Top 10 Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight Outside

We’ve all seen those “lose weight fast” schemes on television and found them plastered on every aisle of our local supermarkets over the years, but, as with anything in life, the faster something claims to be, the less successful it truly is in the long run.

Although some find success through using them, they tend to follow strict workout plans and may be affected by other variables which could lead to comparable weight loss without any gimmicks.

However, with the summer nearly over and the season of overeating and “using sweaters to cover your rolls” rearing its ugly head, the time to create a more consistent, conservative, and healthy lifestyle is now.

Therefore, although many of the weight loss products currently on the market may not be able to guarantee weight loss results, hard work, exercise, and a good diet most certainly can.

With that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t have helpers to guide you down the path to a thinner and more healthy lifestyle; you just have to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

From there, you can begin your new life not only with your own strength to back you but the power of convenience and technology on your side as well.

After all, with technology, anything is possible.


DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs


When it comes to increasing the effects of your exercise routine, studies suggest that music can actually give you a boost in your workout and also increase your stamina over time as well.

That’s why using a quality set of headphones is so important.

The truth is that different parts of our brain are activated when we listen to certain genres — but having a poor-quality music device can actually make use subconsciously angry over time, which will reflect in our workouts.

Therefore, DUBS noise canceling headphones are a wonderful way to ensure that you are listening to your workout playlist in a quality manner.

Furthermore, these headphones also utilize “dynamic attenuation,” which serves as a volume reducer to control mid-range frequencies.

They also come with a carrying case for easy transport when traveling.

With this being said, these headphones are a wonderful new addition to your collection for less than $20 and are guaranteed to help you increase your effort and stamina when doing vigorous exercise.


TAL Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle


The TAL Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle is ideal for music lovers and hydration seekers combined.

For hikers, it can often be difficult for them to keep their headphones in, and, therefore, a device that can play music loud enough to be heard even when not in the ears is ideal.

This is also a wonderful device for rock climbing and other extreme physical sports, as it allows you to hear the music even when it is not on you.

Furthermore, what a lot of people don’t realize is that staying hydrated can actually help you to lose weight in the long run by increasing calorie burn.

It also reduces the risk of exhaustion which, in turn, reduces the risk of becoming ill from serious rigorous workouts and diets.

In fact, 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration which can lead to serious complications in the body and even lead to an increase in hospital visits likewise.

Some individuals that refrain from exercise and proper water intake tend to later face serious chronic illnesses and lack the ability to do and experience certain things the average person their age would happily be able to complete.

In fact, one of the biggest limiting factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle is travel.

Not only is traveling with a chronic illness highly difficult, but any form of outdoor activity can quickly become an extremely difficult process.

Since all of this could have easily been avoided with a series of simple life changes earlier on, it only makes it even more vital to focus on weight loss and life changes as soon as possible.


SABRE Personal Alarm


Although outdoor activities have been shown to increase your workout productivity, there are many dangers that come with exercising alone.

In fact, more than half of young female joggers are harassed on a daily basis.

Despite many of these situations being nothing but talk or catcalling attempts, staying safe and ensuring that you do not fall victim to an attacker is crucial for any young individual looking to safely lose weight.

That’s why having a handheld security system such as the Sabre Personal Alarm is ideal for outdoor activities.

Not only does it provide you with a simple and quick way to contact the authorities but it also is discrete meaning that you can hide it anywhere in the case of a kidnapping or other serious concerns related to outdoor activities.

Furthermore, for hikers and other individuals that prefer challenging exercise activities as well as people living the digital nomad lifestyle and looking to take RV trips around the area, this little device can protect you even when you’re asleep making it a wonderful device for any dangerous situation you may face exercising outdoors.


HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Set


So maybe you want to experience the outdoors from the comfort of your home or perhaps you don’t have the time and money to head to every beautiful place in your area for a workout.

Although you may be longing for that crisp air and natural beauty during your workouts, there is one way to achieve just that without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

With the use of virtual reality technology, you can now go anywhere and do anything without coughing up a dime in return.

Imagine racing in the Tour De France peloton with Lance Armstrong on your tail as you pedal to the finish line on your exercise bike at home.

Perhaps you would rather go for a jog in Hawaii when on your treadmill in your living room.

No matter what it is — or where it is, for that matter — virtual reality technology can take you there and let you conquer it.

Not only will this encourage you to strive for more but also will never make you lose your motivation by becoming boring or normal to you.

Every routine and every virtual simulation will allow you to push yourself in ways you haven’t before and won’t cost a ton of gas or effort in the process.

For individuals looking to get the most out of virtual reality exercise techniques, the HTC VIVE virtual reality set allows you to not only be there but also engage with your surroundings using patented VIVE trackers for your hands likewise making it the perfect set for someone looking to lose weight in an adventurous setting without all the hassle commonly involved.


LUMO Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker


For anyone who knows how important the little things are when losing weight, this fitness tracker is perfect for your everyday lifestyle.

The Lift tracks your posture, steps, distance, and calories burned while gentle vibrations remind you to straighten up when you slouch.

According to recent studies, sitting with proper posture can help you burn calories even when you aren’t exercising by toning your physique and contributing to weight loss.

The LUMO Lift is a fully functional and interactive activity tracker that will help you to also track your progress and determine aspects of your daily routine and regimen that can be changed in order to make you even more successful and efficient in your weight loss journey.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and connects via Bluetooth, making it a perfect choice for an outdoor exercise enthusiast.


Kiwi-Rata Thermo Pants


Any wrestler or football player in high school is guaranteed to tell you that they are conditioned in one way or another by using sweating and insulation to their advantage.

In fact, most high school teams will have their athletes train in heavy clothing to increase the amount of sweat each individual produces and how much they lose in turn.

However, measuring the exact amount of insulation in comparison to an individual’s water intake can often be difficult which has led to some individuals collapsing from dehydration in the past.

Therefore, although this form of weight loss is rapid and viable, it can all too often become dangerous making it a risk not worth taking–that was, until now.

With Kiwi-Rata Thermo Pants, you can reap all of the benefits of heat conditioning weight loss without the dangers commonly associated with it.

Furthermore, for being so cheap, they also are roughly the same amount as any old pair of yoga pants making them quite cost-effective likewise.

Whether you plan on going for a jog around the neighborhood, hitting the local gym, or even doing some yoga in the park, these pants will allow you to sweat nearly twice as much and lose that extra weight in no time.


The Overweight Mind by Jay Nixon


Although many individuals struggling with their weight immediately turn to strict diets and exercise patterns for the answer to their problems, it truly all begins with your mind.

An individual that is still unsure of themselves of their potential or their want to be thin will always fail.

That is why taking the time out of your day even before or after a workout to read a book which can help you set your mind on the right path is a great way to ensure your emotions are properly in-sync with your new lifestyle in all the right ways.

Although the list of weight loss-related books is endless, this novel focuses solely on the human mind, how it interacts with workout plans, and what needs to change within yourself to see the results on the outside.

The Overweight Mind: The Undeniable Truth behind Why You’re Not Losing Weight is an excellent novel based on our emotions, our needs, and what we lack in every resolution that leads us back to base one with nothing to show for it.

Furthermore, for a tech-centric individual, the book comes in kindle form so you can read it anywhere and everywhere with the swipe of your finger.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that this novel is a perfect example of a quality weight loss book with information and statistics to back it which will help you to look at your actions under a well-needed microscope and learn how you can improve and become a better person because of it.


Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt


Despite there not being a lot of tangible evidence as to the reliability of these devices, many women claim these trimming belts have helped them to lose endless amounts of weight in no time flat.

With this in mind, it might not hurt to try one the next time you head out for a jog or to a Zumba class.

However, make sure to purchase one such as the Perfotek as many brands are unreliable and have even had negative side effects such as irritated skin and chaffing.

Furthermore, with a built-in sauna effect, the belt also encourages more sweating which, as discussed above is a great way to lose extra weight and increase your productivity during outdoor activities.

Also, with anti-slip material on the inside, you can forget about the item falling down or becoming uncomfortable mid-workout as it will easily stay in place during the entire workout guaranteed.


Universal Virtual Golf Set for PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii


Perhaps, your idea of a great workout is a fun and inclusive sport such as golfing but it can often be difficult to pay for the costly club fees or find time to hit the course every day.

This is where the technology of virtual golf comes into play.

With the Universal Virtual Golf Set for PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii, you can choose from countless different courses across the world, connect the device to your own clubs, and even use their virtual tee and golf ball to make the experience even more real each and every time.

Practice on various courses with a range of different difficulty levels and improve both your form as well as lower your handicap.

Furthermore, because of the emphasis on your back and waist muscles, you can focus on muscle building which is a crucial element to weight loss as it makes you actually burn calories faster the more muscles you have.


GeniCan Automatic Shopping List


One of the most difficult parts of regulating a diet is the grocery shopping portion of your day.

For individuals beginning their weight loss journey, the temptations can be extremely difficult to knock and it can also be hard to make sure you have all of the ingredients and items accurately listed each and every week.

However, with the GeniCan, your entire list is autonomously documented and sent to Amazon every time you throw something away.

The GeniCan uses patented technology to analyze every wrapper that is thrown in your trashcan in order to not only make a shopping list which is then sent to Amazon each and every month but also to track the nutritional and caloric value of your monthly food intake.

This, in turn, will help you regulate both your diet as well as your menu pricing in order to create an affordable and consistent meal plan which anyone is guaranteed to be able to follow with ease.

In the end, losing weight is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

That is where a little push and a small bit of help can truly take a difficult task and turn it on its head.

With the use of these devices, you can be sure that you are on the road to success and happiness in no time.

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