What is Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic therapy is a form of alternative medicine using low frequency electromagnetic pulses to medically treat different diseases and problems.

This type of therapy is also known as bioelectricity, magnetobiology, or magnetic healing.

The main problem with electromagnetic therapy is that there is no scientific proof that it actually works.

The body itself uses magnetic energy and electric currents.

The human body has an entire electrical system that controls everything from muscle movement to brain activity.

Electromagnetic therapy is based on the belief that the cause of pain and disease are imbalances in the electromagnetic fields within the body.

Proponents believe that low voltage electricity, magnetic fields, and low frequency radio waves can correct these imbalances and help the body to heal itself.

Electromagnetic therapy is not a new development in the scientific world.

In the 1920s, the Rife machine was marketed which used electromagnetic pulses to try to target and kill cancer cells.

While the machine itself did not work, people have never stopped trying to develop some type of low voltage magnetic radiation to replace conventional medicine for a variety of purposes.

Cell growth, chronic pain management, improved blood circulation, bone repair, enhanced sleep, and arthritis relief are all areas that electromagnetic therapy has tried to focus on.

The main problem with electromagnetic therapy is that most of the devices marketed today have not been approved by the FDA, due to the fact that there is no scientific evidence to back up their claims.

The potential harmful effects of using electromagnetic therapy can range from a mild rash to something more severe.

The most harmful side effect could result when someone puts all their faith into this form of untested medicine and ignores treatment methods that have been proven to work, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

The American Cancer Society has warned against relying solely on electromagnetic therapy, calling it ineffective and potentially harmful.

Another danger is that the long term effects of using low voltage electricity is unknown, especially on a body that is already stressed by disease.

Another unknown is how these treatments may interact with proven medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

While there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that low frequency electromagnetic therapy is beneficial, there are definite medical uses for higher frequency electric currents.

Used after a cardiac arrest to restart the heart, electric currents have also been used to successfully increase bone growth and to treat certain types of pain.

In addition, high frequency electromagnetic imaging equipment has been vital in the medical field, such as X-Ray machines, CT and MRI scans.

Finally, radiation has been highly successful in treating cancer victims by destroying tumors.

Scientists are still studying the effects of low frequency electromagnetic pulses.

Perhaps in the future, there will be enough evidence to support the claims that this type of medicine is effective.

However, at this point the real danger is placing your trust in an unproved method of treatment and ignoring sound medical practices.

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