Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

The weight loss industry is flourishing and gaining popularity around the world.

Billions of dollars are contributed each year to products, gimmicks, and exercise tools in the hope of weight loss.

The fact of the matter is that weight loss is a hard reach for many individuals and being a step ahead can make or break a weight loss program.

Trying to lose weight with little or no effort is something that does not work well for the majority of the population, which means the responsibility is widely placed on the individual to stick with a working program.

While staying active, lifting weights, and dieting are important and recommended for healthy weight loss, it is a good idea to explore all avenues that can help promote weight loss.

Listed below are some tips supported by scientific research on why green tea can benefit and aid any weight loss program.

Consider any of the ideas below as an addition to your healthy lifestyle and weight loss program for improved results and reap the benefits!




The Benefits of Green Tea for Effective Weight Loss


Green tea is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, with many cultures drinking it as an everyday treat for overall health and wellness.

The tea leaf is rich in antioxidants and healthy compounds, including polyphenols, which helps you maintain a healthy body.(2)

Polyphenols are strong health-protective compounds that are touted as being the most effective at preventing illness in the body, which boasts great news for those trying to lose weight.(3)


Bone strength and green tea


Increased Health and Energy


Given that green tea is high in antioxidants, the body generally responds by feeling refreshed and energized.

The antioxidants and polyphenols loaded in a cup of whole green tea can help flush the body from harmful contaminants, which boasts well for your overall energy levels.

As the body feels more efficient and healthier, the energy tends to rise, which means you are more likely to want to go for a jog or trip to the gym.

In addition to natural energy, green tea contains healthy amounts of caffeine, which is known to help boost metabolism.(4)

Some studies suggest that consuming fresh green tea that has a naturally occurring caffeine is beneficial for losing modest amounts of weight (around 3 pounds over a given period of time).(5,6,7)

While three pounds is not much to brag about, this is modest amount of weight is enough to motivate and support a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise.

Recommendations for a healthy weight loss include one to two pounds per week, which becomes about four to eight pounds per month.(8)

If such a program was spread out throughout an entire year, this would equate to 48-96 pounds of body weight.

Pretty impressive to begin with; if green tea was added to this weight loss program, the amount shed would range from 84 to 132 pounds.

This is a huge amount of weight to lose in one year for many individuals and the use of green tea can really help to speed up the process.






A catechin is a type of phenol or antioxidant compound that is responsible for protecting the body against harmful damage.(9)

In addition, studies have shown that consuming nearly 600 mg of catechins, which is the amount typically found in green tea, can help reduce waistline size and reduce the effects of diabetes.(10)

Many people attempting to lose weight desire a smaller waistline and one of the best effects from drinking green tea is a reduction in abdominal fat.

Abdominal fat is harmful for health and it is one area many want to reduce through a weight loss program.




Compounds to Boost Metabolism


You have probably heard it before in regards to different products, but if consumed regularly, green tea actually increases metabolism.(11)

The body’s metabolism is increased in response to a substance called EGCG.(12)

Consider having at least a cup per day to help you lose body weight and discover a healthier life.


Liver Disease and green tea


Shred Fat Away


Losing weight is most effective when body fat is depleted.

Drinking green tea may actually help shred the fat from the body and lean everything up.

The compound EGCG, which boosts metabolism, plays a dual role.

Its second important role is in the mobilizing of fat from the body for elimination, which means the body is literally shredding fat due to the consumption of green tea.(13)

In addition, this compound found in green tea is crucial for preventing the release of norepinephrine, which is a hormone that releases blood sugar in the body and promotes weight gain.






Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks around.

It is naturally high in antioxidants and one of its best features is that it promotes fat burning, increased metabolism, and weight loss.

In addition to the great benefits of green tea, it helps promote weight management by hydrating the body and preventing unhealthy choices.

Highly caloric sodas are popular among many individuals, but the downside to these options is that they cause weight gain and, potentially, diabetes.

Unsweetened green tea can help avoid unhealthy options like soda.

  • Consider leading a healthy lifestyle with equally healthy options for weight loss.
  • Aim to lose one to two pounds of weight each week and aim for the weight loss to be fat loss. Consider having green tea every day to assist and aid in your weight loss endeavor.
  • Weight loss is a journey and should not happen overnight, which means that you should give your program an evaluation after one month. With the assistance of green tea, the body could lose an additional three pounds over a given period, which is pretty dramatic when you are already shredding four to eight pounds monthly from diet and exercise alone.
  • Be cautious on consuming too few calories every day. Starving the body results in a reduction in metabolism and this will offset all of your hard work.
  • Drinking green tea regularly will help aid in hydration, which will assist in regulating hunger hormones throughout the day.

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