10 Healthy Foods That Can Be Harmful

When you do your research, you do know that there are a lot of foods that are considered to be healthy and helpful for the body when you consume them in normal amounts.

Are you aware, however, that consuming too much of these healthy food products can be bad for you as well?

Here are 10 foods that are considered to be healthy and nutritious but can be harmful when you consume too much.


10 Healthy Foods that Can be Harmful


You may think that tuna can only be considered healthy when it is fresh, but actually, consuming too much tuna, whether it is canned or not, can be bad for the body overall.

Tuna is a fatty fish and it is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which the body needs in certain amounts.

Tuna is also high in protein, which again, can be helpful for the body.

Aside from the great things that tuna can provide, it may also contain methylmercury which is a toxin that can have bad health effects.

People who become exposed to too much of this have reported some problems with their vision, as well as some problems with their speech.

Do remember that large tuna fish will most likely be served in restaurants, or will be packed in order to be cooked at home, while those that are smaller, will be canned.

The larger the tuna, the higher the quantities of methylmercury that can be found, but this does not mean that you should just eat canned tuna.

You still have to eat everything in moderation.

Types of Tuna

You have to know that there are two types of tuna that are being served canned.

The first type is albacore tuna while the other one is light tuna.

  • Albacore Tuna – This is also called white tuna because of its color. You can pinpoint immediately if it is albacore based on how it looks. This type of fish contains 5 times more methylmercury than light tuna.
  • Light Tuna – This is normal tuna fish that you can distinguish properly because of its very light brown color. This comes from other types of tuna that are not albacore.

Do remember that you are only recommended to eat tuna whether it is canned or not about 2x a month, although this may change depending on the quantity that you consume each time.

Bottom Line: The amount of tuna that may be consumed can change from one person to another.

This can be determined by the person’s weight and size.

You may have a nutritionist help you to determine the amount of tuna that should be consumed each time.



You may know and recognize nutmeg because of its unique taste.

This spice usually reminds people of Christmas as it is always placed on top of the desserts that people create during the holidays.

Yet there is a compound in nutmeg that is not considered to be too healthy.

The compound is called myristicin.

Myristicin is a psychoactive substance that can cause various health conditions when consumed too much.

There is always a big chance that when you consume too much of it, you will get poisoned in the process.

There are different symptoms that you may have gotten poisoned like having hallucinations, nausea, dizziness and even pain.

Remember that in consuming nutmeg, you only have to take it in small amounts.

Bottom Line: Let nutmeg make your desserts taste great, whenever you would serve it to your guests, or if you would like to taste it.

But remember not to put too much of it so you can limit your intake.



When it comes to coffee, this is something that almost everyone is likely to recognize.

You may feel that you need to consume it every day because if you do not , you will start to feel cranky or you will find it hard to function throughout the day.

Coffee is known to be loaded with antioxidants that can help gather all of the toxins that you may have in your system and release the toxins outside your body.

It is also known to prevent some diseases like diabetes.

Coffee contains caffeine and this is known to be an active ingredient that may be good in small quantities, but can be bad if you consume too much.

Caffeine is known to overwhelm the whole body at times and this can change people’s body clock and cause them to have trouble sleeping.

The amount of coffee that people can drink may vary from one person to another, however.

For instance, there are some people who can drink so many cups of coffee without issues, while others would feel the effects immediately.

Bottom Line: Sometimes your immunity to drinking coffee will allow you to drink a lot of cups before you feel its bad effects.

It will be up to you to start limiting your coffee intake to normal levels so that you will only be getting its good effects.


Vegetable Oils

There are various vegetable oils that are available in the market right now ever since people have become more conscious of the things that they place in their bodies.

They believe that vegetable oils can be healthier than regular oil, but is this truly the case?

Vegetable oil that have been extracted from soybeans, cotton seed and even corn may be healthy when consumed in small amounts, but if you are going to use it every time you cook and you are going to use it to deep fry your food, you are going to expose yourself to Omega 6 fatty acids.

These acids can be bad for you, especially when you take it in big amounts.

Remember that vegetable oils still contain a certain amount of fat that is not too beneficial for you.

Too much fat can be bad as it can cause your arteries and veins to be filled up with fat and cholesterol.

This can lead to chronic diseases in the long run.

Bottom Line: It may be a good idea to limit the amount of oil that you use in general.

Instead of frying, you may try other methods of cooking, which you think may be beneficial for you in the long run.



This may come as a surprise to a lot of people because water is considered to be good for the health.

You may be surprised about this because you have always believed that consuming water can make you healthy.

It is true that the consumption of water can make sure that excess salt will be removed from your system.

It will also ensure that your whole body is cleansed of impurities especially depending on the food that you eat, but remember that too much water can dilute the whole system.

It can cause water intoxication that is not only known to fatally decrease the amount of sodium in the body to the point that it is already removing sodium that the body needs; it may also cause some brain impairments.

In worst cases, it may cause death.

Bottom Line: It has often been said that you need to consume 8 – 10 glasses of water every day, but remember that it can change depending on your size and weight.

Just drink enough water and you will get its benefits without it being toxic.


Brazil Nuts

If you would need some amounts of selenium in your system, it would be a good idea to eat some Brazil nuts.

Selenium may be an element that can be helpful for your body but when you consume it in large amounts, it might not be too helpful.

You have to remember that you are only recommended to take about 50 – 70 micrograms a day.

If you consume too much, this can be bad for you.

If you are wondering just how many Brazil Nuts is 50 – 70 micrograms a day, remember that you can only eat about 5 nuts.

If you eat more than that, it will be bad for you.

If you are wondering now how you will know if you are suffering from consuming too much Selenium, you can tell by checking out your nails and your hair.

If you are suffering from brittle nails and hair loss, this may be some signs that you are consuming too much.

Bottom Line: Selenium may be good for you,  but you have to remember that you cannot take too much of it, because this can be actually bad for you.

Eat a few large Brazil Nuts for your normal intake and you will not get harmed.



Have you ever wondered why Spinach is Popeye’s favorite food?

This is because this leafy vegetable is packed with a lot of great nutrients that the body truly needs.

It is known to have protein, fiber and all the vitamins and minerals that you may need.

The main problem with Spinach is that it also has a compound called Oxalate.

This particular nutrient has been known to contribute to kidney stones creation, so keep that in mind.

If you are already suffering from kidney stones, you may have to avoid or lessen your intake of Spinach, as this may aggravate your condition.

Bottom Line: While this super food is known to provide a lot of the nutrients and essential minerals that the body needs, you have to remember that this can be bad for you, especially if you are prone to getting kidney stones.

Consuming just enough is still the best method.



When it comes to the most nutritious body part, there is no doubt that liver is considered to be it.

Liver is known to have a lot of essential nutrients like copper, vitamin A and B12 just to name a few.

The only negative thing about this is that it contains the essential nutrients in large quantities.

This means that when you consume too much liver, you will be getting too much of the essential nutrients and instead of being good, this may cause some problems with your health.

Consuming too much can lead to possible problems.

You may start to realize that you are having vision problems because of consuming too much liver.

At times, you may also feel some pain with your bones.

You are also increasing your risk to have bone fractures.

Bottom Line: You do know that liver is extremely healthy because it can provide the nutrients that your body needs, but eating it often may not be good for you, as it is too rich.

You are recommended to take a reasonable amount of liver once a week.



When it comes to spices, cinnamon is always one of those that are recognized immediately, due to its highly unique taste.

Cinnamon is known to be rich in antioxidants that can help remove the toxins from the body and at the same time, this has been linked to prevent some fatal diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

From the looks of it, cinnamon seems to be something that you should consume often.

Yet, cinnamon also has coumarin.

This is a compound that is known to be problematic especially when consumed in large amounts.

It may help to know that there are two types of cinnamon that you can take:

  • Ceylon – This is known to be the type of cinnamon that can be found less commonly. It does not contain as much coumarin as the other type of cinnamon.
  • Cassia – This regular cinnamon may be the type of spice that you will commonly find in your local grocery store. It contains more coumarin than Ceylon.

It is recommended that Ceylon cinnamon will be taken 1 teaspoon a day while the amount of Cassia cinnamon that you are going to take is less than that.

Bottom Line: If you are going to consume cinnamon, you are recommended to take Ceylon Cinnamon more than Cassia, but remember that limiting your cinnamon intake is still the key for you to just get the good effects of this spice.



When it comes to soy, some people cannot say bad things about it.

You may feel that everything about soy is wonderful and you consume it through the various food products that you take like tofu and milk.

You know that it can regulate blood pressure and at the same time, it can also help control your blood cholesterol levels, which can be beneficial if you know that you have consumed too much cholesterol, but is soy always good?

Too much soy has been linked to iron deficiency anemia because it promotes the absorption of iron, which your the body needs.

Aside from this, too much consummation of soy has been linked to problems with the uterine lining.

This should always be avoided in order to prevent cancer.

Bottom Line: There may not be actual reports yet about the amount of soy that you should consume a day but if you absolutely love tofu, you may want to limit your intake to just a stick or two a day.



With all of these nutritious foods that you know you have to consume and still take in; remember that there is always a limit with the amount that you will eat every day.

Healthy eating does not only mean choosing the right health products, it also means giving attention to the amount of food that you consume every day.

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