Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) side effects

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) devices are used for a variety of health applications including improved sleep, healing, and longevity.

Side effects, ranging from minor to severe, can occur following treatment with PEMF therapy.

Since PEMF therapy affects various systems within the body, many individuals experience a certain amount of discomfort – especially at the beginning of treatment.

It is estimated that around 5% of patients experience some form of side effects as a result of PEMF therapy.

Fortunately, the majority of side effects from PEMF therapy are minor and short-lived.

For patients that are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields, side effects have been reported more often.

In rare instances, it is necessary for users to stop treatment due to side effects.

The majority of side effects can be resolved by switching the frequency or program mode of the PEMF device.

It is crucial that individuals read and understand the product information carefully prior to use.

It is also helpful if the user receives post-delivery support from professionals who are knowledgeable in the particular PEMF device used for therapy and its specific features.

EarthPulse, the only manufacturer of PEMF devices in India that provides continued customer support, assists its users in getting acclimated to the device.

The manufacturer provides thorough information manuals and PDFs to users.

Among its various reactions, PEMF therapy is capable of improving blood circulation, enabling cells and tissues to repair themselves faster, stimulating neurons, providing relaxation, altering blood pressure, and improving the absorption of nutrients and medications.

Each user will undergo a unique treatment experience depending on their health, medications they are taking, antioxidant levels, and other factors.


Side Effects of PEMF Therapy on Blood Circulation


For certain users, the increase in circulation, particularly in tissues that naturally have less blood flow, may result in increased circulation even after a PEMF therapy session has been completed.

Increased circulation, although beneficial in most cases, can increase oxidative stress in individuals lacking proper antioxidants in their diet or supplements.

It is recommended to have an adequate supply of antioxidants prior to beginning therapy.


Side Effects of PEMF Therapy on Pain


Since PEMF therapy stimulates neurons, pain may increase temporarily due to the improved connections and circulation between nerves.

However, using a properly designed PEMF device, such as the Healthyline, can not only help reduce the pain but also help address the root cause of it.

This is especially true if the user does not have any nutritional deficiencies.

It is recommended to seek the assistance of a nutritionist to ensure the user does not have any nutritional deficiencies and to confirm that the patient has enough green vegetables in their diet.

During healing, the body requires proper vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants to heal properly.

PEMF can encourage the cells to heal themselves but the cells also require proper nutrition.


Side Effects of PEMF Therapy on Blood Pressure


In some cases, PEMF therapy may cause side effects that lower blood pressure and decrease the heart rate.

Typically, these effects are beneficial for the body.

These effects can be harmful if the patient is elderly, on prolonged bed rest, has slow compensatory vascular reflex, on medication for lowering blood pressure, weak, or has easily affected blood pressure.

Usually, these PEMF side effects will halt as treatment moves forward and stabilizes the body’s systems.


PEMF Therapy Effects on Nutrients and Medications


The use of PEMF therapy devices may alter the absorption of nutrients and medicines.

In some cases, blood sugar experiences various degrees of decreases following PEMF therapy.

It has also been observed that PEMF therapy increases the ability of chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells.

PEMF therapy may also affect blood clots by reducing blood platelet attachments.

Individuals using Aspirin (or any other anticoagulant medications) should practice caution when undergoing PEMF therapy.

Over time, therapy with PEMF can help eliminate the need to take these medications and therefore save the body a great deal of long-term stress from using pharmaceuticals.


PEMF Therapy Effects on Sensations


Possible side effects of PEMF therapy include:

  • Increased levels of fatigue
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Increased weakness
  • Loss of energy
  • Changes in taste
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling warm or cold
  • More frequent urination


Generally, people with hemodynamic or autonomic instability and/or neurotoxicity are more likely to experience side effects.

Many users that experience undesirable effects also have conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic regional pain syndrome, or fibromyalgia.

Depending on the level of side effects experienced from PEMF therapy, the approach will need to be adjusted accordingly.


Eliminating Side Effects and Continuing PEMF Therapy


In most cases, therapy can be continued since side effects are usually temporary.

As PEMF therapy continues, the body adapts to the treatment and side effects significantly diminish or halt completely, especially when the side effects were minor.

For especially significant physiological concerns, PEMF therapy requires a higher amount of care at the beginning of treatment.

The frequency of treatments, intensity settings, and total treatment time will need to be adjusted to produce the best outcome.

For healthy patients that are physically and psychologically fit, PEMF therapy can proceed until the body adapts to treatment.

For persons experiencing severe chronic pain or other physiological issues, PEMF therapy should begin at the lowest possible intensity.

EarthPulse features varying intensities from 0 to 100 percent.

This ensures that users can begin PEMF therapy with as little discomfort as possible.

For certain individuals, appropriate supplements and adequate nutritional support are necessary several weeks before PEMF therapy.

Mineral, vitamin, amino acid, and antioxidant supplements may be essential to successful treatment.

In rare cases, side effects have persisted even after PEMF therapy has been used for a consistent period of time.

Typically, the most common solution is to decrease the intensity of the pulsed electromagnetic field. If this fails to alleviate the side effects of PEMF therapy, the usage time is altered.

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