Home Remedies for Earache (11 Proven Ways)

No matter the cause, earaches are awful to deal with.

They can range from uncomfortable to downright painful.

And while adults are less likely to experience an earache, we aren’t immune.

So what to do for an earache? How to get rid of an earache that seems never-ending?

Don’t worry – there are tons of home remedies for an earache.

For simple earaches, it’s sometimes easier to head to the kitchen than to the doctor’s office.

The proof of that? Well, let’s take a look at these 11 home remedies for earaches!


Olive Oil


If you’re suffering from an earache and you’re looking for some fast relief, try out the olive oil.

Acting as a lubricant to your ear, it can help to rid you of your infection.

Not only that but if you’re having buzzing sensations in your ear, it can put a stop to that, as well!

Simply use a dropper and apply 3 to 4 lukewarm drops of olive oil into your ear canal.

If you prefer, you can also dip a cotton swab in the oil and press it firmly against your ear.

Bonus: you can replace olive oil with mustard oil and use it just the same!




One of the best home remedies for an earache is garlic.

That’s because it is packed with antibiotic and analgesic properties.

This makes it ideal for fighting off earaches, especially those caused by infection.

You have a few options with garlic.

To apply:

  • Crush garlic and twist a small piece into thin material such as cheesecloth. Insert the garlic into your ear (just barely) and leave it for 30 minutes or until your ear feels better.
  • Just juice a few cloves of garlic and let it sit in the ear that hurts.
  • Use 2 tablespoons of sesame oil with one teaspoon of minced garlic and heat it together. Let the mixture cool, then put 2 to 3 drops of the garlic oil into your ear.

Just a slight warning here, though garlic works very effectively against ear aches, it can have a very warm sensation that some find initially uncomfortable.




Possibly one of the most widely accessible home remedies you can use to ward off earaches is an onion.

Like garlic, it is full of helpful properties, such as antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

  • Simply grate onions until you have a tablespoon of onion juice, then heat it on low heating.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of onion juice into your ear about 2-3 times daily until the problem goes away.

Or, like with garlic, you can crush a fresh onion and wrap it in a clean cloth.

However, don’t insert the onion, simply hold it the ear that’s giving you problems for anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

You can repeat this several times throughout the day.


Hot Water Bottle


Putting a moist source of heat near the ear that’s giving you grief can be an excellent source of pain relief.

Just wrap a thin towel around your hot water bottle and press it firmly against your ear for a few minutes.

This works because you can help to draw out infection.




Ginger is a go-to natural painkiller.

It also has tons of anti-inflammatory properties, which means it’s perfect for helping to treat your ear infections.

To do so, juice some fresh ginger and put the juice from it into your ear.

This will provide nearly instantaneous relief from inflammation and pain.

Or, you can mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a teaspoon of the freshly grated ginger root.

Let it set for about 10 minutes so that it can infuse, then apply 3 – 4 drops of ginger oil to your ear.




Whether you prefer peppermint oil or peppermint leaves, you can find relief from earaches with either.

  • Juice fresh peppermint leaves and put the juice into a dropper.
  • Apply 3 – 4 drops into your ear canal.
  • You can also use a cotton swab to apply 3 – 4 drops of peppermint oil around your ear’s opening.

Avoid putting this into your ear.

If you’d like, you can dilute the oil using another oil, such as olive oil, and then apply it around your ear.




Basil is fantastic for both fighting and relieving earaches.

This is because it has several analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

All you have to do is crush some of the leaves to extract its juices, then apply the juice one to two times daily. Use 3 – 4 drops each time.

It should have you feeling right as rain in no time.




Neem, also known as Indian lilac, has very potent antifungal and antibacterial properties.

This works to combat infection like magic.

It doesn’t hurt that it also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which will help reduce your earache even more quickly.

  • Simply crush some of the neem leaves to get the juice and apply a few drops of the neem juice to your ear.
  • If you would rather, you can also soak a cotton swab in the oil and put it in your ear.
  • Just be sure to squeeze all of the excess oil out first.
  • Leave the swab in your ear for 3-5 minutes.

Either way, repeat the process one to two times daily until your earache is gone.


Bishop’s Weed


Bishop’s weed, also commonly known as ‘ajwain’, is yet another natural remedy that is effective against earaches.

It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

  • All you have to do is mix three teaspoons of sesame oil with one teaspoon of Bishop’s weed oil and warm them together.
  • Then you just apply a few drops to your ear canal.
  • Alternatively, you can mix together a couple of flakes of garlic, half a teaspoon of Bishop’s weed, and two teaspoons of mustard oil and heat them until the flakes of garlic turn red.
  • After you filter it, apply a few drops to your ear.


Hair Dryer


This is another great way to apply moist heat to your ear.

After you get out of your bath or shower, don’t towel dry your ears.

Instead, get out your blow dryer.

Make sure that you keep the setting on warm and that you don’t put it too close to your ear.

Using a hair dryer allows the warm air to dry the moisture build up in your ear.

Just be careful, and don’t use it longer than 5 minutes.


Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is a great way to fight off infections due to its antibacterial properties.

All you have to do is apply a few drops of the oil into your ear canal.

However, this can be a bit potent, and many first-time users find that it burns more than they feel it comfortable.

If you’re worried that it’s a little too warm, simply dilute it a bit with coconut or olive oil.

Typically one teaspoon of tea tree oil with two teaspoons of your favorite oil.




Now that you know what to do for an earache and how to get rid of an earache using home remedies, you can save yourself a little time and money.

However, if you find that your earache persists even with home treatments, talk to your doctor.

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