TRX Workouts

TRX is an excellent piece of equipment for the average person, although it can be intimidating to get started with. This guide will walk you through setting up your own TRX and using it at home.


The decision has been made. TRX exercises are suitable for everyone, even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

RBG, as she’s fondly known, has gotten a lot of press for her long-term dedication to a healthy fitness program that includes TRX suspension training.

While TRX training is popular among professional athletes, models, military personnel, and Hollywood A-listers, the reality is that it is a terrific form of exercise for practically everyone, even beginners. To put it another way, you don’t need a 6-pack to use this workout method.

What Is TRX?

The TRX suspension trainer is a terrific method to switch things up and test your muscles and proprioception in new ways if you’re bored with weights, exercise bands, and burpees. TRX workouts are great because you can adjust the intensity and resistance by just shifting your body posture. TRX is the company that created the tagline “Make your body your machine.”

The TRX suspension trainer may be used to complete a full-body exercise or add variety to your existing fitness program by challenging your stabilizer muscles and balance.

So, what exactly is a TRX exercise, and how does it function? Two adjustable main straps, grips, and foot cradles make up the TRX suspension trainer. These straps are coupled to a particular anchor, which you may put in your house or use outdoors on trees, provided the anchor is correctly fastened.

A TRX suspension trainer is a lightweight, low-cost piece of workout equipment that allows you to execute hundreds of various bodyweight exercises by leveraging gravity and your weight.

The workouts on the TRX suspension trainer are divided into several movement groups. Here are the movement categories, along with some typical TRX workouts for each:

  • Make a push (TRX Chest Press, Pushups, Triceps Press)
  • yank (Low Row TRX, Biceps Curl, Inverted Row)
  • Plank of wood (TRX Plank, Mountain Climbers, Crunches)
  • Turn it around (TRX Rotational Ward, Power Pull, Oblique Crunch)
  • The lunge is a term that refers to a (TRX Split Squat, Step Back Lunge, Balance Lunge)
  • Lie down in a squat (Curl your hamstrings with the TRX., Squat, Squat Jump)

TRX’s Background

In 1997, while stationed in Southeast Asia and remote from a gym with weights, Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick invented the initial version of TRX using just a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing.

With further improvement, it became the world’s most famous suspension trainer.

So, what exactly is TRX stand for? TRX suspension training, often known as total resistance workouts, develops:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Stability of the Core

Top Advantages

1. It’s a fantastic solution for senior citizens

As we become older, we gradually lose muscle mass, which causes us to have more incredible difficulty moving about, have poor balance, and have less strength. When all of this is considered, diminished mobility creates a significant quality of life concern that often leads to a loss of independence and enjoyment.

However, positive results occurred when German researchers at the Institute of Movement and Sport Gerontology placed older people on a modified TRX routine. Compliance is the first, and it’s a biggie. It might be challenging to promote moderation and common sense in the face of so many get-fit-in-30-day gimmicks. However, in this tiny research, 85 percent of participants completed the TRX program, with 91 percent stating that they were participants who performed a TRX program tailored for older in this little research people to build on core strength while doing bodyweight rows, chest lifts, tricep presses, and squats. According to the findings, all participants reported favorable outcomes, with strength increases being the most prominent.

2. It is practical

The American Council on Exercise commissioned a research to look into the advantages of TRX, and the results showed that benefits may be seen after only one 60-minute TRX training session, with sustained improvements during an eight-week TRX training program.

The study’s ultimate goal was to accomplish two things. The purpose of the study was to assess the immediate cardiovascular and metabolic responses to a single TRX Suspension Training session. Part two focused on determining the efficacy of an 8-week TRX program in terms of increasing the following fitness areas:

  • Cardiorespiratory
  • Muscular
  • Neuromotor
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiometabolic risk factors must be improved.

When researchers looked at the acute effects of one 60-minute TRX class, they discovered that participants burnt an average of over 400 calories each session.

The eight-week training blocks have also shown promising outcomes. Participants in this study participated in three TRX exercise sessions each week for eight weeks.

These benefits were felt by participants in the form of a considerable reduction in:

  • Circumference of the waist
  • Percentage of body fat
  • systolic and diastolic blood pressure at rest
  • Diastolic blood pressure at rest

Muscle strength and endurance were increased as a result of the strength improvements. The following areas had the most progress, with considerable improvements in:

  • Leg press maximum repetitions 1
  • Bench press maximum repetitions: 1
  • Pushups and curl-ups tests

Lance Dalleck, Ph.D., associate professor of exercise and sports science at Western State Colorado University, adds, “This is likely what struck me the most.” “These increases in muscle fitness have been associated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and death if they are maintained over time.”

Other findings from the ACE project include:

  • Prehypertensive exercisers had blood pressure decrease by up to 12 points, which Dr. Dalleck described as “more dramatic outcomes than are generally observed with regular aerobic exercise.”
  • TRX Suspension Training is “clinically useful in improving entire 30-year cardiovascular disease risk,” according to 86 percent of participants.

3. It provides a boost of T without stress

Low testosterone affects both men and women in the United States, affecting libido, vitality, muscle mass, and other factors.

Suspension training, on the other hand, may be a technique to boost testosterone levels without triggering a significant rise in the stress hormone cortisol, according to a small 2011 research.

A moderate-intensity suspension training program with 30-second intervals and 60-second rest periods produced a good anabolic profile that lasted two hours following the workout.

4. Engages muscles more effectively than conventional lifting

In many situations, the instability of strength training stimulated in suspension training over standard lifting resulted in more muscle activation, according to a 2018 review research published in Sports Biomechanics.

This was notably true for pushups, planks, and hamstring curls while using TRX suspension.

5. Terrific method to keep your exercises interesting by mixing them 

In 2014, Spanish researchers looked at healthy individuals who had never done any weight exercise. Half of the guys used weight machines, barbells, and free weights in a more typical resistance training program. The other half utilized TRX suspension trainers and Bosu balls to increase stability.

The researchers emphasize the essential elements, including that both training circuits yielded similar effects. What’s the takeaway? To keep your exercise interesting and something you want to stick to, do what you like — or a combination of both.

6. It will help you enhance your water skills

Researchers reported enhanced strength in major core parameters in female synchronized swimmers who committed to two TRX land training each week for six months.

This implies that utilizing TRX in the water may enhance core strength, allowing for better mobility and lowering the chance of injury. Consider adding light, basic TRX land training to your weekly exercises if you appreciate the numerous advantages of swimming.

7. It is less expensive and clutter-free

Let’s be honest. Those enormous, cumbersome workout equipment collect dust in the basement or serve as a good laundry hanger. In addition, TRX equipment is less expensive and takes up less room than more expensive, bulkier devices.

Plus, since the suspension straps are lightweight, you could even take them to the park for a workout if you use a good anchor.

TRX Exercises

I prefer to add TRX suspension training into every exercise as a certified personal trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Level 1 TRX teacher. TRX, which is often a “mashup” of TRX, agility and balance exercises, and conventional strength training, provides a more unstable basis to push your core and stabilize muscles in ways that machines and free weights do not.

But here’s the thing: A TRX training program circuit should be tailored to your present skill level and include some common sense. For example, if you can’t hold a plank on the floor with proper form, don’t try the TRX plank, which is considerably harder.

There are, however, TRX workouts that are ideal for beginners, even older folks. The user (or their qualified personal trainer) must understand how to utilize the TRX system appropriately.

Beginners’ TRX Exercises

TRX Low Row Stand with your back to the anchor.

Begin by pulling shoulders down and back, bending elbows, palms facing, hands alongside chest, and walking feet toward anchor point until the back is squeezed.

Maintain plank by lowering your body until your arms are completely extended.



Return: Drive elbow back alongside the body to pull the body into anchor point.




Power Pull with TRX

Mid-length, single-handle style of adjustment

Stand with your back to the anchor.

Start with one hand beside the chest and the other reaching up the TRX main strap toward the anchor point.


Rotate the free arm toward the ground while extending the working component in a circular motion.

Return: Rotate the free arm toward the anchor point while driving the working elbow straight back.




TRX Squat

Mid-length adjustment

Stand with your back to the anchor.

Start with your elbows stacked beneath your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart.


Lower your hips down and back, keeping your weight on your heels.

Return to starting position by driving through your heels, squeezing your glutes, and lifting your chest.


TRX Lunge Step Back

Mid-length adjustment

Stand with your back to the anchor.

Start by stacking elbows beneath shoulders, bringing one leg to the anchor point, and lifting the other leg to a 90-degree angle at the knee and hip. 1636102973_647_TRX-Workouts-Best-Exercises-for-Beginners-Including-Older

Drive the elevated leg back, contact the ground with the foot, and drop the knee.

Return to an entire standing posture, feet parallel, by driving through the mid-foot and heel of the grounded leg, extending the hips, lifting the chest, and looking ahead.





Mid-length adjustment

Stand with your back to the anchor.

Start with an offset foot stance, arms drawn back overhead into a “Y” posture, TRX Suspension Trainer tension, and palms facing front.


Drop your body while maintaining your arms straight, then gently lower your arms back to the starting position.


Return to starting position by pressing your knuckles backward.

TRX Hamstring Curl

Mid-calf adjustment

Anchorage facing the ground

Begin by placing your feet under the anchor point (arms at sides pressing into the ground)


Bring toes towards the body, force heels down, pull knees over hips, and elevate hips to make a straight line between knees and shoulders.

Return: Lower hips to ground with control, keeping knees over hips, extending legs back to anchor point, leaving a tiny bend in knees at the completion of the action.



What is the best way to attach TRX straps? This is critical. It’s done using TRX mounting equipment and strict adherence to the instructions. When TRX straps are mounted excessively high, the user might become violently swinging, putting the person on the straps in danger of damage (or those around her).

Another critical point to remember is that TRX allows for changes to train both beginners and experienced exercisers appropriately. However, jumping into TRX workouts before you’re ready may put you in danger of injury, so choose a qualified personal trainer with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in exercise science who will watch out for your best interests.

Last Thoughts

  • TRX is a popular suspension training technique that focuses on strengthening core stability, balance, and flexibility.
  • Unlike standard weight machines, dumbbell, and barbell training, TRX training promotes instability, which may target your core and stabilizer muscles in various ways.
  • TRX training has been shown in many studies to increase core strength, balance, waist circumference, body fat percentage, blood pressure, and other factors.
  • TRX is a terrific tool for beginners and older individuals. Still, it should only be used under the supervision of a personal or group fitness trainer who has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in exercise science or a similar field.
  • Avoiding injury requires properly installing your TRX and not doing TRX activities above your current fitness levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TRX training good for seniors?

A: TRX training is an excellent way to improve balance and focus. It can also help seniors with the muscle weakness that comes from aging, as well as other problems such as arthritis or stroke rehabilitation.

Can a beginner do TRX?

A: Yes. The TRX balance board is a forgiving system, and the more you use it, the better you will get at balancing on it.

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