10 Best PEMF Devices/Mats of 2023 Reviewed

In this article I will explain what is PEMF, how it works and what kind of PEMF mat/machines/devices are currently available for purchase.

I am not being compensated by any of the brands and all reviews are based on my personal experience.

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What is PEMF

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is the process of using electrical fields to stimulate a response on a cellular level.

By delivering beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs stimulate many of the chemical and electrical processes in the tissues, which result in better health and function.

This process can lead to positive change in the form of reduced stiffness and pain, faster bone healing, an increased range of motion in joints, treating signs of depression, and so much more.

PEMF functions on a microscopic scale, quite literally.

Each one of the 75 trillion cells in the human body is vibrating at a frequency, which is creating homeostasis, or balance, within our system.

When the waves from a PEMF device interact with damaged areas of the body, they are communicating with each cell to help them properly function.

When your cells operate correctly, they combine to create a much more significant positive change for your health.

Studies have been conducted thoroughly on PEMF therapy for over 30 years and PEMF therapy was featured in one of Dr. Oz shows:

The research carried out during that time by renowned scientists, as well as many years of practical experience by thousands of doctors, therapists, and chiropractors, prove the beneficial effects of this device.

Among them, NASA is well known to be an extremely interested party and researcher on the impact of PEMF.

Their interest was a direct response to astronauts experiencing depressive-like states once being away from Earth’s magnetic field for an extended duration.

They determined that our bodies are naturally conditioned to a magnetic field of 7.8 Hz every day.

When removed from its presence, our bodies are not able to function correctly, as if they were missing essential nutrients.

According to scientific research, this force has naturally decreased over the last several thousands of years – too short a time for our genetic system to become adapted.

As mentioned above, PEMF is vital to maintaining the proper working function of your cells.

Electrosmog from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other technologies continuously surround us.

All of these put undue stress on our cells, which triggers impaired cell metabolism.

By delivering beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs and frequencies to the cells, PEMF therapy strengthens weak cells.

Therapeutic PEMFs are specially designed to support cellular energy by stimulating many of the chemical and electrical processes in the tissues, which results in better health and function.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a fast, simple, and effective way to improve the healing potential of each cell in the body.

It is entirely safe, and there are a large number of ways to receive this form of therapy.

Since there are a lot of devices on the market, choosing the right one is essential.

Generating a proper magnetic field is no easy task.

The strength of the field substantially decreases as you move away from a PEMF mat or device.

Some of the ones out there have shaky PEMF functions and therefore don’t deliver the strength of field they claim they do.

When looking for a PEMF device, it is of paramount importance that you find one that can deeply penetrate the human body.

Many units on the market struggle to do this successfully.

Without this, your body will not receive the proper benefits that it should, and you will have wasted both time and money.

You should conduct research, prepare yourself, and then make the correct decision the first time around.


PEMF Mats Reviews

For your convenience, we have done a sizeable leg of the work for you already.

We have researched thoroughly each time any of us wanted to get a device of our own, and we have decided to share what we learned in hopes that it can ease the process for those looking to find the best equipment for their needs and to hopefully guide them down a path towards healing quicker.

Here I present our reviews of various devices that use pulsed electromagnetic field frequencies stimulation therapy:


HealthyLine Platinum 7224

HealthyLine is a relative newcomer to PEMF industry, but arguably they have made an immediate and lasting impact on the market.

HealthyLine used to specialize in manufacturing high-quality heat gemstone mats infused with semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and obsidian.

The foundation of all of their products comes from applying heat to these stones.

These gemstones are all natural conductors of far infrared rays (FIR) and negative ions, and when heated, release these natural benefactors in an exponentially large quantity.

This exposure can have a very positive effect on your general well-being in the form of both physical and mental health.

I’ve recently written an article about 16 science-backed health benefits of FIR, and you can learn about all benefits there (if you are interested).

However, what HealthyLine did is truly revolutional. 

Their engineers figured out a way to add PEMF into their already very good, high-quality FIR mats.

HealthyLine was the first company to do this and this is their own patented technology. As a result when you buy HealthyLine mat you get 5 therapies (PEMF, FIR, Hot Stone, Photon Light and Negative Ions) instead of just PEMF.

To be frank, when we tested their first PEMF mats we were not very impressed specifically with PEMF features. It was OK, all things considered, but it was lacking some of the high end features that $4000+ PEMF mats had.

All of this changed when they came up with Platinum series

Platinum series had all features of a high end machine like Bemer but for a fraction of the cost and with 4 additional therapies.

Other high-end PEMF devices start from $4,000; however, HealthyLine Platinum 7224, their midsized Platinum model, costs only $2,000.00 (and this price will be even lower if you’ll use 10% off + free shipping coupon “PLATINUM10”, which makes the final price just $1,800.00).

None of the mats on this list come close to competing with this price.

For example, simple Biomat FIR mat (without any PEMF at all) will cost you between $1,800 and $2,700.

Bemer Pro pure PEMF mat will cost you at least $5,230.00 for Bemer Pro Go edition, or $5,990.00 for stationary model.

PEMF-120 and Teslafit pure PEMF machines both start at about $20,000.00 each.

Comparing to competitors, $1,800.00 price tag for a HealthyLine Platinum mat seems like a bargain.

Here are some of the high-end PEMF features of HealthyLine’s Platinum PEMF mats:

  • 2 Waveforms (Square + Sine)
  • 25 Frequency Levels (1-25Hz)
  • 5 Intensity Levels (Up to 3 Gauss)
  • 3 Pulse Duration Levels
  • Advanced EMF protection
  • 21 Functional Layers

Also, all of these features are highly customizable and you can fine tune PEMF exactly to your needs.

For example, if you are trying to deal with Alzheimer’s Disease and you know that you need to use square wave and 2-8 Hz frequency range, you can set it up very easily.

Actual number of possible waveform, frequency, intensity and pulse duration levels combinations goes into millions.

However, if you are not a professional PEMF therapy provider, this mat will not overwhelm you with all complex settings.

There are many preset settings already programmed into the mat.

You can also easily turn this PEMF mat into a portable FIR sauna by using a simple space blanket like this one. Just make sure that you put on a waterproof cover on your mat, because you will sweat a lot. 

Here is a video of how it is done:



Another reason why we consider HealthyLine one of the best brands currently available is their customer service and return policy.

You have a full 45 days to test out your mat, and if you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it and get your entire refund back (less return shipping cost) and there is no “restocking fees”.

Since this is NYC based company, they are completely accommodating and prompt at all times.

On top of this, Platinum models come with a 5-year warranty.

They stand by their products 100% which is a very telling sign in a company.

Even if your product is out of warranty, they will allow you to turn it for value almost up to the original retail price that you credit towards a brand new mat.

I’d say it’s virtually impossible to get the “short end of the stick” when dealing with them.

We’ve been lucky to test out various PEMF devices, and HealthyLine is by far one of the best ones in quality, price, and benefits.

Instead of experiencing just a PEMF therapy you get 5 therapies (FIR, PEMF, Photon Light, Hot Stone and Negative Ions) and a far infrared sauna. 


Frequency: 1 – 25 Hz PEMF Adjustable

PEMF Waveforms: 2 – Square and Sine

PEMF Pulse Duration: 3 Levels

Intensity: PEMF – 5 intensity levels up to 3 Gaus; 5 Negative ion level at least 1500/cc; FIR 5-14 um

Cost: $2,000.00 (the price goes down to $1800.00 + free shipping if you use coupon “PLATINUM10” at checkout)

Includes: non-toxic materials, LED display controller to set temperature, automated EMF filter, 21 layers with different functions such as EMF-blocking materials

Warranty: 5-year warranty. 45-Day free trial – You can turn it for whatever reason and get 100% refund, not including shipping cost

You Can Purchase Platinum-Mat™ Full 7224 – Photon Advanced PEMF Mat Here


iMRS 2000

The iMRS 2000, which stands for Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, is one of the best devices in the world for pulsed magnetic therapy.

It operates by using solely earth-based Schumann Frequencies and Intensities.

Moreover, it has a built-in intelligent biorhythm clock.

The iMRS has been an integral part of the PEMF community for more than 16 years.

It has become an established and popular product in the eyes of many reliable people.

Finally, it also uses the proven square wave, which has been shown to stimulate regeneration and healing significantly.

The new 2017 iMRS 2000 is the most developed PEMF system on the market today.

It is entirely programmable and digital and has the very best accessories and applicators available today.

Also included with the device are the iMORE biofeedback system and the iGUIDE database of 284 protocols.


Frequency: .5 – 25 Hz Sinusoidal w/ Sawtooth Carrier Signal Waveform (full body mat), square wave on pad and probe.

Intensity: ~0 – 300 uT (starts at picotesla range 10^-12).

Cost: Starts at $3575.00

Includes: Computer, full body mat, small pad and probe (Complete Set Only) – Light-Sound Machine optional.

Warranty: 3 Year Warranty



  • Digital, programmable and easy to upgrade
  • Uses exclusively earth-based and brain-state frequencies
  • Uses the research-proven sawtooth waveform on the full body mat


  • Very expensive (starts at $3575.00)


MRS 2000+ Designo

The MRS 2000+ Designo, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, is a pulsed electromagnetic field machine that operates by using natural frequencies, intensities, and a biorhythm clock.

The MRS 2000 is one of the global leaders when it comes to PEMF devices.

What makes the MRS 2000 the ultimate wellness tool is that it takes just two sessions of eight minutes a day to stimulate and energize your body and cells.

According to zero gravity field studies conducted by NASA and the Russian Space program, pulsed electromagnetic fields are not only healthy but also essential for survival.

In fact, pulsed electromagnetic fields are just as necessary as water, food, and sleep.

Due to our contemporary lifestyle, we are too exposed to EMF pollution and electro-smog and do not get optimal exposure to the Earth’s natural magnetic field.

For that reason, this device will not only decrease the detrimental effects of cell phones, computers, televisions, etc., but it will also provide us with healthy Earth-based magnetic energy, thereby giving us a few hours of EMF protection.


Frequency: .5 – 25 Hz Sinusoidal w/ Sawtooth Carrier Signal Waveform (full body pad), square wave on mat and probe.

Intensity: ~0 – 70 uT (starts at picotesla range 10^-12).

Cost: Starts at $2895.00 + Tax.

Includes: Computer, full body pad, small pad and probe (MED SET ONLY) – Light-Sound Machine optional.

Warranty:  3 Year Warranty.



  • Powerful unit with a field strength of up to 70uT
  • Can plug in all three applications at once
  • Easy to use and set-up


  • Does not have a return policy
  • Must be flat
  • Is not travel-friendly
  • Not programmable


New Bemer Classic and Bemer Pro

The New Bemer 3000 is slightly improved compared to the previous model.

Besides the changes in appearance that make it more attractive and sleeker, the new Bemer still operates by using the same intensity range and the corresponding Bemer signal as the previous model.

Also, this new model now has a sleep mode that runs at 10 Hz and enables the user to use a more relaxing frequency in the evening, although 10 Hz is a bit too high a frequency for sleep (Theta/Delta frequencies are roughly .5 – 7 Hz).

Moreover, one exciting feature of the new model is the ability to run two mats simultaneously.

The Bemer 3000 is a Swiss-made PEMF device that operates by using a patented sinusoidal waveform that runs at 33 Hz, which is slightly over the ideal frequency range.

According to the device manufacturers, what makes Bemer 3000 a high-quality device is its complex waveform, which outperforms square wave, sawtooth, and other geometries.

In my opinion, the sawtooth is most beneficial when it comes to creating cellular resonance and providing an optimal spectrum of frequencies. I later found this confirmed by research on the internet.

Though still using the Bemer signal, the new Bemer system is an advanced version with better applicators and a few improvements over the previous model.


Frequency:  Complex Sinusoidal Waveform @ 33 Hz /Sleep Mode @ 10Hz.

Intensity:  3.5 – 35 uT.

Cost:  Starts at $4300 for Bemer 3000 Plus.

Includes:  Computer, full body mat, small applicator box, travel bag, and towel.

Warranty: 3 Years.



  • Multi-touch display
  • 3 predefined programs for the intensive treatment of individual regions
  • 10 intensity levels of therapy according to the basic plan
  • Sleep program – Regeneration program with time control and waking function
  • Dual control – simultaneous use of two B.BODY application modules in day mode and sleep program
  • 2-in-1 functionality – Control of two identical or different application modules possible (independent of one another)
  • Edit mode – Software tool for creating individual indication-specific programs with nine storage locations


  1. Does not include Biorhythm clock, Sawtooth Wave, and Proven Square Wave
  2. Very expensive (starts at $4290 for the Classic System, $5990.00 for Professional)


Omnium1 PEMF Mat

Designed, developed, and engineered in Switzerland, The Omnium1 utilizes the Android platform allowing it to function as a regular tablet for surfing the Web, downloading Android apps, and sending and receiving emails.

Its primary function is to create a joyful and convenient experience.

The Omnium1 operates by using a single control unit for performing, monitoring, and evaluating analog applications like pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or brainwave entertainment.

I find a few of its aspects very convenient:

  • Once charged, the Android tablet holds a charge for about 6 hours.
  • It has the back pad in the car that you can use while traveling
  • Easier to use when selecting settings
  • According to some, the effects are more penetrating which is perhaps due to its thinness, meaning you are closer to the copper coils.



  • The promised benefits are intriguing
  • Complete all-in-one portability
  • Comes with its own Android tablet
  • Fascinating technology


  • It’s costly (starts at “only” $2995)
  • The benefits vary
  • Requires dedication and commitment


QRS Quantron

A group of German researchers first developed a QRS to examine how high-frequency electropollution affects the human body.

The QRS won the gold medal for medicine in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1998.

Many people have used the QRS worldwide for its array of benefits.

The QRS-101 Home System includes a control unit, therapy mat, and pillow pad.

The “lightning in a bottle” is the control unit that transmits uniquely designed signals to the copper mesh inside the mattress and pillow pad.

This wire mesh is capable of transforming the signals into a balanced pulsating magnetic field that penetrates the body.

Among other beneficial effects, this increases blood circulation and improves cell metabolism.

These pulsed electronic fields are harmless and low-intensity.

The pillow pad stimulates specific body areas that require therapy (shoulder, knee, elbow, and so on).

QRS treatment is useful, but it doesn’t claim to be a ‘quick fix’.

Sometimes it can take weeks to months of treatment sessions to enable the body to balance itself.

The QRS is designed for home use but is also used in clinics all around the globe, which proves its credibility and beneficial use.

The QRS is safe and does not have any side effects. It can be used to treat both adults and children.

People with pacemakers and pregnant women are asked to be cautious when using the QRS.

  • 225 microtesla means you are getting a stronger signal than the QRS Quantron.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100,000 Units Sold in Europe in 10 years
  • Price starts at $3995


  • Does NOT Use Magnets
  • No side effects


  • No NASA Square Wave
  • Should not be used by pregnant women, and by people with pacemakers, severe mycosis or epilepsy



The Magnopro is used for home and self-care. Gentle and safe, an overdose is not possible.

However, it is not recommended to use the Magnopro more than 30 minutes two to three times a day.

The Magnopro is quick and easy to use. You do not have to remove clothing, jewelry, or credit cards before applying the Magnopro.

It is advisable that you drink water or herbal tea before or after treatment.

All you have to do is lie down and select the program you want to use.

Place the pillow applicator on the most stressed area of your body, as appropriate.

The Magnopro was designed in Australia eight years ago.

Ever since its introduction, it has remained virtually the same device with no significant advancements or changes.

It uses excessively high frequencies (up to 1000 Hz), intensities that are a little on the sharp side, no biorhythm clock, limited accessories, no ability to upgrade and no NASA square wave.

It also does not include a sensitive setting. Moreover, due to a sine wave it uses, the user is susceptible to becoming habituated to the signal.

Finally, it fails to meet the NASA criteria for a rapid rise and fall for optimal regeneration and healing.

Magnopro is not recommended to use for the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemakers
  • Organ Transplants
  • Fever
  • Bleeding
  • The Magnopro basic system runs at $1,890


  • Deeper action e.g., as a laser
  • Longer lasting stimulation
  • Acupuncture: the pen is especially appropriate for children and adults with fear of needles


  • Uses too high frequencies (up to 1000 Hz)
  • No biorhythm clock
  • No NASA Square Wave
  • Should not be used by pregnant women, and by people with pacemakers, organ transplants, fever or bleeding


Mag 1000

Mag 1000 is a portable PEMF device used for high-frequency magnetotherapy.

It includes a high-efficiency rechargeable battery, 20 programs with adjustable frequency from 8 to 640 Hz, and therapy time up to 24 hours.

It is ideal for treating soft tissue disorders, such as in tendons and muscles (tendinitis, hematomas, back pain, etc.).

It is also intended for bone tissue pathologies such as calcification retards.


  • Device
  • 1 Elastic therapeutic
  • Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
  • Battery charger
  • A User manual with belt positioning
  • Transport Bag


  • Large display
  • Two belt connections
  • Adjustable intensity on three levels
  • Wrong belt connection indicator
  • Backlight display
  • Belt clip
  • Medical device CE0476

Price: $245.00


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Though small, it has a large display
  • Inexpensive (starts at $245)


  • Incapable of penetrating deeply into the body due to lower intensities


Medithera Home System

The Medithera Home System is a new wellness and health system designed for both home and medical use.

A group of German researchers developed the device as a PEMF unit aligned with nature.

The Medithera Home system has a control unit, a full body PEMF mat, and a small applicator pillow pad.

It also includes an optional probe applicator that treats smaller and localized areas.

The Medithera is easy to use. All you have to do is place the full body mat on the floor, or a bed or couch, and lie down on it.

You do not have to remove your clothes or other accessories, as pulsed magnetic fields will easily penetrate any material, including clothing.

The Medithera is lightweight and portable, and easy to use.

Frequency: 1-1000 Hz Sinusoidal w/ Sawtooth Carrier Signal (but higher frequencies are unfortunately present in ALL settings)

Waveform: Sawtooth only, No NASA square wave on the applicators.

Intensity: .75 – 75 uT  (But no pure magnetic field and no sensitive setting)

Cost: Starts at $2495.00

Includes: Control Unit, full body mat, pillow pad applicator

Warranty: 3-year Warranty



  • Rental deposit is only $600
  • Includes a program map for definitive health problems, such as skin problems, migraine and so on.


  • Does not offer Multi-level marketing organization
  • Does not include sound and light accessories



The Earthpulse is a PEMF device designed for sleep-deprived people, but also for those with localized problems as well.

When you place it under your pillow at night, it will ‘entrain’ the brain by creating a magnetic field.

This field will help you to create normalized sleep rhythms. It can also help you both to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

The Earthpulse system offers ten programs, 4 of which are sleep programs.

These four sleep programs are slightly different, to be chosen based on the severity of the sleep problem.

There are two entrainment programs – one for relaxing, and one for alerting.

There is also a new hybrid delta rhythm program, a recovery program and an alert program, a new hybrid delta rhythm program, and a manually-adjusted program so that you can choose a frequency such as the Schumann to run for assistance with meditation or dream work.

The Earthpulse’s intensity is based on the configuration of the coil itself and is controllable via the control unit.

The unit produces a maximum of 650 Gauss when completely intact. You can adjust the intensity from 10% to 100% by using the control unit.

You can run the system from 15 minutes to 12 hours, with time selection in 15-minute increments.


In Short:

  • Especially intended for use overnight
  • Relatively high intensity
  • Starting at $699.00


  • Pretty much the cheapest PEMF device on the market
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Works for improving sleep
  • Ability to use a battery or plug-in to the wall


  • Limited features compared to other more expensive PEMF devices
  • Costs more to get two magnets, and two magnets is preferable
  • No battery included for use on the go and mobile EMF protection


Sota Magnetic Pulser

The Sota Magnetic Pulser is a PEMF machine that produces an exceptionally high intensity, as well as some residual heat.

Unlike most other PEMF devices, this device does not generate specific frequencies.

Instead, it discharges a ‘spray’ of frequencies with each pulse.

This device consists of a paddle applicator that is attached to the control unit.

With intensities close to 6,000 Gauss, it produces a peak magnetic field.

Due to its unique design, it is capable of producing such high intensities.

This system operates in a similar way to the flash in a camera – it charges, then releases a pulse, recharges, releases a pulse and so on.

The Sota does not have an actual waveform due to the way the pulses are released.

Instead, it releases a ‘spray’ of frequencies (at or around 4.7 Hz) with each pulse.

The unit runs for 20 minutes.Because of its capacity to penetrate your body deeply, the Sota is ideal for internal problems.

For that reason, it is used for almost any body part or issue – scars, joints, swelling, etc.

It only has one setting, which begins with pressing the start button. It then shuts off automatically.

The magnetic field strength is around 6,000 Gauss at the surface of the paddle.

The intensity drops off rapidly, meaning as you move away from the paddle (as little as an inch away), the field is closer to 2,000 Gauss.


In Short:

  • Simple to use
  • High intensity
  • Starting at $350.00


  • High intensity – 6,000 Gauss – can penetrate deeply into the body and heal many conditions
  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive (starts at $350)


  • Limited programs – only one


Benefits of PEMF

According to clinical evidence, PEMF therapy decreases pain associated with trauma from sports injuries, accidents, burns, and surgeries, as well as from degeneration and disease.

PEMF therapy improves these conditions in numerous different concurrent ways including in the chemical, mechanical, magnetic, and electrical processes within the cells of the body.

PEMF is also FDA approved to treat bone damage, joint pain, and signs of depression.

In 1995, Walker and Siskin provided a summary of clinical results on soft tissue damage.

They observed no side effects from PEMF and reported the following positive results:

  • Decreased pain
  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced muscle loss after surgery
  • Faster functional recovery
  • Faster healing of skin wounds
  • Increased tensile strength in ligaments
  • Acceleration of nerve regeneration
  • Enhanced capillary formation
  • Decreased tissue necrosis

In the Bioelectric Research Center, Columbia University, NY, 1993, time-varying PMFs were applied to produce voltages similar to those induced during the dynamic mechanical deformation of connective tissues, with intent to control cellular function and understand the mechanisms by which PEMF therapy operates.

According to this study, PEMF treated some challenging musculoskeletal disorders.

Moreover, the range of treatable illnesses has since been broadened, which includes wound healing, nerve regeneration, diabetes, graft behavior, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions.


PEMF Testimonials

In this section we will publish testimonials from real people who experienced PEMF therapy. If you’d like to submit your experience with PEMF, please send it to info@well-beingsecrets.com


Linda B.

I feel so blessed for what has happened to me. Two months ago I met a new coworker and she pointed out how sleepy I looked all the time and how I should probably take a break from work or work less. After I told her that’s not the case, but my chronic insomnia is preventing me from having any quality sleep, she told me about PEMF therapy. I had no idea how I didn’t learn about it before.

She told me to make sure to get one that has a biorhythm clock setting and use it before going to sleep. I read more online and finally got one for myself. I’ve been using it almost every day (except when I’m travelling on business) right before sleep, just laying on my PEMF mat and relaxing. I still have some nights when I don’t get a full night’s sleep, but compared to before starting PEMF therapy, I am sleeping at least 80% better.

In the beginning, it was a challenge to develop a routine, but after a couple of days, I was looking forward to winding down on a PEMF mat at the end of my day, reading a book, and slowly dozing off. Thank you PEMF!


John S.

My story with PEMF started almost 20 years ago, back when I was in college and playing football. I thought I was invincible, which is a mistake you tend to make when you are young, and for which you can end up paying a lot. Well, it’s exactly what happened, and this is when I earned my knee injury that would make me say goodbye to doing sports professionally and to living my life pain free.

Anyone who ever had a joint injury knows how tricky the pain is. It’s not always there with the same intensity, but it lurks in the background just enough so you know you should never fully relax. I tried electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, different creams, gels, and pills, but every time I felt a relief, it was only temporary.

I have to be honest, I was skeptical about PEMF and thought it was something I would never try, but I gave in because the pain was too much. I am so happy I have, though. I’ve been using PEMF therapy for several months now with some significant improvements. The mobility in my joint is back and the pain has subsided significantly. I started doing some light bodyweight squats and lounges as well, to try to strengthen my muscles and support the joint even more. It’s surprising I feel no pain when I do these.

I still don’t feel as good as new, or ready to try weighted training, but I feel very hopeful about PEMF therapy, the results are noticeable even though very little time has passed. I love what it has done for me, so I’ll keep using it and keep notifying you about my progress.


Shirley S.

I was suggested to try PEMF therapy by my mother, who had been using it for years to help her with her poor circulation. I decided to give it a try, since there was nothing to lose, and I gained a lot. It was starting to be almost impossible for me to deal with the lower back pain, no matter if I was awake or asleep. PEMF was actually a great choice for me since I had very little free time to devote to doing yoga or some other exercise-relief programs.

I’m grateful to my mother for telling me about it, but I am also thankful that I could help someone else, my best friend, my cat Missy. She was always mischievous and it was evident that one day she’d get into trouble. She fell from a height even a cat couldn’t handle and sure enough broke her leg in two places.

The vet told me she’d never be the same again and we should be happy they didn’t have to amputate. But I didn’t want to give up on her and decided to try PEMF therapy on her as well. She sat on the PEMF mat with me before, but I decided to make it a rule. We spent an hour on the mat every evening and after a month she was able to take her first (yet uncertain) steps.

Three months have passed now since we started our joint PEMF therapy and she is on the road to full recovery. The vet couldn’t believe that she managed to pull through, but I know it’s just the beginning.


Juan R.

I am so angry at myself for ignoring my migraine for so long. I thought I just needed to push through it until the pain went away. Painkillers did help to fight the symptoms and I accepted my situation as good enough, even though I knew it was not good for me and I was just masking the pain.

I started reading about alternative therapies and was lucky enough to learn about PEMF therapy. I thought about it for a while before I decided to go for it, since the initial investment on a PEMF device was large for me, but I’m happy that I have. I should have done it earlier.

I’m trying to use PEMF regularly, which is not easy given that my work schedule is hectic, but it’s achievable. I used to have regular migraine attacks, some causing severe pain, but they slowly started becoming less frequent and less intense.

One trick I’ve learned is to increase the duration of my PEMF session as soon as I feel my migraine aura for the first time, which always helps to control the attack and sometimes even prevent it completely.

I don’t know if my migraines are going to completely disappear, but judging from the results so far, I am hopeful that it will happen. At least I know that I am in control and I have options. I’ll try using it more regularly and see what happens.


Oscar C.

My immune system was never that strong, and I never knew why. My mom was always worried about me when I was a kid, since I used to get colds all the time and it was pretty annoying being the rut of the family, so to say. I hated having a stuffed and runny nose all the time and going down with a flu at least two times a year. I don’t even know how much money I spent on different multivitamins, herbal remedies, antibiotics, and doctor’s appointments.

I have been using PEMF therapy for 3 years now regularly, so I feel confident talking about it. I haven’t caught a cold or had a flu for more than 2 and a half years. I also recommended it to my grandma who’s 78 and at a much greater risk of catching a flu and she always mentions how I’m her favorite grand kid since then (haha).


John K.

Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family. My father and my grandfather both had it, and so I got it as well.  However, they weren’t lucky enough to know about PEMF therapy, so their symptoms were much worse than mine. As soon as I noticed the first symptoms, such as the swelling of my knuckles and less mobility, I started researching my options. I watched for years how my father and grandfather resorted to traditional medicine which did very little for them, and I didn’t want to do the same thing.

I got my PEMF device in August 2016, just as my symptoms were starting to progress. In the morning, I had problems tying my shoes, typing on the computer (which is important, since I work as an accountant), or gripping anything very firmly. I’d always feel pain or just a lack of confidence knowing there was a problem.

Two years later and 30 minutes of PEMF therapy daily, my symptoms are completely gone! At first, the difference was noticeable in the morning and it was the same during the day, but soon the pain, swelling, and mobility started getting progressively better.

I’ve kept taking the prescriptions just in case, to indulge my doctor, but I know PEMF therapy is the sole reason I’m able to type this for you today quickly and pain free.


Michelle M.

It took me a lot of courage to write this, but I think this is the perfect chance to talk about my experience and maybe help others in the same situation. I was suffering from depression ever since I was a teenager, and allowed depression to basically control my life at several points. I tried psychotherapy, which helped to a point, but it was just not enough to completely break the cycle. My therapist then prescribed antidepressants, but these did nothing for me. I was feeling better for a short time in the beginning, but then my symptoms got worse. I almost gave up, when I decided to change my therapist.

He told me about PEMF and sent me a new study to read which showed PEMF had great results for depression when combined with antidepressants. I decided to give it a try because I was sick of everything, and bought my very first PEMF device.

Very shortly, I started feeling more motivated to get up in the morning, do my chores, and study a bit, all the usual stuff. Even my friends noticed I was more outgoing and in a much better mood, which gives me a lot of joy. I’m able to enjoy the little things in life again and I’m slowly breaking the negative thinking cycle in my mind.

I’m still taking antidepressants, though, but I’m very grateful for PEMF in my life and for the change I’m feeling today.


June K.

My father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which was slowly taking him away from his family. I decided I couldn’t just let this horrible disease take over, so I decided to buy him a PEMF device.

His symptoms were becoming more and more noticeable. At first, he was just forgetting some small things, such as the days of the week, some common words, or some very old and dear memories of himself and my mother.

However, the signs soon became much more severe, as he started forgetting names of his friends and family, struggled with writing, and even got lost a couple of times in his own town. The doctors were very helpful, but they cannot do more than the modern medicine is capable of, I understand that.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and I am so happy to have my father back and I am sure that he will be with us for many years in the future. He can watch his grandsons grown up thanks to PEMF therapy and remember all the beautiful memories he has made with them.

We’re aware Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease and quite unpredictable, but the results so far are amazing and my father is happier than ever!


Kyle E.

I am writing to say thank you to all the people who share their experiences about PEMF and allowed to me to be able to help my daughter. She’s ten years old and very mischievous. We live in the countryside, so she grew up exploring the outdoors, until one day she broke her leg and had to take a break for 8 weeks. The doctors assured us that she’d recover well, so we didn’t give it much thought – she’s a kid.

After 8 weeks, we were told she’s not recovering as expected and that she is suffering from a nonunion fracture. We had two options, surgery, which would mean recovering for another couple of months, or PEMF therapy that I’ve already read so much about it. We decided to buy a PEMF device and start the therapy, with the doctors controlling the process, and just one month later she could already walk on her own with the help of a cane. Now, three months after we started the therapy, her X-rays are showing a complete recovery, and she’s up and about once again. Though, she won’t be allowed climbing trees for some time as long as I’m concerned.


Janice M.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015 and I started using PEMF shortly after since I already knew a lot about it from a friend who is using it to improve sleep. The benefits I’ve seen from it are hard to explain. For me, the constant fatigue, together with the lack of sleep was the worst part. I was feeling absolutely drained, both mentally and physically, my personal life and my job were both suffering. The pain was also excruciating and I just didn’t want to accept that I’d need to take painkillers for the rest of my life.

Instead, I invested in a PEMF device and I didn’t question that decision even once since I got it. I am sleeping so much better, it’s hard to explain. I have much more energy throughout the day, so I’m able to complete most of my obligations.

From time to time, I still feel some pain, but it’s usually very mild and nothing compared to before. I think that’s the reality of living with fibromyalgia, but PEMF was a godsend to me and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be today without it.


Denise G.

I just want to share my experience with PEMF with anyone and clear any doubts anyone has about getting a PEMF device. I don’t know if PEMF works for other stuff, but it worked like charm for my scleroderma. I do regular checkups and my doctor still can’t believe it, he thinks it’s a miracle, but I know it’s PEMF. All the doctors told me that there is no cure, so they should read this as well.

The worst thing about my scleroderma was my hands. They were swollen and the skin was hard, so it was really hard to do any chores around the house or any real work. After that, my feet started swelling as well, until the only thing I could wear were slippers. I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemy.

I bought a PEMF pad since it was cheaper and I used it locally on my hands and feet. I swear I felt the relief after the first session. I use it for up to an hour since I’m limited with time and I can immediately feel the blood flowing through my hands and my skin relaxing. The swell is completely gone and my skin looks even better now than before.

Also, I’m thinking about buying a full body PEMF mat as well and use it as a prevention, since I don’t want to go through the same misery again with scleroderma.


Sana C. 

I was diagnosed with a urinal infection a little more than a year ago and given strong antibiotics to fight it. The first cycle went well and all of my symptoms were gone so I was told to stop taking antibiotics. Then two months later the symptoms were back and they were even worse this time, I felt pain, I had the urge to go to the toilet every 10 minutes, and I saw blood a couple of times as well. It was alarming, so I was prescribed another round of antibiotics, this time even stronger. The symptoms didn’t go away this time and I got a fungal infection as a result as well.

I said it was enough and started a PEMF treatment after I learned about pulsed electromagnetic therapy online. To be honest, I wasn’t too hopeful, but I wanted to give it a shot. I tried a ton of herbal teas before, but the infection was still there. To make things worse, we were trying for a baby and had to stop until this problem is solved.

I’ve been free of any symptoms now for six months, as my treatment with PEMF took only one month before I didn’t feel any symptoms. The infection was still there for a month, but now the tests are negative now several times in a row and I can’t be happier.


Jeff M.

I have had a PEMF device for six months now and I overall really like it. I’ve noticed several things have changed regarding my health since I bought it, so I didn’t regret it at all.

The reason I bought went for PEMF was that I was suffering from a lack of sleep for years. I could only sleep 2-3 hours at once, then I’d wake up, stare at the ceiling, then somehow manage to go to sleep again. It was also really difficult to fall asleep, sometimes I’d need hours before I dozed off. Now the situation is much, much better, especially when I have time to use my PEMF mat before right before sleep. I still have problems falling asleep from time to time, but that’s partly because of stress as well, but I always wake up well-rested and rarely wake up during the night.

Stress was also a big problem for me, but PEMF helped here as well I think. I feel much more focused since I started using it and don’t feel the anxiety I did before. My job is stressful, so I worry about it from time to time, but it’s not like before, I even stopped biting my nails, which was something I never thought I’d manage.

My mood has improved as well, I wasn’t depressed or anything, but I used to feel down, especially when the weather was bad since I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. But proper sleep has probably contributed as well. All in all, I think buying a PEMF device was one of the better ways I’ve spent my money so far and I’ve already recommended it to my family and colleagues who struggle with the same problems.


Stephen A.

My dad has been using a PEMF device after a shoulder injury and it really helped him recover quick. He’s into sports so it’s important to him to get back on track quickly, so I guess he was lucky that he learned about PEMF. I’m much like him in that regard and I’ve been doing track and field since I was second grade. I’m in high school now, but I’ve never been more than average in it, even though my dream was to do it as a pro. Well, I was average until I took my dad’s advice and started doing PEMF stimulation. One month later, my time is 20% better! I’m so happy! My coach is amazed as well and at how much more effort I put and how much faster I recover. I didn’t really have any injuries or pains before, so I hope PEMF will help me prevent them as well, since I feel much less muscle soreness after the training and not as fatigued at all. And, yeah, my dad is still going strong as well!


Curtis V.

For me, PEMF worked just as advertised. I bought it for weight loss and didn’t expect that much since I’ve already been disappointed before who knows how many times. I’m 5’5” and I was 256lbs when I started and I’m down to 190lbs now in just three months, I honestly can’t believe it. Before PEMF, I tried EVERYTHING. Every fad diet I could find on the internet that offered quick and painless results, dozens of pills, countless exercise programs, and nothing worked. I’d lose a couple of pounds, which was probably mostly water, and it would be back again as soon as I’d stop the program. I thought it was genetics and it was impossible for me to drop the weight.

I’m not sure how PEMF works, but I can see it works. It helps me lose weight, but it also gives me a lot more energy that anything before. I just feel the urge to spend it all, haha, so I go for walks often, and I’ve even started riding a bike. I think that’s helped a lot as well with the weight loss. Thank you to all the good people who help PEMF reach people like me who need it!


Rosemary N.

I hope this message would reach everyone struggling with osteoporosis, so they could feel the same relief as I did. After I started using PEMF for my osteoporosis, my symptoms have been much milder. It might not be the only reason, but it has certainly contributed a lot since that is when I noticed the improvements. I’ve also been using mineral supplements and a multivitamin, so that could have had an impact as well.

I’m 67 now, but I really feel like my age is going backwards, at least as far as osteoporosis is concerned. I feel more and more capable, I can sit down and stand up without having to think about the least painful way to do it, I can walk miles every day and work around the garden. I won’t stop taking my supplements, but I’ll talk to my doctor about phasing out the medicine and see what happens.

All of these things are probably working together to improve my bone density, since the results are showing that it’s getting much better. I am really thankful for PEMF therapy, and I have a lot of senior friends who are starting to use it as well due to my recommendation, so I’ll keep you posted about their progress.


Willie L.

I now realize that I’ve been lied to for the past 10 years. That’s when I started taking medicine to control my high blood pressure. I started out with hydrochlorothiazide and then my doctor added furosemide as well after about a year. I was told I need to take these for the rest of my life and that I thought I’d probably need more, from the experience of others around me.

I wouldn’t even know about PEMF had my daughter not bought it for me. I was skeptical and angry at first for her spending the money, but she asked me to start using it. For anyone who is planning to use PEMF for high blood pressure, be careful, since my pressure dropped too low a couple of times because of the medication. I realized I didn’t need it anymore probably and went for a regular checkup, so now I’m only taking half the doze of hydrochlorothiazide and I don’t take furosemide at all. Of course, these are my doctor’s instructions. I’ll keep using PEMF, so I hope soon enough she’ll tell me I don’t need any medication at all. I feel free again not having to take the pills everywhere with me and think about it all the time. PEMF is not a bother at all, I love reading, so when I do I just make sure I lie on the mat and it does everything for me. I am so grateful to my daughter and the people who invented it!


Adam S.

I injured my pinky toe in the stupidest way there is, but also the most painful. I slammed it on the chair as my cat was about to make a huge mess. I wasn’t able to prevent it, and I also ended up with a broken toe. Thank you so much, Bella (I still love you a lot). Anyways, the doctor did an X-ray, told me it was broken and that the recovery was going to last a month minimum. We already have a PEMF device at home since my husband’s using it for an old knee injury, so I thought what the heck, I’ll use it and see what happens. It took me only 2 weeks to recover from the injury, so the cast is off and I can walk again like before! I still wouldn’t dare to run or spring to catch my cat again, since the pain still shoots through my toe from time to time. Even so, the recovery is going a lot better than it was expected and I reckon another week of regular stimulation will be enough to be as good as new.

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