As stated before, there are a lot of different kinds of gemstone therapy mats that come with different stones, various therapies, and multiple sizes.

When it comes to everything discussed, HealthyLine is the only company that satisfies all criteria, and they do it impressively.

As mentioned before, they own a patent for PEMF and gemstone technology, so if PEMF is something you want with your gemstone therapy mat, there is no other choice.

Not only does this company offer the most options, variety, and benefits, but their price-point is significantly lower than others out there.

You can get a mat from HealthyLine starting at just $100, meaning there is an option for any kind of budget you may have.

While their top of the line models may run up to $1500, this is nothing compared to other companies that offer less value, but charge upwards of $3000.

HealthyLine mats all come with a 45-day risk free trial period, and so you can order one and find out if you like it.

If you don’t, you can return for any reason—no questions asked.

Choosing the correct mat is an integral part of the journey to better wellness; HealthyLine is the best place to start.


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