Bemer Therapy Benefits and Research Behind It

PEMF, also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, therapy is not as popular as other types of treatment like massage, physio, or chiropractic therapy.

So, many people think that it is a new technique and they find it hard to believe in its benefits.

But PEMF has been around for a substantially long time, which alone testifies to its positive effects, and to the benefits that Bemer therapy has.

Bemer therapy itself has not been around for too long, but the principle that Bemer technology uses has been in use for more than 4000 years.

This is when Chinese medical practitioners noticed that magnetic stones could help with many health issues.

Thousands of years later, in the late 19th century, our technology became advanced enough to understand what electrons were, and to understand the human body at the cellular level.

Soon we understood that by stimulating the electrons in our cells, we could alleviate many pathological conditions, and improve the overall condition of the human body and mind.

Nowadays, there are more than 2000 studies already conducted that prove both this correlation and the positive effects both PEMF and Bemer therapy have on patients and their various illnesses.

And even though there are many people who are skeptical about new medicinal approaches, many countries have approved and regulated the use of PEMF and Bemer technology:

  • The FDA approved the use of PEMF to provide muscle stimulation, and to help treat urinary incontinence, bone fractures, and anxious and depressive states.
  • Canada and Israel approved the use of PEMF therapy for various uses.
  • The EU approved its use for treatment of motion issues.
  • Germany, Switzerland, and Austria widely use PEMF and Bemer therapy for cancer treatment.


What is PEMF?

What we may have learned in school at a young age is that energy is always dynamic and that it is everywhere around us. Since energy is not static, this means that it has its own frequency.

Each atom, cell, and chemical produces its own EMF, so all energy in nature is electromagnetic.

In addition, all of the organs in our bodies also produce their own EMF.

There are more than 70 trillion cells in our body, and what is truly interesting is that science shows that all of them emit signals via EMF.

As long as we are alive, there will be electromagnetic activity in our body; when we die, it perishes as well.

So, EMF is synchronous with life.

And PEMF and Bemer therapy can bring balance back into these living cells, healing the body at the cellular level.

Our cells are very sensitive, so they can sense even the lowest frequencies of these electromagnetic waves, and can be affected by them.

Since there are so many cells in our body, we cannot track each one, and many dysfunctions at the cellular level are not noticed.

Therefore, Bemer therapy is the ideal way to treat all of these micro- and macro-pathological states.

When the PEMF waves pass through a cell, they cause its energy to go up, thus recharging it.

This way, the cell’s vitality is reestablished, and it can better adapt to stressful states.

Bemer technology can produce the ideal frequency and amplitude that can help treat different states and conditions.

For that reason, it is important to choose the right device, since the incorrect frequency or intensity of PEMF can have adverse health effects.

Let’s see why Bemer therapy is the right one.


Why Do Bemer Mats Stand Out?

Bemer mats that utilize this technology function in such a way as to regulate the bio-chemicals at the cellular level in your body.

They improve circulation, oxygenation, and increase the number of T-cells, in that way preparing the body to take care of itself on its own.

Bemer therapy is recognized as a clinical treatment by the SA Department of Health, and medical specialists for naturopathy, allopathy, and physiotherapy use Bemer technology to improve their patients’ well-being.

Bemer mats stand out and are preferred by GPs, coaches, and therapists for several reasons:

  • Safe therapy;
  • Non-invasive;
  • No side effects;
  • Can be combined with other therapies;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Doesn’t use chemicals;
  • Boosts quality of life.

Finally, Bemer therapy is accessible both to professionals and to lay individuals.

Having two different Bemer technologies means that they can be used in a family environment in a simple way, but can also cater to the needs and knowledge of professionals.


The Best Frequency of Use

As NASA claims, low frequencies of PEMF are best to stimulate cell healing and growth.

The Earth has its own specific frequency on which it operates, and, interestingly, it is the same one on which our body operates, as well.

Electroencephalograms prove this and show that the ideal frequency for our body is 0-30Hz, depending on certain factors.

Numerous studies prove this, as well, and some even show that our body can emit these frequencies on its own.

So, the only way to get all of the benefits of Bemer therapy is to use the appropriate frequencies.

Otherwise, improper frequencies may even have negative effects on our bodies at the cellular level.


The Best Amplitude to Use

PEMF frequency is important, but the amplitude is equally so.

Just as we have an ideal frequency range, we have an ideal amplitude range, as well.

If the amplitude is too strong, we may damage our cells, so we need to be careful.

Numerous studies show that the best amplitude for the human body is pretty low since our cells are very sensitive.

Therefore, more is not always better, and we should aim for an amplitude of around 30-60 uT (micro-Teslas).

Some PEMF devices on the market have amplitude ranges that are a lot stronger, and they try to use this feature to attract customers.

However, this is completely unnecessary, as Bemer therapy utilizes the perfect amplitude to stimulate human cells.

Therefore, stick to those devices that operate at relevant frequencies and relevant amplitudes, which are both pretty low.


Is a Biorhythm Clock Important?

The ideal frequency range for Bemer therapy is quite wide, 0-30Hz.

That is why it has to be adjusted according to certain parameters.

One of these is a biorhythm clock that can change our body’s ideal frequency at different times of the day.

For example, in the morning we want to be more alert and begin our daily duties, so we need a faster frequency – 15-30Hz.

This way, we will wake up faster and start producing more cortisol.

At night, before going to bed, we need less cortisol and more melatonin to set our body into rest mode, so the ideal frequency is slower – 0-7Hz.

The Earth does this for us as well, since during the day its frequency is higher, and at nighttime, the Earth’s frequency slows down, much like ours.

For that reason, in order to be in sync with the Earth and not work against our natural states, we need to adjust the frequency of our Bemer therapy to be in alignment with these parameters and our circadian rhythm.


Health Benefits of Bemer Therapy

Bemer therapy is extraordinary because of the scope of health issues that it can successfully treat.

Some of these results are empirical, or and on personal experience, but many are supported by clinical studies and backed by lots of research.

We will focus on some of the biggest health benefits that Bemer technology can have for people, and which have been proven by studies across the world.


Enhances the Range of Motion

PEMF effects on several ranges of motion and pain issues in patients suffering with osteoarthritis were observed in a study in 1996.

This study was later published in Clinical Rheumatology.

A total of 34 patients who took part in the study reported that they had fewer problems with muscle spasms, as well as with neck pain, and experienced a greater range of motion than before (1).


Eliminates Pain

There have been many studies conducted to prove the causality between PEMF treatment and pain relief.

In 1993, one such was published in the European Journal of Surgery.

It shows that even short-term exposure to PEMF can have helpful effects in relieving pelvic pain.

All patients who were included in the study reported short-term pain relief; therefore Bemer therapy can be very beneficial (2).


Helps Nerve Repair

Nerve repair benefits were observed on sciatic nerve repair during a study conducted in 1993, in which a link to PEMF therapy was established.

The study conducted on rats proved that PEMF improved their sciatic nerve condition and that it can positively affect bodily nerve cells (3).


Treats Migraines

An interesting study took place in the USA in 1999, in which 42 patients underwent PEMF treatments for migraine-type headaches.

Two months into therapy, every patient reported an improvement in their condition.

Therefore, using Bemer therapy (PEMF) for a minimum of 3 weeks can treat your migraines and lower their intensity and frequency (4).


Increases Bone Healing

The Bangladesh Medical Research Council conducted a study in 1999 to try to prove PEMF’s benefits on bone healing. The results were positive, and the correlation was proven.

However, we still do not clearly know how it happens, but scientists are working to resolve that mystery and find definitive proof (5).


Decreases Diabetic Symptoms

Diabetic polyneuropathy is a condition affecting many patients who are suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

For that reason, a study that was conducted in 2003 and published in Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology, on 121 patients suffering from this ailment, showed that there was a definitive correlation between PEMF therapy and the DPN.

In that way, Bemer therapy can be beneficial, as well.

After PEMF therapy, the main symptoms of DPN were improved – the function of peripheral nerves was better, as was that of motor neurons.

Therefore, the conclusion was drawn that PEMF is successful at treating DPN, and its main symptoms (6).


Helps Patients with Depression

If we consider a study completed in 2000 and published in Radiatsionnaia Bilogiia, PEMF therapy can greatly improve the emotional state of rats, and their motor activity affected by this state.

The perfect frequency range to treat these conditions is 4-6Hz, and it can greatly decrease the reactions that the mind and the body have due to the fear and anxiety induced by depression (7).


Helps Blood Flow

The link between arterial microvessel functioning and PEMF treatment was established in 2004, in a study that was published in the Journal of Orthopedic Research.

This research was conducted on rats; the diameter of their blood vessels was measured both before and after they underwent PEMF therapy.

The results were positive, as the rats experienced vasodilatation after local PEMF treatment.

Therefore, we can conclude that the Bemer technology found in the mats can cause arterial vasodilatation, and can improve blood flow, preventing many consequential conditions (8).


Improves Cell Regeneration

PEMF treatment can have positive effects on soft tissue as well.

There was a study done in 1986 that proved this, that was published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery.

The study aimed to witness any correlation between PEMF treatment and wound healing, and they found that little effect occurred.

Even though these are not definitive findings, they are still encouraging, and scientists are doing more research to substantiate further these results (9).


Treats Arthritis

In 1998, Indian scientists found evidence that PEMF therapy provides good results when used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the study, the use of PEMF can help reduce some of the symptoms of arthritis and improve the patients’ overall quality of life (10).



After reading this article, hopefully, your understanding of and belief in Bemer therapy and the technology that it utilizes to apply PEMF treatment is strengthened.

Many skeptics would have you believe that PEMF treatment is based on the placebo effect or personal experience, but it is actually supported by numerous scientific case studies.

Therefore, apply the knowledge that you have received about the correct frequencies, amplitudes, and biorhythmic practices to reap the benefits of Bemer therapy, and start getting rid of those pesky ailments.

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