How Hypnotism Can Make You A Happier Person

As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, I get a lot of clients who wish to beat an addiction.

Whether it’s quitting smoking or overcoming substance abuse issues, it is well-known that hypnosis can grant you more control.

The same is true with confidence issues, like stage-fright or sports performance anxiety.

In other words, it is associated with targeting specific issues and blocks.

But can it make you a happier person in general?

I use hypnotherapy to treat conditions like depression, as well as to help improve clients’ general mood.

Sometimes it is necessary to supplement it with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and existential therapy, but on its own it definitely makes a major difference to the way people approach their lives.

You’re probably wondering how it works.

Obviously, I can’t simply use the power of suggestion to direct you to be happier.

I’d like to demystify it for you, and hopefully this will help you get an understanding of the obstacles your mind puts in the way of your own happiness.


Lifestyle Changes

In many cases, a few simple lifestyle changes can make a person happier.

Daily exercise, for example, causes your body to release endorphins which improve mood.

A more balanced diet, more self-care, and taking time to be present are all very basic ways of improving your general mental well-being.

Balance is one of the most difficult things to achieve in today’s world.

Hypnosis can give you more control in balancing your day-to-day lifestyle.

This is a good start, but hypnotherapy can go so much further in changing your approach to life.


Reprogramming Irrational Thoughts

Everyone has a wealth of irrational thoughts, which we draw on every single day.

For some people, the effects of these thoughts are not so dire.

They worry about things they cannot change or that really won’t have much impact on their lives.

They take precautions that are unnecessary and occasionally fixate on perfection.

For others, these thoughts make happiness almost impossible.

Thoughts like:

“Nobody can love me”

“I don’t deserve happiness”

“I have no good qualities”

“I’m not good at anything”

“Life’s demands are too overwhelming”


Thoughts like these can make it difficult just to get out of bed.

After all, if you believe that you don’t deserve happiness or that nobody will ever love you, you’ll find it hard to see the point of facing the day.

All of these thoughts are irrational, and in theory can be disproven in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, they are often ingrained in people’s minds from childhood.

Challenging them with rational arguments might help, but you’ll have to challenge them over and over again.

And sometimes, even with the best arguments, you might go on believing the distortion.

Hypnotherapy is so useful because it can guide you in eliminating those thoughts and replacing them with rational alternatives.

You reprogram your mind, not simply by challenging the thoughts, but by uprooting them.

This works because you go straight to their source in the subconscious.

Every one of us can imagine a better life without these irrational thoughts.

Hypnotherapy can make that a reality far more quickly than the more traditional forms of therapy, because whereas traditional therapies can only target these beliefs indirectly, hypnosis lets you confront them at their roots.

But hypnotherapy does not only help eliminate these irrational beliefs.

It can guide you to the most important point of all.


Discovering Your Ideal Self

Even when those irrational beliefs have been eliminated, their effects will not simply go away.

Your identity has been shaped by those beliefs since childhood.

You’ll be happier without them, but you will still have a difficult time identifying who you are without them.

Hypnotherapy can bring you back to who you were before these beliefs took hold.

You can revisit your early memories and soothe the wounded child inside you.

In this way, your inner child learns that it is loved and cared for, that everything will be okay.

When you start learning to love yourself, you begin to realize the immense possibilities in your life.

Everything you told yourself you did not deserve or weren’t capable of become opportunities instead of regrets.

It is only by learning to identify yourself with love and worthiness that you can live a truly fulfilling life.

When you discover who you are, without the distortions or their scars, happiness will become your status quo.

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